Mass shootings intensify?


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There is a longer version here, where it starts the same, with the shooter crashing his truck, and slowly making his way into the school. Haven't watched the whole thing yet. It is 1 hr 22 minutes long.



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There were few articles published on the subject I have read back in the day which put a link between some of the mass shootings and drugs usage. Below are two links, there are probably more.

This one has been published last year and gives an idea what drugs and how they are linked.
Big pharma and mass shootings

Similar to the above, this article is about 9 years old but the count is still relevant.
Drug commonalities of mass shootings

Neither of the lists published is exhaustive, but both of them show things in a different light than officially published, or this particular information was purposefully omitted from the news.


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'The shooters "under the Biden administration" are on killing spree.'

Four killed in shooting in shopping mall in Indiana, US — report

18 JUL, 2022
Two were injured, BNO News reported citing the police

MOSCOW, July 18. /TASS/. Four people were killed in two were injured in a shooting in a shopping mall near Indianapolis in the US state of Indiana, BNO News reported citing the police.

According to the report, the attacker was shot by an armed mall visitor.

Earlier, the media reported two killed and three injured.

The details of the incident are not disclosed, but it is known that the attacker had a rifle with several magazines. The witnesses say they heard between 20 and 30 shots.

The police is currently inspecting the shooting area. A bomb squad was dispatched to the scene over a suspicious backpack found in a mall’s bathroom.
Published on Jul 18, 2022 (0:42)


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The name Alex Stein has appeared on this forum before - he's known for comically/outrageously admonishing city councils. A vastly different take this time regarding Uvalde:

We know Alex Stein for his bold and hilarious mocking of everything woke. He has spoken in front of city councils and school boards across the country. He has trolled baby murder advocates, RINO Adam Kinzinger, and diva AOC. But there was nothing funny about his speech before the Uvalde City Council.

It was simply powerful. Watch:
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