Mass Shootings

Victims of mass shooting outside Ottawa wedding not intended target, police say​

Initially, I thought this was gang related (and it may be), but there were two weddings happening at this convention centre that evening and police aren't saying anything about the shooters. Two people were killed who were just innocent bystanders.
Investigators say the "targeted shooting" was focusing on "individuals believed to be attending" one of two weddings at the Infinity Convention Centre Saturday night, but some of the approximately 50 rounds fired struck innocent bystanders outside the facility. "We do not, however, believe that any of the victims of this brazen and careless attack were the intended targets. Further, there's no evidence to suggest this was a hate-motivated crime." Police released no information about a suspect or vehicle description on Wednesday afternoon. Police will not say how many shooters were involved in the shooting.
There's something that strikes me as odd about this and I'm not sure what it is. Very sad regardless.

Rotterdam shooting: multiple people killed in Erasmus Medical Center​

A number of people were killed in the Dutch city of Rotterdam on Thursday afternoon after a man went on a shooting spree, local police said.

A 32-year-old man was arrested following the shootings, which began in a house and continued in a classroom in a medical facility nearby. Police did not specify exactly how many people had been killed.

A suspect wearing combat fatigues was later arrested on the Erasmus Medical Center’s helipad. Video from the scene showed heavily armed police wearing body armor entering the hospital, while people, some holding up their hands, left the building.

Not shooting but causes similar terror.

FLASH - Bomb threats have been received in 8 high schools in #Grenoble, leading to their temporary closure and the evacuation of thousands of students. Bomb disposal teams are on site. (France 3)

INFO - #MiscellaneousFacts: This morning, 8 high schools in #Grenoble received anonymous bomb threats. For safety reasons, they have been evacuated and closed, with a security perimeter established. Bomb disposal teams are on site, and public transport is disrupted.
This whole Lewiston shooting thing stinks to high heaven to me. That "Maine Information & Analysis Center" blurb Charlie posted above reads like qualifications for MK Ultra supplicants. "Trained Army firearm instructor." "Mental health issues." "Hearing voices." And why do they have the name ((Card)) in double parentheses? Would triple parentheses give up the game? And that number "22", a "master number" supposedly. I'm so sick of that crap. And we all know every particular about this "GUILTY!!!" dude even before he's captured this time. He must be wearing a vest made of passport material.

But locking down 37,000 people because of one nutcase is even more disturbing, as PopHistorian suggests. It's like the Boston marathon bombings again. What if this stuff happens in a hundred cities simultaneously in 'murika, like the Tet Offensive in Vietnam? It has to be considered because of all the military-age immigrants that are here now in every major 'murikan city. Will we all cower down in fear on "lockdown" again? If it happens I bet it will be worse than the plandemic because this time the FAKE media will broadcast "real people are being killed horribly!!" with suitable CGI graphics even if the numbers are all made up again.

All of this is so sickening, yet SO predictable. I simply pray that enough sane people see what's going on and stand up to it if this lockdown stuff is imposed on us again. It might be harder when we see soldiers in the streets enforcing martial law in the face of this blatant FEAR PORN, but the alternative is far worse, IMHO.

Sorry for the rant, but thanks for listening. I'm just so sick of it all.

(Edit: when I say "stand up to it" I don't mean with arms. I mean by simple non-violent disobedience. If enough of us do that, they can't stop us.)


Dave's not playing the victim game. 🧐

The update perhaps needs confirmation
“As a professional shooting instructor and an American citizen, I am proud to train defenders of freedom around the world, including in Ukraine. We must fight tyranny around the world,” he wrote on his page on the social network and went to fight the tyranny. which was staged all over the world by random passers-by.
More 'stink' in Lewiston?
Saw these posted elsewhere.

FWIW Cumberland Farms is a gas station about 1/4 mile south of Sparetime Recreation.
Whether this is true or not, it brings attention to the technologies that can be used to control people we are yet unaware of. In this case hearing aids.

The family of Robert Card, the man accused of shooting and killing 18 people in Lewiston, Maine, have shared several details with police about Robert’s “acute” mental health episodes the months leading up to the mass shooting.

In an exclusive report, NBC News reported Katie Card who is married to Robert’s brother, shared that Robert began to hear “horrible” voices talking about him just shortly after he was “fitted for high-powered hearing aids.”

Katie Card told NBC “He was picking up voices that he had never heard.

She continued “His mind was twisting them around. He was humiliated by the things that he thought were being said.”
The man suspected of fatally shooting more than a dozen people in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday night is still at large, police said Thursday, as his family urged him to turn himself in.
Card, a firearms instructor and a longtime Army reservist, began to hear voices that were saying “horrible” things about him about a couple of months ago when he was fitted for high-powered hearing aids, according to Katie Card, who is married to his brother.

She said his mental health had deteriorated quickly.
“He was picking up voices that he had never heard,” she told NBC News. “His mind was twisting them around. He was humiliated by the things that he thought were being said.
Watching the news videos of politicians and govt. employees commend each other, in regard to a mass shooting, and offer assistance in the form of therapy, services, ect., seems innocuous at first, but is like a self serving opportunity riding piggyback on a tragedy - after so many times... It's predation on top of predation.

So, the maniac who goes on a rampage is like a blue collar worker, and atop him is a white collar rider. The blue collar delivers to the white collars its purpose - call to action, and at that point, the white collars flourish with empowerment.

This gives rise to theories of false flags, because this relationship seems to benefit those that seek power, or livelihood from power, and there are always nuts out there going on rampages, so killers conveniently deliver to the 'undertakers' a feast.

Then you have govt. aggression, militarism on the other side, where violence is justified. Again, with the blue collars doing the dirty work, with white collars in tow.

I'm wondering, in light of the Mideast attacks, world opinion is against a Palestinian genocide, that a mass shooting serves as a counter argument for aggression - on a subconscious level.

So, the politicians in Maine create a atmosphere of hardship: lockdowns, armies of police, FBI presence, school shut downs, grocery store shut down ect., all for one fugitive. It seems to serve a agenda.

'Now we know what Israel is up against', is the subconscious trick to dupe Americans into compliance, but this trickery grows weaker the longer it plays out, as none of it adds up. And as is the case in all these flare ups, world opinion douses the flames, and America is targeted in hopes they 'will see the light'.
Is Card a pasty, and did he have intel on the perps (as the possible shooters) described as Middle Eastern, as noted on the police
scanner? Was he there to fend off the attacks?

Like Richard Jewell, who became a patsy, after being accused by the FBI of being the boomer.

The manhunt is intensifying for Robert Card who allegedly killed 18 people and injured 13 others in a mass shooting in Lewiston, Maine, on Wednesday evening.

The shooting unfolded in two locations: a bowling alley where a children's league was taking place and a local bar, officials said.

Latest headlines:

Here's how the news is developing. All times Eastern.

Authorities said they do not know how many weapons suspect Robert Card may have.

A 14-year-old boy and his father and a 76-year-old man and his wife were among the 18 victims killed in Wednesday's mass shooting at a bowling alley and bar, Maine officials said.

Officials released the 18 names at a news conference on Friday before holding a moment of silence.

Four of the 18 victims were deaf, officials said.

Oct 27, 1:46 PM EDT

Bowling alley shooting 'like a horror movie,' 10-year-old says

Tammy Asselin and her 10-year-old daughter, Toni, were at the Lewiston, Maine, bowling alley when the gunfire erupted, and they got separated during the chaos.

Toni told ABC News Live the massacre was "like a horror movie."

"I saw someone get shot and I saw, like, blood splatter everywhere, and they just fell off their chair and they weren't moving," Toni said.

"I ran out the exit. I didn't know where my mom was. And I ran with three other people to Subway."

"I was trying to stay a little bit calmer," Toni said. "But then when I realized my mom wasn’t following me, I kind of started crying."

Tammy Asselin's cousin, Tricia Asselin, was among the victims killed inside the bowling alley.

"She was the most fun person," she said. "I just feel devastated for the loss of her family, and especially her son."

Oct 27, 8:30 AM EDT

What we know about suspect Robert Card

The suspected gunman -- identified as 40-year-old Robert Card -- has been a U.S. Army reservist since December 2002, the Army said. He has no combat deployments.

Card's sister told investigators she thought Card might have been looking for an ex-girlfriend at the shooting locations, law enforcement officials briefed on the investigation told ABC News.


What we know about Maine mass shooting suspect
The suspect appears to have "interacted with conspiratorial content" online, information provided to law enforcement shows. Topics he engaged with included but were not limited to: concerns about a financial crisis/stock market, LGBTQ+ issues, gun rights and commentary about Democratic public officials, including President Joe Biden.


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Still not stating cause of death.
CNN is claiming "an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound".

Seems this is a pretty common ending for these kinds of incidents. The Dark Side uses the same playbook over and over. Zero creativity. Very evil.
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