Meaning of life?

I've pondered about it, mostly when I am in some sort of emotional turmoil, what is the purpose?
Others have touched on this point too. Captain obvious says that there is a (big) difference between meaning and purpose. Confusing those two adds to the confusion.

They can both be quite subjective and individual but they have quite different answers. And they can both be hard to find and easy to be fooled about through self deception and wishful thinking, among many other pitfalls.

An often unexamined bedrock assumption is that life MUST have meaning, or what’s the point? And that our lives won’t/can’t have meaning until we discover our true purpose. Almost sounds like a catch 22.

And embedded in those thoughts is the idea that the great divine creator finds each one of us so important that we have been gifted with special talents to suit a grand purpose. And if we fulfill that purpose our life will have meaning. Then again, purpose, if you can discover it, also requires real doing, which is hard to do.

This sounds all a lot like Gurdjieff’s magician and his sheep. IOW a program to keep the sheep occupied until the skins are required. (Whatever exactly that means)

I think real meaning and/or purpose is self-created and has to be self-generated. It’s an ongoing process. I think we are engineered to want a quick answer.

What if we are single brush strokes on the big fresco. And God is a pointillist, so it’s not all that much of a brush stroke and it turns out it’s raw sienna, kind of a meh color. Or whatever. Life isn’t just religion, it’s also art. And it seems when you are a flick of the artists brush on the canvas, it is hard, if not impossible, to see the big picture from a distance.

Gurdjieff talked about debts. What if the purpose of life is to pay back what you owe, and nothing more?

What would that mean to your soul?

End of ramble.
give. :) The thing is, I don't know the limit and the balance between ME and OTHERS. I'm not sure we're all on the same page about balancing ourselves and the WE. :)

That's why I feel kinda lost...

I do invest myself in MYSELF, I do invest myself in OURSELVES (in my family context, etc), but I don't know how much I should invest in others versus myself. :)
Have you looked into people pleasing and Not Nice! (Book) I think with more life experience one finds balance. Remember reality, society our body and the construct of 3D requires a lot from us and you said family so other people need your energy time attention.

Do you exercise, play music have hobbies … giving yourself too much to others I believe is a form of masocism and a feeling to be validated…

The balance comes from work on thy self as you gain more experience in this reality, explore your programs and clean out your machine balance is you…its doesn’t work by saying just enough or giving just enough it’s about the thing “you” giving if the source is balance then most things the source emits is balance you need to possess the raw material in you

O and the meaning of life is to “grow up” to achieve higher quality in conciousness over and over again…for what or if there’s a next stage or end game… I haven’t got that far
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