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I started raising meat chickens last November when one of my birds became broody and raised 5 beauties in the first batch on my 900 metre block! I slaughtered the first at 7 weeks and the last at 10, they were delicious!

They're very easy to raise, with or without a broody hen and well worth the effort, the hardest part is saying goodbye. I'm on my second batch now and 3 will be in the fridge tomorrow.

I highly recommend that you start raising them if you can, it's a skill that may come in very handy one day and you can easily expand your operation to include egg layers and building a garden fertilized by the best poo out there!

There's plenty of resources online on how to go about it, I'm a novice but I'm happy to share my experiences. Get some chickens, you won't regret it!!

Here's a picture of busy single mum Yassim with her chicks last November. She's enjoying a well deserved mint-scented dust bath!MINTDUSTBATH.jpg


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I love chickens, but got sick of eating so much poultry a few years ago that I only plan to raise breeds that are great at laying eggs only. They will also give excellent manure indeed and are VERY CUTE pets: _
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