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A Disturbance in the Force
Hi everyone. I think that a loved one who has passed away has become one of my spirit guides. I believe he has tried to contact me on a psychic level, but my grief is getting in my way. :( Is anyone here able to do spirit guide readings? I wish I could confirm that I am seeing, hearing, and otherwise perceiving him correctly, but I just can't be sure without some type of external confirmation. If anyone receives a message or sign they could relay, I would gladly receive it with all due consideration - you may be helping more than you know. Thank you very much.
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Welcome RCDforum :-) . I do not have any expertise in the regard you requested but I can at least recommend two discussion threads that are most pertinent to your concern:

Descriptions of the "afterlife"

The former is a pretty wide-ranging discussion about the realities of the afterlife experience and thus also about the realities of our life before we 'die'.

The latter is a companion discussion thread to Laura's Knowledge of Being series of videos wherein she teaches how to use a ouija board and all that is involved with that. This is a fascinating set of videos that I would recommend even if it was not relevant to you current concern and the discussion thread serves as a worthy companion to them.

Best wishes to you.
To add something further to your post RCDforum.

First off I'm sorry to hear about your loss and it can be a hard time when a loved one is gone and to accept it that a person you loved is not available anymore.

Regarding your question, I think in a similar direction as strategic enclosure did and recommend as well the links in the post above. Because as Laura states in her first knowledge and being video (see also below) and especially regarding the world of spirits and other realms (I'm paraphrasing): It is a jungle out there. Especially for dead ones it would be more important for them to leave this realm of 3d earth instead of being stuck here and on a mission.

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