Mental Encounter


I had a breakdown earlier in the beginning of this summer/late spring. I took my backpack and packed what fitted set out to leave and didn't plan to return. I was going to walk through the forest and terrains and see where it took me. In my backpack I had several items. A bottle of whisky, water, frozen and unfrozen meat, walkie-talkies, toilet paper, and general necessities. Also a pack of cigarettes. I had some other stuff too, but I don't recall what it was.

So I started walking in the early morning hours. I took the path through a forest I know well, to start with, then I entered unknown terrain. But before that I threw my phone away and broke my sim-card. I also had got notification of my wristwatch that I ordered being at a service point, ready for me to get. But I decided that my new life were too important so I let it be. Obviously I am still here and I got my wristwatch now.

Maybe around 2-3 hours into my journey I got strong déjà vu looking ahead. It seemed like I had been there, what I saw I remembered, yet I had never been there. I continued, and later realized it was impossible to go straight, because highways blocked the path, so I adapted and went where the roads didn't cross my path. I could hear the cars and chose the opposite path. The funny thing about this is that based on these turns from roads and my random walk through the forests and terrains led me back home in the end.

Maybe 4-5 hours into this I came to an open farm field and laid beside it in the corner of a forest. That's when things got strange. I remembered dreaming about this place, maybe months earlier, and in that dream I talked to someone, or rather he talked to me. In my dream I remembered a white drag/trailer and it was there too. As soon as I realized this I looked around, but it was just me there.

I crossed the field that was separated by a watercourse, so before I crossed, I smoked a cigarette and took out the whiskey. I only take small zips since I can't handle drinking strong alcohol. When I did this, I looked around and up in the sky, trying to get seen by something off worldly. I continued. Not far from there in another forest I sat down and felt sad. I usually don't cry, almost never, but here I may have dropped one or two tears, squeezing my fingers in the dirt. My cry was maybe I cry for help, help from anything that could communicate with me.

Fast-forward. I came out of yet another forest and I had to cross a road into very dense forest. I had to crawl under the trees to get going. I found a plastic bottle which had been chewed on at the top. I thought that someone must have done the same thing I did, but of course it could be years ago, or it was just left there. I came to a watercourse in the middle of this forest and refilled my water-bottle.

After some long walking I got to familiar space, I realized had walked like in a long curve, and had ended up back closer to home, but from another angle. This is were I got the mental encounter when walking the rest of the path home. During this trip i had gone from promising myself to leave and not come back, to changing my mind and accidentally coming back home. I felt something in the left side of my head. At the same time this or something started to mentally talk to me in my head. It was just like how I otherwise would think and picture things, but I wasn't running the show, yet it was a bit more than my usual day dreaming.

I don't want to get into what was communicated. It is also hard to remember all of it. But it was very therapeutic. It's like this something went into my head and scanned my thoughts and went on communicating with me. I got my cry for help answered. Looking back, I think that it told me what I needed to see/think at the time. It was comforting, yet maybe it wasn't communicating anything worthwhile, but for me it was good. This lasted maybe 15 minutes. I don't really recall the time it took but it would go away when it was done.

During this whole trip I had much mental activity thinking through things and themes but after this communication I was sort of leveled but not fully. I had something left in the left side of my head, like a little power source, that I could feel. During my trip home this would fade and "pop". I cried and slime came out of my noise. The slime weren't snot-like but transparent, gluey, sticky slime.

I think this little "power source", that I sort of imagined to be like a little orb, getting tinier until it popped, have left it marks. Don't ask me how but it's like a reminder "think first do later" apparatus. And it has saved me from harm once already. Awhile back someone were destroying and stealing from a pavilion where I work. Me and a coworker went inside, and inside there are rooms with locked doors. About to enter this noisy room, this "orb ghost" with me in charge, told me not to enter the room.

I haven't had any communications since the journey, though. I don't think I would want that either unless I become a wreck again.
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