Messages (or coincidences?) through music

I had a couple of experiences with song lyrics. Maybe just coincidences but I thought they were neat.

1. I was doing some breathing exercises. When I finished, I was admiring how peaceful the energy around was. I was thinking maybe should do this more often. Then I wanted to hear some music. So I looked for an artist I like on Spotify. Her first song is new but I didn't like it. So I clicked on her second song and surprise. The lyrics said:

"Quizás bastaba respirar
Solo respirar, muy dentro
Recuperar cada latido en mi"

Which roughly translate to:

Maybe it was enough to breathe
Just breathe, deep inside
Take back every heartbeat in me

Keep in mind that song lists change based on how popular a song is. So I chose the artist, but the song was at random.

2. As many of you know I had to walk out of my job. I was hurting because I really liked my job and made lots of friends. Everything I want in a job was there basically. So I was bummed out. One afternoon I was listening to music. I clicked on a playlist made by someone else. I played several songs and suddenly the lyrics on one song said: (roughly translated)

I know you got hit and very hard
I know pain runs very deep inside of you.
It's not only you that suffers, but it's both of us (that suffer)
Hold yourself up (or be strong), don't be a coward

Has anyone else had a similar experience happen?


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Hi Fallen_375,

A few times yes, specially whenever I am in a foul mood, although not always, sometimes it's also in happy moments or moments of joy. I think there's a few ways to interpret that, and the best way I have found is that our subconscious picks up on way more than we consciously realize, all the time.

And so, depending on our emotional state or mental one too, our conscious minds will notice these notes, lyrics, or cues from life that speak to us. We are more attuned to the content of whatever we pick up, apparently suddenly. Now the question seems to be, if we were in a different state of mind, would we pick up on these significant clues from life? and also, could these be signs from the universe to us?

I think it's difficult to answer whether there is an intentionality, however, if we're all part of the universe, both the listener and the signer would be part of that communication system, if you will, and so a message from the universe, could potentially be used as a way to describe the phenomenon, even if the writing and recording of the song and the hearing of it are separated by time and are seemingly completely separate. Though, this is just a theory of course.

What I do know for sure, is that intentional or not, what these moments do offer us is a reminder and a choice, a way to pause and inspect ourselves and decide what to do with the information and how to interpret the synchronicity.


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Personally, I tend to choose the music unconsciously, and then i make it conscious and understand why i chose it, mainly the lyrics, although at the moment of "a bit of anger" it is more because of the music.
I also realize that when one looks for something new to listen, it's unconsciously based on the name of the song, or even on the name of the artist, and all of this is linked to the emotional state of the moment.
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