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I got curious today. It all started with an article here:


Global Warming may be the result of Error that Manipulative Intelligent Inorganic Life exploits, ancient Gnostic historical research suggests

Edited by Peter Tremblay

Ancient Gnostic insights, may shed critical light on human descent into self-destruction from Global Warming. Gnostics suggest, that an awareness of demonic aliens which they observed and documented in the Nag Hammadi, is vital for human beings to be able to protect themselves from a path that would produce human self-destruction, (whether from Global Warming producing activities, or other such activities).

Gnostics, became persecuted by the organized Christian religious Establishment, that had sought to complement the reported control agenda of identified Manipulative aliens, that have been documented as visiting Earth in their UFO space craft through the Biblical era.

John Lash, a learned author and scholar on the Gnostics, documents that apparently keeping humanity ignorant of demonic aliens, was viewed to be unofficial Church Establishment policy. The article entitled "Scientific and Historical research provide critical insights into some reported encounters with intelligent Extraterrestrial life", explores as a composite, the thought-provoking historical research of Mr. Lash, Jacques Vallee, V. N. Tsytovich of the General Physics Institute, Russian Academy of Science Malou Zeitlin and Gerry Zeitlin. Mr. Lash, in particular, has documented detailed Gnostic warnings of intelligent Extraterrestrial inorganic life in our solar system. Mr Lash, documents that these inorganic life forms apparently thrive from acting as a parasite against human spiritual free will.

John Lash in a well presented manner specifically writes about Gnostic observations of Extraterrestrial inorganic life that exploits the human tendency for "error", that is a propos in a prevailing context of Global Warming and related catastrophic climate change. Mr. Lash carefully details that the cited human tendency for "error".

This "error" is presented to originate from humans, as sentient beings, having been endowed in their "organic cosmic memory" with the capacity of free will, leading themselves astray from a spiritually cognizant and self-disciplined course of thought and action in space-time.

"It might be said that Gnostics believed that only by confronting what is insane and inhumane in ourselves, can we truly define what is human. In essence, to define humanity is to defend it against distortion. Gnostics asserted that, the capacity for distortion of humanitas, or dehumanization, is inherent in our minds, but this capacity alone is not potentially deviant," John Lash documents in "Defending Humanity", LINK. "In Gnostic psychology, the noetic science of the Mystery Schools, Archons are an alien force that intrudes subliminally upon the human mind, and deviates our intelligence away from its proper and sane applications."

These Archons are not what makes us act inhumanely, for we all have the potential to go against our innate humanity, violating the truth in our hearts, but they make us play out inhumane behaviour to weird and violent extremes," documents Dee Finney in "The Archons", LINK. Human beings have been ideologically led into a Global Warming path that is resulting in the accelerated destruction of Earth's fragile ecosystem, and biosphere in general, is truly a direction of insanity.

Dee Finney further indicates that, "Left to our own devices, we would sometimes act inhumanely and then correct it, contain the aberration. Obviously, we do not always do so. In the exaggeration of our insane and inhumane tendencies, and in extreme, uncorrected deviance from our innate intelligence, Gnostics saw the signature of an alien species that piggy-backs on the worst human failings."

Mr. Lash further stipulates that, "Since we are endowed with nous, a dose of divine intelligence, we are able to detect and correct distorted thinking. We can master what Tibetan Buddhists call krol'pa, "thoughts that lead astray," mental fixations that turn us away from humanitas, our true identity. However, Gnostics also warned of an alien spin that can add a truly deviant element to our thinking."

Organized religion is in fact used as an apparent pivotal "carrier" for an alien spin, which functions as a mis-direction by Manipulative Extraterrestrials, of the human desire to seek spiritual empowerment. Through organized religion, Manipulative Extraterrestrials "trick" humanity into following the organized religions of a what Gnostics refer to as an "impostor God", that has produced countless wars, genocides, and other atrocities on Earth, which include the atrocity of destroying the vital organic consciousness of Earth, that humans depend upon for their quality-of-human survival through Global warming. In turn Manipulative Extraterrestrials then apparently seek to consume the resulting negative energy as a "food source".

Mr. Lash indicates, "The effect of the Archons is not to make us err, but to make us, largely through dullness and distraction, disregard our errors, so that they extrapolate beyond the scale of correction."

Mr. Lash further identifies that, Gnostic identified "error" in human tendencies, that was against the alien construct of "sin", which in itself, is errant. Apparently, inorganic life forms constructed "sin" to operate within the systems of inherently oppressive organized religions in order to enslave humans to a system of alien dogma, that can be used to dull and destroy vital human capacities for reason, that is critical to a course of spiritual development associated with peace, wisdom, and empathy.

Living, in one with nature with empathy and in peace, is a vital wisdom that enables humans to thrive as spiritual and organic physical beings. Manipulative Extraterrestrials use dogma as a principal agency, to create a context of bigotries which are enveloped into substantively materialistic ego-driven hierarchies of power, and within which, Global Warming issues though cultivated further "error", are completely marginalized.

Intelligent Extraterrestrial Inorganic life in our solar system exploits "error" to use Humans as a food source

Once humans deviate from a self-disciplined course associated with a higher spiritual consciousness of peace, wisdom, and empathy for each other, in the context of the organic unity of nature, Gnostics observed how the intelligent Extraterrestrial inorganic life forms use that "error" for consumption purposes.

Gnostics warned that, inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials use the "negative energy" created from the human tendency not to correct a path of prospective error, as an inorganic "food source", in a similar way humans seek nutrition from various organic food sources.

"Error" could further be conceived to be the "psychic habitat" that humans allow to creep into a matrix of consciousness in their minds. Intelligent Manipulative Extraterrestrial inorganic life that apparently inhabits Earth's solar system use the technological means that have been created by a demonic consciousness to exploit the manifestation of human error that expresses itself in ego-driven human desires, ambitions, and aspirations.

Modern Western industrialized society that collectively ignores Global Warming, is a critical manifestation of error. This context of alien exploited human "error", according to critical Gnostic research, takes the most corrupted form in ego-driven hierarchical systems, which capitalist-oriented governments present to such Gnostic- observed manipulative aliens. In other words, based upon a critical Gnostic appreciation, the very agencies which humans are depending upon, to lead the way toward redressing Global Warming, are the most subverted by an intruded alien consciousness.

Jacques Lacarriere, a scholarly researcher, suggests that Gnostics detected the "humanized face" of the Archons in all authoritarian structures and systems that deny authenticity and self-determination to the individual.

Humans cannot therefore rely on "saving the world" from Global Warming, by seeking to place pressures on a political representatives that could be corrupted into a path of self-directed error. Based upon Gnostic insight, Global Warming is caused from by what John Lash refers to as an "alien intrusion", which has resulted in a breakdown of the organic consciousness of Earth.

Redressing Global Warming therefore requires a human spiritual awakening of its higher consciousness and purpose as socially responsible custodians of an Earth, that is linked to a creative cosmic consciousness of the true God of our universe.

Gnostics were able to critically observe as well as seek to understand and appreciate the true God of the Universe expressed. They did that by rejecting the blind "faith-based" "impostor God" or manipulative aliens that have operated through contrived organized religions, and a context of secularism, to further alienate human spiritual empowerment, and instead operate toward self-destructiveness.

Mr. Lash emphasised in his research, that Gnostics observed that Earth in fact became "trapped" in our solar system. Gnostics further refer to inorganic life forms that inhabit apparently other planets in our solar system and elsewhere in our universe, that present a specific threat to Earth as "demons from outer space and that come from the sky". Christian elites indeed sought to further censor based upon a critical Gnostic appreciation this original warming made in the Bible.

Apparently these inorganic life forms were created from a "bursting" at the time of the origins of our universe that simultaneously included positive energies, and cosmically sought aborted negative energies. These negative energies apparently resulted in intelligent inorganic Manipulative Extraterrestrials, with a demonic consciousness.

Gnostic insights. document alien demons that visit earth, and seek to perpetuate their existence in part, from consuming the negative energies that they can exploit from human beings.

In contrast, Noblerealms researchers correspondingly document that positive energies associated with a higher consciousness would repel the "feeding practices" of Gnostic documented intelligent Extraterrestrial inorganic life forms, LINK.

Negative energies, would therefore appear to make it possible for the Gnostic documented predatory inorganic life forms to be able to physically present themselves dimensionally in Earth's biosphere through various planetary UFO visitations. Gnostic research suggests the context of greed-driven materialism that is associated with Global Warming is being cultivated from an enslavement of the human spirit. Mr. Lash and his colleagues indicate that Gnostics as spiritually inspired "cosmic scientists" observed that this cultivation process is apparently aimed at exploiting and magnifying a course of human error.

Analysis of Mr. Lash's work further suggests that Global Warming could therefore be a condition which inorganic life forms have indeed exploited, as a result of humans pursuing an errant path of venality and greed. When humans having free will, entertain a dehumanizing context of venality and greed, Gnostics suggest that to "harvest" the resulting "negative energies" for inorganic consumption, inorganic life forms then use telepathic abilities to exploit the resulting context of violence, despair, fear, bigotries, oppression, and social injustice that can produce wars.

Apparently once the inorganic life forms have the opportunity to invade the human psyche by exploiting human error, they can in turn "possess" their human victims which provide "hosts" for the physical execution of their destructive tendencies. These Gnostic-documented inorganic life forms could be viewed to act somewhat similar to someone who takes some narcotic drug cocktail, in which the drug user may think that they can go on top of a building and fly like a bird. And the more a human being embodies a errant consciousness associated with greed-driven ambitions, the more that intelligent inorganic life forms can "possess" their victim like a parasite, until the point where as a result of that mental and attitudinal possession, a human being may conceivably be transformed into simply the transient physical embodiment of a Manipulative Inorganic life form.

Inorganic life forms does NOT rely on the protection of Earth biosphere for their survival. So, "apparent humans" who are "possessed" to varying degrees by Gnostic-warned inorganic life forms, would be completely impervious to any human lobbying efforts to protect the biosphere.

"In the Gnostic view of human society, the Archons are alien forces that act through authoritarian systems, including belief-systems, in ways that cause human beings to turn against their innate potential and violate the symbiosis of nature," documents Dee Finney, in "The Archons", LINK. Gnostics support the view that their documented intelligent inorganic life would simply view the resulting human suffering associated with Global Warming, as providing a "food source" of negative energies. The more negative energy that is cultivated by chaos associated with Global Warming, and related wars for "resources" further dwindled by climate change, the more "food" for intelligent inorganic life forms, and the more control that these documented reported Manipulative Extraterrestrials have to consolidate their sought control over humanity for "food" and as slaves to their demonic agenda.

Mr. Lash explores Gnostic insights, as parasitic life forms, that inorganic life forms, which lack a 'soul' and a related human capacity of free will, do not have the capacity to initiate, but seek to exploit such self-destructive contexts like Global Warming. The implications of Mr. Lash's research, and that humans can only redress Global Warming, and other immediate plights of our planet, by fully understanding and becoming aware of the apparent on-going agenda of Manipulative inorganic life forms, from an apparent hostile solar system, where these predators of human agency have been reported to exist.

According to critical appreciation of Gnostic insights, the maintenance of ignorance on UFO phenomena seems to be directed by apparent operatives of inorganic life forms, in order to maintain a collective amnesia that can be used to perpetuate a matrix of manipulation. Saving our planet Earth from Global Warming relies on a human spiritual awakening of its vital identity associated with cultivating a higher consciousness of mutuality and empathy, and away from the self-destructive context of the lower dimensional inorganic aliens, that appear to be possessing humanity as this time.
Now, notice the references to Dee Finney and Tom "Montalk" Cox's "Noblerealms". Since we already know that both of these individuals are "cheap imitators" of our own work, (documented), what does it say about any source referencing them as reliable sources?

There were some links in the article to the site that carries the work of John Lash who is the person whose ideas are being promulgated. I went over to check it out.

The site is called "" and here's a sample:

A Gnostic Catechism

Encounters with Aliens in a Mystery School Text

Here and there the Coptic Gnostic materials contain passages that describe encounters with the ET-like beings, sometimes with explicit advice about how to handle these entities. What beliefs are implied in such testimony? And what are we to believe about such testimony? I will attempt to address both these questions in this brief topical essay.

Occult Instruction

For a first-hand look at the testimony, let's consider a passage from The First Apocalypse of James (NHC V, 3), a revelation dialogue in which an unnamed teacher (the "Lord" or "Master") confers secret knowledge upon a Gnostic named James:

The Master said: James, behold, I shall reveal to you the path of your redemption. Whenever you are siezed and you undergo death-pangs (mortal fear), a multitude of Archons may turn on you, thinking they can capture you. And in particular, three of them will sieze you, those who pose as toll collectors. Not only do they demand toll, but they take away souls by theft.

Now, when you come under their power, one of them who is the overseer will say to you: "Who are you, and where are you from?"

You are then to say to him, "I am a child of humanity and I am from the Source."

He will then say to you, "What sort of child are you, and to what Source do you belong?"

You are to say to him, "I am from the pre-existent Source, and I am the offspring of the Source."

Then he will say to you, "Why were you sent out from the Source?"

Then you are to say to him, "I came from the Pre-existent One so that I might behold those of my kind and those who are alien."

And he will say to you, "What are these alien beings?"

You are to say to him: "They are not entirely alien, for they are from the Fallen Sophia (Achamoth), the female divinity who produced them when she brought the human race down from the Source, the realm of the Pre-Existent One. So they are not entirely alien, but they are our kin. They are indeed so because she who is their matrix, Sophia Achamoth, is from the Source. At the same time they are alien because Sophia did not combine with her like in the Source (her divine male counterpart), when she produced them."

When he also says to you, "Where will you go now?"

You are to say to him, "To the place when I came, the Source, there shall I return." And if you respond in this manner, you will escape their attacks.

(NHC V, 3. 33 - 34: 1- 25. Translation from NHLE 1990, pp. 265-6 and Kurt Rudolf, Gnosis, p. 174-5.)
Considerable information is packed into this exchange. The resemblance to contemporary reports of close encounters is undeniable: the Archons induce a state of mortal panic, they often appear in threes, they perform abductions ("take away souls by theft"). These details present a striking match to contemporary ET/UFO lore. But in an equally striking departure from the current literature, the Gnostic teacher gives explicit instructions on how to face the alien entities. The vast amount of testimony on the ET/UFO phenomenon available today presents almost nothing on defence against alien intrusion. Contactees and abductees are passive witnessed, overwhelmed and overpowered by the aliens. But Gnostic writings not only describe such encounters, they also prescibe defensive action. The Master offers cogent counsel for keeping the Archons in their place.

Gnosis is a remembering of our origins. The student is instructed to remember the cosmic birthright of humankind, and to affirm its direct link to the Pleroma, the Source. Specifically, the student is taught to recall and repeat the key episode in Gnostic mythology, the fall of the Aeon Sophia, and thus effectuate a defence against the Archons. By recounting the myth of their origins, the student demonstrates initiated knowledge of the origin and identity of the entities s/he is facing.

Intentional recall of cosmic matters disempowers the Archons. This, at least, is a clear inference from the above passage. The tactic of remembrance accords closely with indigenous wisdom — consider, for instance, the saying of the Na-Khi, a Tibetan people of southeastern China: "One must relate the origin of the medicine, otherwise it cannot work its magic." Shamans heal, not only by their knowledge of the properties of plants, but also by their recounting the story of the plant. Likewise, Gnostics defeated the Archons with the "medicine" (occult power) of mythological recall.

The Coptic materials become increasingly relevant as we realize they do not merely present pedantic or recondite commentaries on a dead religion, but vital insights on the timeless spiritual dilemmas of humanity, insights as valid today as they were 2000 years ago. Describing the find at Nag Hammadi, Tobias Churton writes, "Had Mohammed Ali not broken open the jar, we would not be able to hear these things. In the truest sense of the word, these things are dynamite. One might have imagined headlines throughout the world..." (The Gnostics, p. 12)

But there were no such headlines, even in the tabloids. It took many years before the codexes were translated and still, even today, no scholar will allow that these rare Coptic codices contain reliable accounts of encounters with ET-like entities.

ET/Archon Navigator

Ideological Virus

In another passage of The First Apocalypse of James, the Master refers to those people "who exist as the type of the Archons" (30:20). Gnostics were not only alert to the intrusion of the Archons, they were also acutely aware of the possibility of humans becoming totally "Archontized." This threat appears to have emerged in a particularly alarming way in that era to which Philip K. Dick often refers: the first century of the Common Era, when the Incarnation of Christ is said to have occured, according to Christian belief. Both the time and the place where Archontic molding of human character set in strongly are specified in the Nag Hammadi texts. In his Gnostic view of the human condition, Dick assumed that the spiritual life of humanity was arrested at that moment. It is as if the behavior of those "who exist as the type of Archons" locked into place in that era, and came to dominate all subsequent centuries — until the moment in 1945 when the Nag Hammadi texts were discovered.

In a close parallel to Philip K. Dick's vision of "the Empire," Wilhelm Reich saw the rise of a similar syndrome which he characterized as "the mechanico-mystical" complex. (See The Mass Psychology of Fascism.) Its signature is "authoritarian ideology," the mindset of fascism and patriarchal domination. Significantly, archon was the common term for "governer," or "authority" in Roman times. In some translations of the Coptic materials, archon (plural, archontoi) is rendered as "the authorities." Reich's analysis of what I propose to call the mystico-fascist complex focusses on National Socialism, the Nazi movement, which he experienced first-hand, but The Mass Psychology of Fascism contains ample referenes to Catholicism and the Holy Roman Empire, the millennial ancestor of the mystico-fascist program.

For more comments on this subject viewed in a contemporary vein, see Armageddon Politics.

In allusion to the fascist ideology of the "authorities", Philip K. Dick wrote: "The Empire is the institution, the codification, of derangement; it is insane and imposes its insanity on us by violence, since its nature is a violent one." (Valis, p. 235, citing entry 41 from "The Exegesis.")

This is purely a Gnostic insight, compatible with passages in the NHC and deeply resonant with Reich's views on the massenpsychosen of Roman Christianity. It might be argued that the Nazis were not Christians, but in fact Hitler imagined himself as a Grail Knight, modelled after Wagner's Parsifal, and the saviour complex of Judaeo-Christian belief is wholly transposed into Nazi racial ideology — hence the "Aryan Christ" identified, and, to some degree, embraced by C. G. Jung. The Holy Reich, published in 2004 by Richard Steigman-Gall, professor of history at Kent State University in the USA, argues that Hitler was sincere in calling himself a Christian, and reveals to what extent Christian ideology was embraced by the Nazi party and contributed to the advancement of their cause.

Wilhelm Reich warned that since the breakdown of the pre-Christian ethos of earth-oriented Paganism, "the biological core of humanity has been without social representation." (Ibid., p. xii). This is a staggering observation, to say the least.

The "authorities" exhibit the behavior of spiritual zombies, people who exemplify a baffling mix of mystical and militaristic fixations. (What I have called behavioral cloning is widely evident in both militaristic and mystical behavior, such as we see today in neocon religious realpolitik, although it is also embodied in the mass conformity of global consumerism and the rites of technophilia.) According to Reich, these fixations, focussed on the master fixation on a transcendent God beyond the Earth, arise from the repression and displacement of somatic sensations, especially sexual-genital feelings. Philip K. Dick agreed with Reich in observing that the mystico-fascist ideology grows like armor around people who adopt these fixations, either through indoctrination or intimidation ("conversion"). The mystico-fascist ideology operates like a virus, "imposing its form on its enemies. Thereby it becomes it enemies." (Valis, p. 235) The ideology of the authorities can infect even those who resist it. Hence it turns humanity against itself.

But it would appear that some Gnostics were immune to infection—not by accident, but due to their deliberate practice of orgiastic sexual techniques to produce immunity, [!!!!!] and due, in equal measure, to their explicit teachings on the Archons and how to resist them, as seen in the above passage from The First Apocalypse of James. Gnostic observers on the ground when Christianity arose saw salvationist ideology exactly the way Philip K. Dick did: as a virus. An ideological virus, to be precise. Pagan intellectuals of the day even used that very term for the fanaticism of the converts.

Gnostics saw the tyranny of belief, of metaphysical fantasies that underwrite militaristic agendas, in the rise of early Christianity. We can only imagine what they would see today in the political religiosity of the American right.

Defending Humanity

What are we to make, then, of Gnostic beliefs about the Archons? It might be said that Gnostics believed that only by confronting what is insane and inhumane in ourselves, can we truly define what is human. In essence, to define humanity is to defend it against distortion. Gnostics asserted that the capacity for distortion of humanitas, or dehumanization, is inherent in our minds, but this capacity alone is not potentially deviant. Since we are endowed with nous, a dose of divine intelligence, we are able to detect and correct distorted thinking. We can master what Tibetan Buddhists call krol'pa, "thoughts that lead astray," mental fixations that turn us away from humanitas, our true identity. However, Gnostics also warned of an alien spin that can add a truly deviant element to our thinking. The effect of the Archons is not to make us err, but to make us, largely through dullness and distraction, disregard our errors, so that they extrapolate beyond the scale of correction.

The Archons cast a 'trance" over Adam... They put him into a sleepy state, but it was his perception they dulled... They make our hearts heavy that we may not pay attention and may not see. So we lose the reflection of the Divine Light within us.. . [Thus the Archons acted on humanity] with a view to deceive.

When the life-spirit increases and the illuminating power of the body strengthens the soul, no one can lead you astray into the lessening of your humanity. But those on whom the counterfiet spirit preys are alienated from humanity and deviated... The despicable spirit gains strength by leading us astray. The Archons burden the soul, attracting us to works of evil, and pull us down into oblivion, making us forget who we are.
(The Apocryphon of John, II, 22: 14-10, through 27-20.)
The catechism on alien encounters in The First Apocalypse of James is not exceptional. A great deal of Gnostic teaching was dedicated to the theory of error I have just summarized. In a practical sense, Gnostic teachers in the Mystery Schools instructed the neophytes in how to face the Archons both as alien intruders, comparable to the Greys and Reptilians of contemporary lore, and as tendencies in their minds. The detection of Archontic intrusion in both these modes of experience seems to be unique to the finely nuanced noetic science of the Mysteries.

In the Gnostic view, human beings "who exist as the type of the Archons" are those who blindly follow religious ideologies of an insane and inhumane nature, for it is primarily through religious beliefs that the Archons intrude upon us. Behavior driven by such beliefs produces pathological personality fixations, resulting in the spiritual zombie. All scholars agree that some Gnostics condemned equally the Jewish origins of the Christian salvationist program, and the Pauline-Johannine program itself. Doing so, they did not spread a hate message against anyone. Rather, they attempted to expose what they perceived to be the hateful and deceiving message disguised in the Judeo-Christian ideology of salvation. At the source of this message, they detected the subliminal intrusion of the Archons into the human mind. Hence the thrust and preponderance (more than half of all surviving material, by my estimate) of politically and theologically incorrect passages in the Coptic materials.

Whether or not Gnostics were delusional about the Archons is a private judgement call. But a fair and open-minded reading of the Coptic texts will not yield much evidence for derangement on their part. The seers who exposed derangement were not deranged. They were sober and methodical in describing what they knew, and extremely conscientious in prescribing action to face the perceived threat. They believed that they really had identified that most baffling of all enigmas: the root cause of inhumanity in human nature.

What are we to believe about all this today? There is an issue of credibility here, of course — that is to say, we may consider the source of Gnostic teachings apart from their content. But Gnosis is by definition a matter of knowing and not of believing. It is about enlightenment, not faith. To give Gnostics credit for actually knowing what they claimed to know is only the first step. Beyond that, we must confirm what they knew by our own resources, our own faculties. This is the perennial challenge of Gnosis, the living, ever-renewing cognition of the human spirit.

Knowledge of that which is alive can alone banish terror.
Wilhelm Reich, The Function of the Orgasm.

* * * * *

There is more commentary on The First Apocalypse of James in the Reading Plan.
Now, did you catch that part I bolded? "But it would appear that some Gnostics were immune to infection—not by accident, but due to their deliberate practice of orgiastic sexual techniques to produce immunity..."

Boy oh boy is that a warning sign!



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So, I go to the "Who Are We?" page and read this:

Who Are We?

For the past ten years, the Marion Institute, sponsor of the Metahistory website, has been searching for ways to deepen the dialogue about who we are and where we come from. Io initiate this dialogue, in 2002 the Institute launched as a creative experiment on the internet, a way of reaching a globally dispersed audience concerned with worldwide social change. In deciding to establish this site, the Institute feels it has found the most effective way to broaden this conversation and to engage more interested parties in the quest.

Many individuals, including both experimental and scholarly investigators, have contributed to the Institute’s conferences and workshops, and these intellectual leaders will contribute to our website, now called Metahistory Quest, in a variety of ways, shaping the site’s content in new and, we hope, surprising ways. It is our intention to invite them as well as others to contribute to an organic and fluid development of our new project, the quest for a way beyond the conditioning of our histories. Thus, a whole "family" of investigators and thoughtful scholars will eventually be participating in the dialogue to be unfolded in this site.

At Metahistory Quest there are six members who comprise the core team:

MICHAEL BALDWIN, Publisher: Michael is co-founder (1992) and president of the Marion Institute, which spoonsor’s the website. His principal goal is to catalyze a steadily growing dialogue between Metahistory Quest and individuals and organizations committed to change, to a sane and sustainable future for all species. He will work closely with Joanna in the creation and evolution of the site’s interactive portal, Womb Dialogues, and on the development of Links.

JOHN LASH, co-founder and Principal author, is one of the foremost exponents of the power of myth to direct and shape an individual’s life, as well as history itself. Described as the true successor of Mircea Eliade, John is a lifelong student of world mythology, Tantra, the pre-Christian Mysteries, alchemy, and naked-eye astronomy. His published works include The Seeker’s Handbook: The Complete Guide to Spiritual Pathfinding (Crown, 1991), Twins and the Double (Thames & Hudson, 1993), The Hero - Manhood and Power (Thames & Hudson, 1995), and Quest for the Zodiac (Starhenge Books, 1999). John has lectured widely in the United States and Europe.

JOANNA HARCOURT-SMITH, Link-Liaison and moderator of Womb Dialogues, as well as a contributing writer. Joanna was a pioneer of the consciousness revolutions of the 1960s and 1970s. In the last twenty years she has dedicated her life to the practice of sobriety and loving- kindness. She is a sacramentalist and a self-proclaimed Heartmender, a job assigned to her through a dream in 1995.

IAN BALDWIN, co-founder, contributing writer and editor: Troglodyte, witness to the clouds above, the earth and waters below, the living things within, interlocutor in the line of beauty, servant to Gaia. Painter. Editor and publisher, co-founder with Margo Baldwin of Chelsea Green, publisher of The Man Who Planted Trees and other books for living in the Post-Petroleum Era.

PHILIP BALDWIN, co-founder and site coordinator, is an artist working in glass. Currently based in Paris, he has worked in Europe for the past twenty-five years together with his Swiss collaborator, Monica Guggisberg. A founding director of the Marion Institute, Philip seeks the improbable holy grail of experiencing and knowing who we are and where we come from as the best pathway out of the bind we’re in and toward a more joyous future. He believes the metahistorical quest is at the heart of this pathway.

Our Commitment

At Metahistory Quest we are deeply concerned with the spiritual crisis facing humanity, a crisis whose main symptom are alienation from nature, mindless consumption of natural resources, and enslavement (individually and collectively) to everything that enhances our delusional sense of control and our narcissistic self-concern. The crisis challenges us to forge a positive, life-affirming response. Metahistory enables us to go beyond the conditioning of our histories, the ensemble of personal, familial, racial, cultural and collective scripts that bind us to divisive attitudes and destructive behavior. We regard the beliefs encoded in these histories suspect unless they help us realize the true potential of ourselves, the spirit of humanitas in coevolution with Gaia and all her creation.

Metahistory Quest is eclectic and open-ended. We are dedicated to an existentially radical and continuously evolving process of discovery and creative elaboration of various systems of modern knowledge and ancient wisdom. In the spirit of the post-modern era there is no "one" system or "answer" to the widespread yearning for spiritual certainty. The committed search for truth and unique illuminating discoveries along the way comprise an open path, and that honest openness is the vital core of a person’s spirituality.

Metahistory Quest invites you to join us and engage creatively in making a new story for our species. Systemic change at the level of "Western Civilization" cannot occur unless the individual life pattern and the external social order are simultaneously confronted within each seeker’s heart and mind. This makes for a powerful creative tension that is the essence of our journey.
So, we see that it is "sponsored" by the "Marion Institute." There is a page about this institute:


Marion Institute

Since its inception ten years ago, the Marion Institute has probed age-old questions: who are we and where do we come from? We have held many conferences and workshops with numerous internationally renowned guest speakers who have shared with the Marion community their views and insights based on their life’s work.

The Marion Institute has been guided by a powerful hunch that things are not at all what they seem to be. The received wisdom about where we came from, how we got here, what we know and don’t know, may be significantly different from what we have been taught to suppose. These hunches have been stimulated by the unprecedented increase in human knowledge over the last one hundred and fifty years in general, and over the last fifty or so years in particular. In all fields, from archeology and anthropology to history, biology, astronomy, medicine, geology, climatology, and physics, to mention a few, our understanding of the world is in a rapidly changing state.

It is the Marion Institute’s view that knowledge about our past, our origins, and our place in the universe has been profoundly forgotten, or distorted and obscured over centuries, even millennia. Much of this forgotten knowledge is coming to light today.

The Metahistory Dialogue is the Marion Institute’s first formal attempt, through this website, to reach out to a larger audience and share our thoughts and ideas about metahistory. “Metahistory” literally means “beyond history”. The term is meant to signify a deeper human knowledge and wisdom that lies beyond our conventional and habitual view of who we are and where we come from. But while metahistory’s purpose may sound lofty and esoteric, we believe it is fundamental to our lives. Many of us believe that humanity is on a collision course toward civilizational and biological disaster. The resolution of the world’s woes today may well depend upon our ability to make a “mid-course correction” about ourselves and our relationship to Earth.

What follows is the Marion Institute’s initial attempt to create an interactive inquiry into the core concerns of metahistory. We hope you find our website provocative and inspiring, and we encourage your participation. The site will be regularly updated, introducing articles from scholars, independent investigators and researchers as well as photographs, drawings, recommended books, anecdotes, and shared experiences.

We invite you to take a good look and join us in this collaborative adventure. Inquiring into our true purpose as a uniquely endowed species is an adventure in which we seek a new orientation to our story, a way of viewing life that will preserve its sacred value for all.
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Also, please note that Medusacoils, a major ecofeminist site, has posted on its blog a long review of John's book Not in His Image, to which John has responded. Read here. We welcome this opportunity to discuss the Sophia myth with leading ecofeminists.
Checking out the "Medusacoils" blog was quite interesting... See for yourself: _

Also, have a look at this page: _

Metahistory proposes a cautious selective reliance on beliefs about human potential, rather in the manner of "secular humanism," but with the difference that this path does not categorically exclude the mythical, mystical and supernatural, or discount them as illusional, but recognizes their essential role in our species´ experience.

Throughout this site I argue that it is desirable to believe as little as possible, and to rely upon direct experience rather than speculation, hope, and fantasy—this depends on the capacity for experience being sane and whole, healed from damage and crippling beliefs—and to enter a visionary path of commitment in which we believe in what can actually be achieved, rather than in what might be possible, or what we would like to pretend is possible.
Can't argue with that since it is my own perspective articulated in The Wave. But things on this site seem to deviate in odd ways that I cannot quite put my finger on.

I then had a look here:

The material on Gnostic Archon theory in is unique to this site and essential to the Gaia Mythos. Various articles and Lexicon entries describe the origin, nature and activities of the Archons, a species of predatory inorganic beings who may be equated with the Annunaki of Sumerian myth, as well as with ETs (Grays and Reptilians) in the intervention scenario of modern UFO lore. Gnostic texts cited throughout the site present a comprehensive view of alien intrusion.

Paradoxically, Gnostics saw in the Judeo-Christian Redeemer Complex a way to entrap humanity and defeat its true potential, rather than a way to "save" it.

* The Gaia Mythos graphically describes the emergence of the Archons in Episode 10, the climactic moment of Sophia's plunge.
* Alien Dreaming looks at the bizarre physics of "fractal generation," the process in which Archons arise in the galactic limb prior to the formation of the Earth.
* Approaching Gnosticism signals the importance of Philip K. Dick in elucidating the "sci-fi theology" of the Gnostics.
* My proposal to develop the "1947 Nexus" outlines the extraordinary links (so far undetected by experts) between the Nag Hammadi codices and the Dead Sea Scrolls.
A Gnostic Catechism cites a Nag Hammadi text that uses the term "alien" with specific reference to the Archons.
* Lexicion entry on the Zaddikim explains the Gnostic view of Archons as agents of the ideological virus of salvationism.
* Lexicion entry on salvationism points to specific ideological factors in Judeo-Christian religion that were detected as "alien implants" by Gnostics.
The entry on Biblical UFOlogy in the Lexicon explains the unique Gnostics slant on ET/Aliens in alliance with the Creator God, and describes how the Gnostic protest against salvationist doctrines had to be silenced so that Christianity could prevail.

The Promise of a Lonely Planet, a trilogy of essays, describes the vanity of the head Archon, Jehovah, and the Disneyesque world he conjures around him; explains how the Gnostic theory of error parallels Buddhist teaching on karma; and sets out the challenge we as a species face in detecting and mastering the Archontic Spell.
Then, there is this article that is quite good, IMO (since I've written the same stuff in a number of places already):


Armageddon Politics The Rule of the Righteous Ones

In metahistorical terms, the Armageddon scenario breaks down into a core belief system with narrative variations. Bush and Co. are operating on a recent variation described by Bill Moyers in a paraphrase he credits to British writer, George Monbiot : "Once Israel has occupied the rest of its 'biblical lands,' legions of the anti-Christ will attack it, triggering a final showdown in the valley of Armageddon. As the Jews who have not been converted are burned, the messiah will return for the rapture. True believers will be lifted out of their clothes and transported to heaven, where, seated next to the right hand of God, they will watch their political and religious opponents suffer plagues of boils, sores, locusts, and frogs during the several years of tribulation that follow."

Moyers adds sardonically: "I'm not making this up." Yes, Bill, we know that, but someone else certainly did. As far as historians can tell, the author of this script seems to have been an itinerant Evangelist named John Nelson Darby. Taking advantage of the ambiguous and contradictory material on Jesus in the NT, Darby came up with the idea that Jesus would return twice, once to summon the faithful to the Father, and again to reign over a celestial battle above Armageddon in the Middle East. Darby was himself inspired by an unnamed Scottish girl who had visions of the Second Coming around 1830, when she was in her teens. [...]
Coming back to their ideas about "orgiastic sexual practices," we find this page:

Kundalini and the Alien Force

Gnostic and Tantric Practices of Sacred Sexuality

NOTE: This is a hugely expanded version of the article by John Lash published on

The exploration of Gnosticism may be one of the more revealing pursuits of our time, and it is certainly one of the more difficult. Since Gnostics were suppressed in the 4th Century, disinformation about them has run amok. There is no clear and consistent presentation of Gnostic views, either in the slim surviving materials or in modern scholarship. To add to the confusion, Gnostics were initiates in the Mystery schools, and initiates were bound by a vow of silence about many things they experienced — although not, fortunately, about all things.

Body Knowledge

One of the stickiest subjects in Gnostic studies is the question of sexual practices: Did they do it, or didn't they? By some accounts, Gnostics were ascetics who rejected the world as the fabrication of a pseudo-creator, Jehovah, identified by them as an alien deity or Archon. It is now widely recognized that the accusation of world-denial cannot fairly be laid on Gnostics, and more properly ought to be directed to Christian ideologues who falsely imputed hatred of the body to the "heretics," thereby cleverly diverting attention from their own disgust for nature and human embodiment.

One Gnostic scholar, M. A. Williams, has dedicated an entire book to refuting and sometimes reversing the disinformation about Gnostics, their views, and practices. In Rethinking 'Gnosticism', he states that, far from despising the body, it is far more likely that Gnostics believed that "precisely in the human body is to be found the best visible trace of the divine in the material world." (p. 117. His emphasis.) From meticulous analysis of textual references, and line by line examination of the polemic writings of the Church Fathers against Gnosticism, Williams concludes that "the familiar cliches about 'gnostic hatred of,' 'contempt for,' 'hostility to,' the body fail completely as interpretations of what these sources overall have to say about the question." (p. 137) Williams argues that Gnostics were deeply commited to healing themselves and others, and "far more optimistic about what actually could be done to transform somatic experience," than their opponents. (p. 137. His emphasis.)

In the sacred art of Tibet, mating divinities are called Yab-Yum, "mother-father," identical to the coupled Aeons in Gnostic cosmology. In rites of sacramental sex, the partners imitate mating divinities, but they do not become gods. The purpose of the rite is to heighten pleasure to the level where it becomes the medium of "cosmic consciousness." (Vajraghanta, Mural painting, Gyantse, 15th C. In Philip Rawson, Sacred Tibet, p. 51)
By some accounts, which are usually condemnatory, Gnostics engaged in ritual orgies that involved the ingestion of sexual fluids as sacramental substances. By far the most scandalous account of this kind comes from Epiphanius (376 - 403 CE), a heresy-hunter who infiltrated the Ophite cult of “Snake-worshippers.” He reported that the Ophites

venerate the Serpent because God has made it the cause of Gnosis for mankind. Ialdabaoth [Gnostic name for Jehovah, the false creator god] did not wish humankind to have any recollection of the Generators (Aeons), the Cosmic Mothers and Cosmic Fathers on high. It was the serpent who, by tempting them, brought Gnosis to our parents; who taught the first people of our kind the complete knowledge of the Mysteries from on high.
(Cited in Jean Doresse, The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics).
Here, typically, Gnostic myth reverses Judeo-Christian tradition: the serpent in Eden is a benefactor, not a malefactor. How does such a passage stand against the Gnostics’ description of sinister aliens, the reptilian Archons, who intrude on humanity? Are the predatory reptilians merely the shadow-side of another snake-like force that acts for our good? A twisty issue, here. The answer would seem to lie in the true nature of sexual practices of the Gnostics.

Magna Mater

There is no doubt that some Gnostic sects were ascetic and practiced total abstention from sexual intercourse. For example, there is the sect that produced the channelled material known as Books of Ieou (non Nag Hammadi), a patchy collection of teachings on the afterlife. This Gnostic group believed themselves to have a sacred responsibility to preserve esoteric knowledge regarding the "Treasuries of the Light," and the "Receivers," benevolent spiritual entities and guides we encounter when we die. The arcane material in the Books of Ieou includes a brief condemnatory outburst against other sects who practice sexual magic. Apparently, continence was necessary for the keepers of Ieou to know what they knew. This outburst of one Gnostic sect against another is unique in all surviving Gnostic materials.

Apart from Williams' meticulous deconstruction of the world-denial ("anti-cosmic dualism") attributed to Gnostics, I have argued in more elementary terms that the Gnostic vision of life, being as it was centered on Sophia, the divinity embodied in the Earth, could not have fostered or supported contempt for the material world, the realm of the senses, and the human body. Everything Gnostics thought and taught depended on direct communion with the Goddess Sophia, whose name means wisdom. This was true for the Mysteries in general, and for the Gnostic adepts in particular. Sophia was a cosmic version of the Magna Mater, the Great Mother worshipped in many ancient religions. Even the Church Fathers, who condemned Gnostics as world-haters, affirmed that the Mysteries in all their diversity were unanimous in the consecration of the initiates to the Great Mother.

Historians of religion agree that Pagan spirituality involved sacramental sexuality, orgies, rites of empowerment through sexual yoga. (On the figure of Mary Magdalene as an adept of sacramental sex, see She Who Anoints.) The Tantric sects in India present a close parallel to the Ophites — so close in fact, that the report of Epiphanius could be applied to Tantrics as well. Tantrics (or Tantrikas, as they are more properly called) are experimental mystics who arouse the “Serpent power,” Kundalini, a force concealed in the human body, in order to achieve cosmic consciousness and awaken siddhis, occult powers. It is more than likely that Gnostics in their sexual orgies had the same aim.

Clearly, then, the mythical serpent worshipped by the Ophites cannot be equated with the reptilian predators described in Gnostic texts and the Dead Sea Scrolls. More likely, the Ophite serpent is not entirely a mythical version of the serpent of Eden, but is identical with Kundalini, the serpent power that resides at the base of the spine in human anatomy. This being so, sexual orgies among the Gnostics would not have been merely for the pleasure and indulgence (although they would not have excluded that, either!). They worshipped the supernatural force that resided in their own bodies. In fact, the word “orgy,” Greek orgia, means simply, “working, activation.” The orgia of the serpent power was a rite for activation of Kundalini in Tantric and Gnostic practices alike.

The Gospel of Philip contains the scandalous passage that describes Jesus french-kissing Mary Magdalene. It is also the one text from Nag Hammadi that gives the most explicit description of the sexual orgia, but in symbolic language, or insider jargon, if you will. The text asserts that all harm on earth is due to the conflict between the sexes, but this problem can be overcome by a corporal rite of re-union.(See commentary by the translator, Wesley W. Isenberg, in The Nag Hammadi Library in English, 1990, p. 139ff.) The act of sacramental coupling occurs in a “bridal chamber” called the nymphion, or perhaps it produces the nymphion. The ritual involves light, and Kundalini is also associated with a soft blaze of milk-white light that produces an electrical surge of ecstasy up the spine. The text explicitly says that the light veils and protects the partners joined in sacred sexual union:

The alien powers do not see those who are clothed in the perfect light, and so they are not able to restrain them. By the rite of sacramental union, one is ensheathed in this light.” (Gospel of Philip, passage 70)
Nymphion was a code term for the cell-of-light or protective aura generated by ritual intercourse. Within the cell, the initiates overcome the influence of the Archons who produce error in our minds, and threaten to take over our bodies — although it must be added that Gnostics insisted that threat of intrusion at the bodily level is exaggerated by the Archons themselves, to make us believe they possess more power over us than they actually have! One such error concerns resurrection:

Those who say they will die first and then rise are in error. If they do not first receive the resurrection while they live, when they die they will receive nothing. (Passage 72)
This is core Gnostic teaching, stated in such a way as to refute Judeo-Christian beliefs on survival after death, beliefs held precious to millions of people today, but considered by Gnostics as delusional notions insinuated in our minds by the alien force, the Archons. It also sends a clear message about our ability to enter deeply into the biological mysteries of nature, for it claims that we can experience resurrection before we die. This assertion has many parallels in Asian Tantric teachings, of course. In both Hindu and Tibetan traditions, yogis of high attainment are said to achieve complete regeneration of the body and resurrect themselves; hence, when they die, they did not die in a normal way. (See, for instance, the legendary accounts in Masters of Meditation and Miracles by Tulku Thondup.)

The more one considers Gnosticism in parallel to Shaivism, Hindu Tantra, Tantric Buddhism, and Dzogchen, the more likely it seems that some Gnostics were mahasiddhis, yogis of high attainment, due to their mastery of the serpent power. The technique of psychosomatic illumination by raising Kundalini was not unique to Gnosticism, but it was certainly central to its practices. In Shiva and Dionysos, Alain Danielou draws close parallels between the Greek cults of ecstasy dedicated to Dionysos, and the Dravidian cults of Shiva worship indigenous to Southern India. Citing Epiphanius' eye-witness account of Gnostic orgies, Danielou remarks that Gnostic teachings on sexual magic "are very close to the idea of Shaivism." (p. 223) Likewise, Sir John Woodruffe, the great exponent of Hindu Tantra to the West, directly compares the Gnostic worship of the Magna Mater to Tantric adoration of the Devi Shakti, the "Mother Power." He says that in the ancient Mysteries, just as in the Tantric cults of India, the aim of sexual rites was to awaken the divine forces in the body:

An ancient feature of this faith [Tantricism] and one belonging to the ancient Mysteries is the distinction which it draws between the initiate whose Shakti is awake (PreBuddha) and the Pashu, the unillumined or "animal" person, or, as the Gnostics called them, "materialists." The Natural, which is the manifestation of the Mother of Nature, and the Spiritual, or the Mother as She is in and by Herself, are one, but the initiate alone truly recognizes this unity.(Shiva and Shakti, p. 88)
In this passage, Woodruffe clarifies how the Aeon Sophia, identical to the "Mother of Nature," is both embodied in the natural world and not so embodied, remaining "as She is in and by Herself," because Sophia remains an Aeon of the Pleroma even though She has morphed into the planet Earth. Such statements do not come from intellectual speculation, but from direct experience of the very cosmic powers being described.

Sex and Death

In his account of Gnostic-Shivaite parallels, Danielou describes the faculties of higher perception acquired by activation of the serpent power. These are called siddhis (sounds like cities), "attainments," and those who attain them are siddhas, or mahasiddhas. The Asian siddha is the exact counterpart of the "adept" in the Mystery Schools. Adept comes from the Latin root, adipisci-, "touch, gain, attain." Adept is closely related to aptitude; hence the adepts (AD-epts) were men and women with special aptitudes. In the meeting of Mary Magalene and Jesus in the Garden on Easter morning, the Gospel writer has Jesus say to her, Me mou aptou, usually translated as, "Do not touch me." But in a Gnostic reworking of that incident, he could as well have said. "You can see me, but cannot reach me, until you to have attained this state for yourself," if he were indeed a Gnostic master appearing in the docetic body, or phantom body, as some Gnostic teachers claimed. The phantom body of the Gnostics is called in Buddhism the Nirmanakaya.

Describing the yogic attainments of the Shivaite mahasiddhas, Danielou cites a Tantric text, the Samkhya-Karika:

The yogi who has perfected the Siddhis thus acquires powers like those which belong to the gods. These are essentially the power of vision and the power of knowledge, that is to say, omniscience, as well as the actional or facultative siddhis (kriyashaktis), which are nine in number. (p. 94-5)
Among the siddhis listed are the ability to see on the microscopic or molecular level, the power to transport oneself at a distance, and the power to read minds. The adepts of the Mysteries would have attained these powers, and applied them to their work in teaching and training neophytes. Due to their specialist insight on the intrusion of the Archons, it is likely that Gnostics would have developed the powers required not only to detect the alien force, but to resist it. To prevent the "archontic pirates" from capturing the body (ibid., Williams, p. 137), they would have developed a whole range of defensive and immunological tactics. Modern studies of Kundalini emphasize its effects in boosting the immune system, or "strengthening the human aura," in New Age terms.

In Gnostic practices an ecstatic encounter with Divinity occurred in a kind of hermetic cell or sacred aura, called the “bridal chamber” or nymphion. The Greek writer Pausanius, who was extremely cautious about disclosing any secrets relative to the Mysteries, uses the word nymphion, so it does not appear isolated in Gnostic sources. Despite the elimination of countless documents, especially those that may have described sexual rites, there is ample textual evidence that Gnostic practices leading to “divinization” of the participants involved an act of sacramental sexual coupling in the nymphion. "Now the light is the chrism (the anointing fluid." (Passage 69) In Tibetan teachings, the ultimate mystical experience of "White Light" occurs uniquely when we die, and only for a fleeting instant for those who have not previously attained the capacity to hold the Light in their attention. But from Gnostic reports it appears that this experience could be achieved in more ways than one. Through sex and in death, alike.

The Gospel of Philip celebrates the mystico-erotic union in the bridal chamber as the most holy of rites by which the initiates are “begotten by Christos in the two.” This act is rigorously distinguished from ordinary carnal intercourse:

Whereas in this world the union is one of husband with wife... in the aeon the form of the union is different. [This is possible because] Christos came to repair the separation which was from the beginning, and unite again the two, and give life to those who died as a result of the separation.
The "Christos" in this passage is not Christ of the Pauline and Johannine doctrines, not the incarnate Son of God. In Gnostic jargon, Christos is the Aeon coupled with Sophia, her male cosmic counterpart. In Christian faith, the blood of the God-man, Jesus, gives life to humanity and heals our separation from the Father God, but to Gnostics these were delusional notions that imitate and distort the truth. In the Gnostic sexual sacrament, the bliss of the man and woman joined in sacred union is what repairs our separation from God, for the Gods (Aeons), who are eternally blissful, are the source of body bliss as well. The rapture of the Gods makes the blood stream in our veins. Uniting in sacramental sex “gives life to those who died.”

The Alien Force

If Kundalini is a biological force, as is widely attested in the writings of Western investigators such as Lee Sanella and Arnold Mindell, the other kind of serpent power may be distinctly anti-biological. The Archons are said to envy humanity, for a number of reasons, but primarily because we live in the body of their Mother!! According to Gnostic creation myth, the Archons are a species of inorganic beings produced anomalously by the impact of the Aeon Sophia upon atomic matter, before the Sophia herself became transformed into the Earth. They are called Archons, from archai, "prior, from the beginning," because they arose before the Earth and the solar system were evolved, but they did not emerge directly from the Pleroma, as humanity did. (On the emanation of Atu Kadmon, the Anthropos template, see The Promise of a Lonely Planet, part three, and the Gaia Mythos, Episode 10.)

In their attempt to intrude upon humanity, which has been ongoing for millennia, the Archons use a lot of bluff and bravado. They affect our minds to get us to believe they can do far more than they can actually do, but in so believing, we unwittingly surrender our power to them — the result is, they get their way with us, because we have betrayed our own capacities. Hence the Archons claim to rule over humanity, and even pretend to have been our creators, as is recounted in the Sumerian cunieform record of the Annunaki, accepted as true by Zecharia Sitchin and many other sincere investigators. The Dead Sea Scrolls, discovered in 1947 at the very moment the Nag Hammadi texts were initially recognized to be rare Gnostic materials, contain explicit accounts of direct threats posed by reptilians. For instance, the Testament of Amram:

I saw Watchers in my vision, the dream-vision. Two of them were fighting over me, saying… and holding a great contest over me. I asked them, “Who are you, that you are thus empowered over me?” They answered me, “We have been empowered and rule over mankind.” And they said to me, "Which one of us [will have you]?" And I lifted my eyes, and looked at one of them directly. His appearance was dreadfully frightening, and his skin was multicolored, darkly glittering scales. (4Q542)
(Note: The "Watchers" are consistently identified with the Annunaki in modern ET/Alien speculation.)

As I have explained elsewhere in this site, a Gnostic sect called the Archontics was stationed on the Dead Sea south of Qumran. Gifted with powers of paranormal perception, such as remote viewing, Gnostic seers who had met and repelled Archons observed the persisting presence of reptilians among the Dead Sea cult of the Zaddikim. The First Apocalypse of James (NHL V, 3), which contains descriptions of face-to-face encounters with the reptilian aliens, warns that "Jerusalem is a dwelling place of many Archons." But the Gnostic teacher adds,a crucial insight, typical of the highly nuanced knowledge of the Mystery School adepts, "These powers are not armed against you specifically, but they are armed against each other." (Passage 27) This line not only corroborates contemporary scenarios that describe conflict between the aliens who are among us, it also indicates that their powers are more engaged in battling each other than in overcoming us.

Nevertheless, they have overcome us, in certain ways. Due to their subtle tactic of intimidation via false beliefs, the Archons can get us to surrender our power. To betray ourselves to them in the deepest way, in a terminal act of self-effacement, we would have to give up our bodies and surrender the hidden powers within our bodies. Gnostic initiatory practices were directed toward strengthening our embodiment by the arousal of Kundalini, which grounds us in the Earth. Kundalini means the small ("ini") Kundala, "serpentine or spiralling power." The big Kundala is the serpent power of the Earth itself, the swirling Erotic currents of Gaia. She, the Earth Mother, is the supreme ambient force that holds DNA configured in its spiralling chains of nucleic acid. When Kundalini is awakened in sacred sexual rites or otherwise, it grounds the human body consciously into the planetary body. This is the ultimate aim of Kundalini yoga: not escape from the body, not deification of the participants, but grounding into Gaia, the Godhead of Nature.

In the nymphion, Gnostics bathed in ecstatic luminosity which they considered to radiate from the Godhead, the Pleroma of Aeons, via the Aeon Sophia who is embodied in the Earth. The absorption of these emanations effectuates sexual healing and repairs the split or rupture between the sexes ("gender rift") that arose on the cosmological level when Sophia fell, shearing the Anthropos template.

The cosmos is healed through what has been most deeply wounded, human sexuality.

The Gnostic Succotash: Orphic ceremonial bowl showing sixteen naked adepts, eight men and eight women, in a circle with their feet touching. ("The Sanctum of the Winged Serpent," Orphic bowl, 200-300 CE. In Joseph Campbell, Creative Mythology, p. 96.)
The Aeon Sophia, acting without a consort, plunged from the Pleroma, but it is also Sophia, now “grounded” on Earth, who connects humanity to the cosmic Source. The most direct and dynamic form of connection was effectuated in the ecstatic streaming of Kundalini during the sacred orgia. These rites were practiced to protect the circle of adepts (the Gnostic cell of sixteen mystai, shown above) from the meddlesome pranks of the Archons. High Archontic immunity (HAI?) is perhaps what we need today, facing as we do the ravages of HIV on the planet, not to mention sexual mores gone to wrack and ruin. With unusual candor, Tobias Churton asserts that Gnostics thought "intercourse is good for your spiritual development." (The Gnostics, p. 59)

For it is by a kiss that the perfected hearts, the adepts, conceive and give birth. For this reason we also kiss one another. We receive a conception of our humanity from the grace found in each other....

Spiritual love is all wine and fragrance." (The Gospel of Philip)
In the Gnostic version of the Fall from Paradise, there is no sin on the part of our ancestral parents. It is not humanity who falls, but Sophia, the Wisdom Goddess. The Serpent in Eden is Kundalini, a sublime ally to humanity, not a tempter. In some Gnostic texts, the serpent power is called "the instructor." Eve, the ancestral representative of the human species, acquires from the serpent ally the secret knowledge for the Mysteries.

“It was the Serpent who, by tempting Eve, brought Gnosis to our parents.”

jll: March 5 2004 Flanders
Wow! This guy kinda just makes stuff up based on what he wants to believe! What twists and turns! Oy, straightening this mess out would be a labor of Hercules, like cleaning the Augean stables!

I decide to check out this and marioninstitute a bit further. Network solutions whois check first:

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Notice that was created before though marioninstitute is the "owner" of the metahistory domain. We also notice that it was well after The Wave and Adventures Series were published. However, we need to look further...



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I hope that some forumites will do some searches on the various names and organizations and ideas that are mentioned in the above writings. We certainly need to know more.

But anyway, still poking around I find:

History of Conferences At the Marion Foundation

From February 1992 through the present, the Marion Foundation has held approximately 45 conferences featuring almost 100 distinguished speakers. These weekends are intimate gatherings of people from Marion and beyond, and the result is a vibrant and singular sense of community — a community of keen learners. Participants share a zest for exploring the frontiers of human potential and the evolution of body/mind/spirit. They also share an adventurous curiosity about current insights into the universal values that can serve as keys to living in a rapidly changing world.

Conference themes relate to various areas of study: The Arts and Social Awareness; Business in Transition; Death and Dying; Ecology, Environment and Sustainable Living; Frontiers in Science; Health and Healing; Indigenous Traditions; Tools for Personal Growth; and Philanthropy.

May 2002 From Personal Transformation to a Movement: Transforming Empowerment of the Individual to the Collective (Innovative Frontiers in Philanthropy)
with Wangari Maathai

May 2002 BMN Seminar II Series II
with Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. Byron Braid, Dr. James Odell, Dr. Steven Johnson, and Daniel Beilin, OMD.

April 2002 Intuitive Awareness Workshop
with Deborah Keir

April 2002 Joan Anderson
with Joan Anderson

January 2002 New York Event
with Wangari Maathai

December 2001 BMN Seminar I, Series II
with Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. James Odell, Brigitte Hartman, L. Ac., Dr. Daniel Beilin, Alexander Riftine, Ph.D, and Felix Liao, DDS

November 2001 Searching for Now
with Elaine Pagels, John Lash and Christopher Knight

May 2001 David LaChapelle
with David La Chapelle

May 2001 BMN Advanced Seminar
with Dr. Rau and Dr. James Odell, Jorgos Kavouras, and Dr. Johannes Beckmann

May 2001 Introduction to Biological Medicine Lecture
with Dr. Rau

April 2001 A Journey Through Cancer
with Dr. Jeremy Geffen

April 2001 Indigenous Traditions, the Diversity of Humanity and the Survival of Languages (Innovative Frontiers in Philanthropy)
with Jeremy Narby, Never Tuesta and Lucy Trapnell

October 2000 Bridges to Healing: Grieving and Forgiveness
with Mitch Davidowitz and Robin Casarjian

March 2000 Death as Teacher: Learning about Life Through Facing Death
with Betsy MacGregor, MD

October 1999 A “New” Cosmology: Reconnecting to the Rhythms of the Universe
wih Brian Swimme, Karen Barrows, and Judi Smith.

August 1999 Naked Eye Mythology
with John Lash

May 1999 Paracelsus Seminar II
with Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. James Odell OMD, Dr. David Nye DDS, Dr. Byron Braid MD, Dr. Robert Zieve MD, Dr. Maria Gabrielle, ND and Dr. Jake Johnston, FACEP.

March 1999 Michael T. Murray, N.D. Lecture and Workshop
with Michael Murray

January 1999 Adventures Beyond the Body
with William Buhlman

November 1998 A New Understanding of History
with Graham Hancock, Wendy Hunter Roberts, and John Lash. and our facilitator was Alan Atkisson

October 1998 Paracelsus Seminar I - Biological Medicine
with Dr. Thomas Rau, Dr. Ken Thorp, Dr. James Odell, Dr. Byron Braid, Dr. Robert Zieve, and Dr. David Nye.

April 1998 The Levels of Power and Energetic Anatomy
with Caroline Myss, Ph.D.

November 1997 From Growth to Balance
with Donella Meadows, Herman Daly, John Mack, and Vicki Robin, and with Paul Hawken as moderator

April 1997 Reclaiming Our Responsibility for Healing
with Riane Eisler, Fraser Mustard, Dr. Ken Thorp, Janet Amare, and Bob Perry

February 1997 Male and Female: The Hunger for Wholeness
with Marion Woodman and David Whyte

November 1996 The Poetry of Solutions: Taking the Natural Step
with Dr. Karl-Henrik Robert, Paul Hawken, Ray Anderson, James Parks Morton, Donella Meadows, Rigmor Robert

April 1996 Reconnecting and Relationships
with Daniel Goleman, Matthew Fox, Ray Anderson, and Ola Ivarrson

March 1996 New Perceptions of Death and Dying and the Survival of Consciousness
with Charles Tart, Therese Schroeder-Sheker, Jeffrey Mishlove, and P. M. H. Atwater

February 1996 Choosing Hope, Health and Joy
with Dr. Christiane Northrup

November 1995 Business Unusual: Learning, Designing, Solving
with Paul Hawken, The Honorable James George, Charles J. Hess, John Hazen White, and Theresa M. Szczurek

June 1995 Doing Business in a Changing World
with Paul Hawken, Joan Borysenko, and David Whyte

March 1995 Consciousness Evolution
with Peter Russell, Colin Wilson, Rhea White, and Dr. Stanislav Grof

February 1995 Business and the New Exceptionalism in America
with Bart Nourse, Michael Murphy, Michael Ray, Carol Osborn, and Rev. Matthew Fox

September 1994 Extraordinary People, Extraordinary Times
with Dr. Willis Harman, Professor Richard Tarnas, Douchan Gersi, Marilyn Ferguson, Michael Murphy, Dr. Joan Borysenko

March 1994 The Intelligent Universe
with Edgar Mitchell, Dr. Steven Greer, and Zecharia Sitchin

September 1993 Emerging Worldviews and Personal Awakenings
with Gordon Clough

February 1993 Health and Healing
with Dr. Monique Tiberghien and Dr. Beata Priore

October 1992 Quantum Physics and the Holographic Universe
with Fred Alan Wolf, David Peat, and Jerry Vassilatos

February 1992 Extraordinary Phenomena
with Dr. Kenneth Ring, Leonie Starr, John Mitchell, and Norma Milanovich
Go here to read the descriptions of these conferences:

Seems to be quite a bit of money behind this group and, what we find, basically, are a lot of connections to the Star of Sorcerers!!!

In short, it's starting to look like this gang is COINTELPRO or PsyOps.

It all begins to make some sense now, including the links to Dee Finney (supporter of Vincent Bridges) and Tom "Montalk" Cox and his "Noblerealms."


FOTCM Member
Interesting what you found, Laura.

Here is a bit more.

Laura said:
Domain ID:D98338668-LROR
Created On:11-Jul-2003 20:41:38 UTC
Last Updated On:11-Sep-2006 19:04:30 UTC
Expiration Date:11-Jul-2009 20:41:38 UTC
Sponsoring Registrar:Wild West Domains, Inc. (R120-LROR)
Registrant ID:GODA-03518169
Registrant Name:Callum Grieve
Registrant Organization:The Marion Institute
Registrant Street1:3 Barnabas Road
Registrant Street2:
Registrant Street3:
Registrant City:Marion
Registrant State/Province:Massachusetts
Registrant Postal Code:02738
Registrant Country:US
Registrant Phone:+1.5087480816
Notice that was created before though marioninstitute is the "owner" of the metahistory domain. We also notice that it was well after The Wave and Adventures Series were published. However, we need to look further...

Callum Grieve appears to be the marketing director of the Marion Institute as can be seen from this link: _

“In a corporate ‘for-profit’ driven environment, like the stock market,” said Dawn L. Van Zant, President,, “business owners are not always able to express their ideals or philosophies. By providing free PR services and exposure to non-profit organizations in which we believe - such as the Marion Institute - we can enhance and balance our overall content. Our online portal is primarily free to users, and therefore sharing a message of "uniting people who want to heal the planet – and themselves" is a very positive addition.”

“We are thrilled and honored to be featured on,” said Callum Grieve, Marketing Director at the Marion Institute. “This offers us the exciting opportunity to connect thousands of investors and financial industry leaders with the Marion Institute’s unique, groundbreaking and holistic array of socially responsible investing, environmental, health and human rights related programs.”
The founder of Investorideas Dawn Van Zant is also the founder of Homeland defense and Security Stocks. See _

and also




A sponsor, who looks set to make a killing from the global clampdown!

The Marion institute is also listed on wikipedia:



Jedi Master
also, Callum Grieve is a member of The Climate Group. see:



Well, I have to admit, the shit is deep.

If you go to wiki you’ll find this statement:

The Institute was a champion of - and the sole North American fundraising channel for - Dr. Wangari Maathai and her Green Belt Movement several years before she won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2004.
And if you look closely you will see they used the clever metaphor [champion] which sounds wonderful at first, and then the money pump followed secretly but all the while making it sound important as to give prestige and to build rapport for followers to mislead. And of course the money went to a very select person who had received prestige, a perfect connection for abuse.

Marion Institute also used the metaphor [think-tank] which is another clever mind trick to cover people who make plans in secret, commonly known as to conspire. It ends with the word tank which seems physically powered and orientated and that seems to blend well with the investor link strategy.

One of the doctors they are hooking up with is listed here named Paul Hawken who wrote a book called “Natural Capitalism”, now that’s a metaphor for ya.


He is definitely doing the spokesman routine for them, which is an effective way to pick up followers as they make their way from city to city probably using promotional tactics that are quite advanced. If their going to slam a truth movement, why not make money too, kind of sickness it seems.

Here they gave the true connection.

Other Marion Institute-sponsored projects include the work of Paul Hawken and his Natural Capital Institute
Notice the word sponsor? If you look at Paul or read any of his writings, it seems they were a good link to make as part of a cover, maybe for the nature link. Also, if you look at Paul’s picture it almost seems to have a cult feeling about the way he looks, fwiw.


The Living Force
Interesting find, I seem to recall coming across them some time ago..... thinking the Marion Institute may be some sort of Opus Dei front. Then finding out their name came from the town of Marion...... not as sinister as one had hoped.

There's a lot of old Esalen alumni in the early lectures. Grof, Mack, Wolf etc. This seems to be a splinter group from that main organization.

Lash's theories are a little weird huh? He take the Archon to be "aliens"...... they could well be "foreigners" from around Mt Asharon along the Plain of Sharon in Palestine! A good case of making the data agree with a pre-determined outcome.


It seems weird when you are attempting to position all the UFO philosophy under a certain camp in the mind, when it may belong on the other side of the fence. This may be one of their technical maneuverings.

If you look at the mutated metaphor they created for their web name of metahistory, it is completely subversive and means, transformation of history into two histories of choice, at least that is what I am reading currently. When in reality, there is only one history that includes all knowledge.
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