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So I had a dream last night that I was in my living room and saw from the window a single shooting star shooting straight down the night sky. It wasn't like a shooting star, there was no tail or sparks, more like a tiny night time star in the sky that zoomed straight down. I was with someone/people and got them to look and another one appeared and shot straight down again and then more and more appeared but this time they were coming in our direction and over the house and then it became a huge intense shower of purple meteorites bombarding the sky and crossing over my house. The path they took just lit up purple too like they were giving off a big beam of light. We went out the front door to see them as they passed overhead they were being led by (retro style 3d ) spacecraft that were also purple with the intense purple meteor shower following. That's it, very short.

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The galactic federation of light beings bringing Earth new light Codes for DNA activation?

I just read that was happening, according to the galactic federation of light workers site.

We are seeing much strange activity In the night sky, here on Vancouver Island. Yesterday we had a home shaking boom with a couple of smaller bangs shortly after. You could hear the boom echoing of the mountains. I would speculate that to be a daytime mid air meteor burst. It was partially cloudy so no smoke trail was visible. Not thunder or blasting.

A couple of nights ago, we witnessed lights in the night sky going in every direction and crossing each other's paths. Not traveling in straight lines either.

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I've had this dream on an irregular basis since I was a teenager. It varies a little sometimes. But usually starts like that. I think I'm awake watching the sky It's full of stars and I think wow all those stars. Then I see a falling star. Then two and suddenly there are hundreds. I try to concentrate because there is a part of me that tells me this is important. The sky becomes blurred and huge mother ships manifest. And that's where I've been realizing for a couple of years that I'm dreaming. I try to keep the dream alive every time, but I can't. It is interesting that I can often dream lucidly. I can't keep it up here. I have an electrical noise in my head and feel paralyzed. It's like someone interrupting the dream.


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I had a vivid, short dream last night that I was outside my home observing at least three large, bright meteor fireballs passing directly overhead. One of them was partially obscured by low cloud cover, and they were all were heading North.

I felt neither fear or excitement, only a sense of calm acceptance that I had prepared as much as possible for the turmoil that would follow.


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I had a variety of dreams last night (as usual) but during the whole night, one thing was frequently repeating in them - news about an explosion of 2 meteorites above some Turkish village. At first, the news was mostly about comparing this event to Chelyabinsk, and how lucky it was that the area was not densely populated, as initially there was a small number of injured reported. In each reappearing of this dream, the number of injured was growing, and eventually, they reported dozens of death, and images of completely destroyed village started to be shown.
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