Mexican predicts scientifically next earthquake of 8.2+ in next 4 monts in MxCty


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A mexican engineer (Gabriel C. F.) says he knows a way to predict earthqueakes with high probability, studying the gravitational effects that the moon, sun and planets exerts over the Earth.

He strongly believes in the following next 4 months, Mexico City will receive an earthquake of 8.2 or more in Mexico City (Mexico DF) as said in Spanish). It is worth mentioning that Mexico City has endured an August month of many earthquakes. And around june-july (don't remember) it received a "6º quake that felt like 10º". Now imagine a 8.2º or greater...

In the article (see below) he is sending a letter to mexican president to advise him on taking precaution for this quake. Below I put the sources and resources.

The info is in Spanish, but I could gladly translate it for you if necessary.


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arrgh :( I missed the Sources:

1. Article on the news / Letter sent to mexican president:
2. Author's Blog (Ing. Gabriel):
3. More about his theory (Planetary Alignment and Gravitational Forces):


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Note :): I don't know if he's the first to correlate Planet's Gravitational Forces with Quakes. But if anybody know of more authors would be great to know.

Below, I leave a translated fragment by me of the Letter sent to Mexico's President:

Lic. Enrique P. N.
President of Mexico.


The earthquakes occurred on March 26, 2013, on June 16, 2013 and today August 21, 2013 are part of the previous sequence to the great earthquake with magnitude between 8.2 and 8.5 that is going to happen at any time between now and the end of December and it will severely affect Mexico City and several states (Guerrero and Oaxaca).

I have over 20 years studying gravity and this next great earthquake I have been studying it for a year and I have spread my predictions by all possible means. The officials from the National Coordination of Civil Protection, from the General Office of Civil Protection and from the CENAPRED are already aware of my studies and forecasts.

My "Theory of Gravitational Forces" for predicting earthquakes has caused much controversy since the first day I introduced it more than two years ago in the XVIII National Congress on Earthquake Engineering (SMIS in Spanish) in the City of Aguascalientes. Once again I'll introduce it in the XIX National Congress on Earthquake Engineering of this year.

The Geological Society of America already responded me by saying verbatim:
“your paper Gravitational Forces Theory may be appropriate for this paper: Geology, GSA Bulletin, Geosphere, Lithosphere, and GSA Today”


The Government of Chile already answered and we are scheduling a meeting ... ... perhaps Chile is the easiest country where one can predict earthquakes.


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in fact I was going to change it to "Engineer" but at the time I decided to leave it as "Mexican" as it is the original title from the news.

If we take a look at the title, it is worth noting 2 parts: Mexican & scientifically
"Mexican predicts scientifically next earthquake of 8.2+ in next 4 months in Mexico City "

I'm guessing, the news tried to empathize the point that a "mexican" (native to the affected country) predicted a quake "scientifically" (not randomly) :evil:. That emphasis is becasue any mexican can "predict" (in a loose way) an Earthquake, as Mexico City has a history of many earthquakes (the harder in recent time being on 1985).

So, good point Prometeo!
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