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I've just returned from my 3rd trip to Miami Beach. I go there for professional meetings. It is an upbeat beach city with interesting food, music, people. Very friendly people and not terribly expensive. A great spot for dancing and people watching. I'm thinking of going back for the Art Basel show in December. Where I live in NC is way hotter in the summer than Miami. Who knew?


Hey Yupo!

You are completely correct about Miami Beach. When it comes to the food and the "upbeat/party" scene Miami Beach is the place to go! One of the most popular spots is South Beach and that's where most of the people down here go when they want to hang out or go to clubs or bars. There's also the South Beach pier which is a good spot to hang out and watch the cruise ships pass by and wave at the people onboard. If you want a more chill/calmer family beach spot then you could head on over to Key Biscayne.

In general Miami Beach is a fun spot but be cautious, especially at night. There are a lot of robberies that happen at and by the beach. There's a lot of money at Miami Beach so a lot of people are on the look out for easy opportunities, especially from tourist's.

Hope this Helps!
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