MindMatters: T.C. Lethbridge And The Psi-Science Of The Pendulum


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Jesus, it works!! :scared:
Now you spooked me in a strange fashion!
- "Hopefully this won't lead to spirit possession or something.." - I was thinking..
So, I was pondering, what should I use for pendulum, then I found the big extender of my Sony headphones large plug in its ~20+ year old box. Was thinking about, how the heck should I stick into it some kind of toothpick.. onto which I tie a sewing thread, or something, so I can get something similar to those nice, artful yellow-copper "pendulum on a thread" seen on the Youtube tutorial videos. Then the spark of obvious discovery hit me. This big and expensive Sony headphones jack plug extender (I think, I picked the most expensive headphones that time in the shop, I remember the expert engineer-audiophile laughing at me derisively), as you can see on the above picture, serves as an enlarger / extender for my excellent Sony headphones, but I only use the small jack plug.
The small jack plug can be neatly driven with a couple turns into the back of this big & heavy plug, resulting in perfect contact. I then just grabbed the multiple meters long metal cable of the headphones, which cable is covered with insulation, then covered with an armored shielding that prevents breakage as it is usually, "violently" yanked around.
So this unified small+big plug suddenly became the pendulum head, which is some metal - maybe copper, because it was expensive 20+ years ago - with yellow-copper or maybe golden plating... .. suspended on a harder metal wire (headphone cable). However the cable is permanently bent somewhat right above the pendulum head (big jack plug). The good news is, the cable is ~3 meters long.

At first, I just fooled around. Of course asking the pendulum nothing, never asked it in the last 15 minutes of this trial. Followed the explanations on Youtube and I let it rest on the carpet, maintaining a short rest between "measurements". I also breathed out and did the "close-down" / "powering down for a pause" what I always do during clairvoyance sessions.

At first, reading any swinging movement with this slightly bent cable - right above the pendulum head - was misleading.
Also just began reading the book and to my dismay I concluded that I have a somewhat strong sexual impulse and my thoughts are frequently have a
"basic sexual theme that runs through them".
Lethbridge suggests that people with a strong sexual impulse may be poor at dowsing.
- Oh, no! - I was thinking disillusioned - Then I definitely will be a complete trainwreck and nullity at this and I won't have any success in dowsing with a pendulum at all by the Law of Sexual Impulse.

Well.. at first I was just testing-callibrating, how the pendulum moves. I carefully observed my hand movements to not inadvertently move my hand and cause the pendulum to swing. Also I quickly tested and ascertained how, in what direction, the pendulum moves, when I accidentally and forcefully move my hand.
So I swiftly eliminated all inadvertent hand movements and memorized how and where the pendulum moves, when I accidentally move my hand. It was easy to recognize willfully caused disturbances in swinging movement and no movement of my holding-hand at all, and how the pendulum comes to a natural resting position, where it could say:
- Hey! I'm just hanging here, man!

I didn't expect any success. I ascertained that I'm too "impulsed" sexually to have any success with a pendulum at all.

Then the pendulum began to swing in all kinds of ways.
- What the heck??!
I tried it above my extended hand, palm up. Measuring each finger, then the center of my palm and the wrist. All locations gave different pendulum swinging movements in different, well emphasized directions, while I made sure I didn't move my hand holding the device.

Back to the floor for the spooky stuff:
As I moved the pendulum couple inches above the carpet (there is a lacquered, shiny wooden floor beneath the carpet, then there is concrete and ???), it began to swing then it forcefully pulled my hand to a position!
- What the heck?? Is it possessed by a demon?? What the heck????? :scared:
I couldn't believe my eyes. First time in my life I try such a foolish thing as this pendulum-stuff.. Different locations on the floor gave different swings in sharpy different directions. It was impossible that my accidental hand movements would have caused this. I tried it above an almost empty glass of water, then above an old and heavy CPU-cooling block made from red copper. Most of the time it was misleading a little, because the cable is bent, so I turned it away, 90 degrees so my eyes saw a straight cable. Still the swinging and "strong" pulling persisted in a most disconcerting fashion.
Jesus, I'm spooked!
I just repeated the "measurement". The heavy copper block on the carpet appears to be neutral, the pendulum doesn't give a FIG about it, the heavy thing doesn't make the pendulum swing.

However there are spots on the floor, which PULL the pendulum forcefully! Just like in those Hollywood horror movies, where an evil spirit-ghost grabs the thread/cable with its spirit-hand and begins to pull it!
I deliberately quieted my holding-hand multiple times and as the invisible something began to pull the pendulum away - it was not swinging, it was just "magnetically" pulled - I pulled back, against the invisible pull: To my astonishment something invisible made the headphone cable go hanging askew, it didn't hang anymore nicely perpendicular to the floor, but something invisible is pulling it away, along with the pendulum-head and the entire thing behaves as if magnets were hidden beneath the floor. I'm spooked. :scared:
There should be tiny metal screws, 2-3 mm in height and other metal stuff be attracted to those spots, maybe the concrete in the floor has "magnetized metal powder" mixed into it or something..
Looking at it in disbelief, it looks like a Hollywood horror ghost movie, of which I seen too much.

Of course with Lethbridge's book open, I'm past the foreword, now I have to read it. Also, as you might have guessed, I have to complete project C!!

((Project A: was the successfully completed weather stuff, about which I completed my report here.
I think Project B was the too-successfully completed hush-hush stuff about G.'s "remote kesdjan affection" stuff, which I need to fully report here, which is not "playtime or lighthearted stuff" at all.))
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"I deliberately quieted my holding-hand multiple times and began to carefully hover-move the pendulum near one of the spooky positions. Then there it was again! The invisible something began to pull the pendulum away! It was not swinging.. it was just "magnetically" pulled.. so I pulled back! Against the invisible pull:"

I should have noticed it earlier if there is "extreme magnetism" in the concrete floor, as I frequently had tiny metal pieces lying on the carpet:
There should be tiny metal screws, 2-3 mm in height and other metal stuff be attracted to those spots, maybe the concrete in the floor has "magnetized metal powder" mixed into it or something..
Looking at it in disbelief, it looks like a Hollywood horror ghost movie, of which I seen too much.

I guess, I should try it with a non-magnetic crystal as the pendulum-head, as well.


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Trying it tonight. Used the intuitive feedback chart:
NO = sideways swing in the left<---->right direction, just as you shake your head
YES = Up & down swing in the hairdo-ward<--->toeward direction, just as you nod in agreement.
DEFINITE YES = circular motion on super-specific spot on the GRID

The GRID is of course essential. I figured it would be the best for the task mentioned above. Also I made the grid disassemble-able, so I can place the grid-elements in the future=which is always only 4-6 hours away[!] onto the textile-board always hanging before my eyes. So they will be always before my eyes - in the future(4-6 hours from now on) the selected numbers that were drawn. Versus now, when of course only clairvoyant "intuitive signals" existed. Until today. Because now I have the GRID + the pendulum to work on it.

Carefully documenting all 'pendulum-behaviors' above the GRID, I think, seems to be a good idea: so by simply jotting down notes, I can COMPARE what feedback the pendulum gave above any GRID element, compared with the drawn numbers [in the future] that will be drawn. That time is 4-6 hours far away.

I always did this feedback comparison (which numbers felt how, when questioned) very lazily from memory. But this pendulum-experiment and very carefully drawing the grid, it felt as if I was creating some artistic TAROT.

I figured it would make a good & complete & STRONG SIGNAL IMPULSE FEEDBACK in time - in the future - (specifically from the two linear-time reference points) one in the past (now) and the other far away in the future that will be 4-6 hours from now .. that I should hang the selected / drawn numbers onto a textile canvas and so they will be always hanging before my eyes: I figure this will cause a strong signal feedback BACKWARD into the past. So the two brain impulses - emotional + energetical - will be "sent backward" and the two points A+B of

(A) doing the pendulum experiment with a GRID in the past
(B) should connect via "quantum-entanglement" in the future

Actually I don't care, how the heck the two points connect, based on which theory..

I find it curious that an octogenarian, white-haired, remote viewing expert is interviewed on Youtube and he is wearing a black suit and he states, after stating some encouraging facts [they were encouraging proving that he is genuine] where he sez:
- All kinds of remote viewings are possible, but what is the IMPOSSIBLE is numbers and (IIRC) finding bodies of victims (for the police, I guess). The latter I didn't pay attention, because by then he was done in my eyes.. Sorry. But his first statement I remember crystal clear.

So, impossible, eh? Quantum entanglement and all that BS?? Admit that theory is incomplete at best. You'll have to admit that in light of the Noble Prize-worthy new & groundbreaking theory that you'll work out = you'll complete in the future, you will then smile on your earlier quantum entanglement statements..

When I have successfully done this in the past, without a pendulum, (without even the idea that the pendulum existed)
I connected my mind in the present..
--via a supreme mental effort requiring extreme "mediumistic" energy-- - a small detail is embarrassing to admit, but the effort of questioning and maintaining concentration made me whimper like a little dog. The voice I was almost inaudibly placing the question with and the loud voice in my head echoing my spoken words was a mixed dog-whimper and crying voice. Somewhat like what might be heard during an argument between married or in a strong friendship, during break-up, or whatever..
With that voice I was focusing my psychic force and shooting that energy as a thin column rising above me and slamming into the frequently-noticed & mentioned
..it went past that barrier
and this very thin, red-gold scintillating life-force energy beam with the thickness of a knitting-needle ..

penetrated the UNBREAKABLE BARRIER..
and connected into ""some environment?"" in the future
from where specific numbers
flashed into my mind
all the while during this like the breath of a pearl-oyster diver my concentration+energy waned.. waned.. until it burned out like a candle flame..
and I descended back into 3rD physical reality. Exhausted like dead.

As I wrote to Ark ~12 years ago, this was done in a tunnel dug directly beneath a criss-crossing network of [metal] tram-rails.

The numbers result was that I all the five lottery numbers that were drawn as the "jackpot" = maximum win amount, but all my numbers were divided between two 5/90 lottery tickets. So I had to select 10 numbers and both tickets won a miserable, laughable amount of 3/5. Still the clerk handling my winning tickets was stunned, because she almost immediately noticed that all the five winning numbers were on my two tickets. She asked:
- How did you do this?

Quantum entanglement.. noisy communication with the future. Or the mentioned advice-noitce by the C's that "No, you won't be allowed to win the lottery in this density."
I think, probably because it would give the Fellowship power and energy to do all the projects that were planned and that would bring Maximum Efficiency to our efforts. And the Lizzies - sitting on their Almighty Zero-Time Throne - bossing us around, cannot have that!
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I'm taking care that at the two points of observation in time - at A and at B - I remain not drained = retain relative maximum energy, maximum libido.
In order to facilitate energy transfer, if any, between the future and the past, if it works this way [?] if "remaining celibate" is needed.


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This is far enough into the future. Now comes observation point B: the future - is now.
According to my idea, the drawn numbers I must hang before my eyes for an extended period of time, so I might "see" through my minds eye in the past the drawn numbers in the future, through this mind-recognition-bridge.
Here are the results:
Failure! Way below average!!
First of all:
This was the first try with a pendulum in my life ever, the very first day, 1 day after listening to the radio show.
I hovered the pendulum over all number's "tarot card" neatly placed onto the carpet in an orderly GRID and asked "Will this one be drawn?" / "Will I see this one in the future, where I will hang the drawn numbers onto the canvas, so they will always be before my eyes?"

The pendulum gave usually small circular responses over each of these numbers.
Out of the 1...35 numbers - in this lotto game - I would have needed to select 14, but I only got weak, but recognizable circular pendulum responses over NINE numbers, out of the 35: on the picture = TOP part.

Also I made the mistake of IGNORING the energetical room environment the pendulum is "vulnerable to": I carried out the experiment on the floor, which - as reported above - probably has pendulum-disturbing energy-lines, where the device moves always anyway!! So I have to take care of this somehow. Move / elevate the numbers grid far away from the floor, repeat the measurements etc..
Taking NOTES about pendulum behavior:
I forgot to jot down, how the pendulum behaved over each of the 9 numbers. This is laziness, ignorance, my wretched, lax attitude toward discipline, I definitely must change this! Despite the fact that I spin+medidate every day, this is UNFORGIVABLE!!!
My fully deserved Motto for this experiment
"Just Another Tuesday in Idiot-Land!"



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Saturday evenings have the worst chance game, where the main prize chance is
1 : 43 949 268
This is the first and oldest state lottery game in our country, only five numbers are drawn from 90.
Logistical changes:
1. I made a really nice, brown (cardboard box) board with transparent duct-tape "shelves" to put the drawn numbers onto. Its always beside my monitor. So the numbers are always before my eyes. This board is always there to study, just like a cop studies his suspect board in the movies.
2. I finished hand drawing the Tarot-like cards for all numbers: 1-90
3. Tried to check the top of the bed with the pendulum for anomalies. There didn't seem to be much interference: the Pendulum didn't go crazy, like on the floor.
4. I laid out all the earlier made numbers cards 1-35 onto the bed and the finished drawings of the remaining numbers to 90, on five A4-size paper sheets. Didn't have time to cut them out, so five A4 size papers just lay there, surrounded by the haphazardly placed 1-35 cutout cards from earlier.
5. When I looked at this many number-cards, just the thought that I have to check them all with the Pendulum very slowly made me unwilling. I was already tired. I figured maybe it would be faster, if I only asked the Pendulum:
- Will a drawn number be on this A4 sized paper sheet?
I got three lively YES answers (strong CIRCLE motion) - I call these POSITIVELY MARKED by the Pendulum - from the numbers sheets of 81-90, then from 69-80 and on the A4-sized paper containing hand-drawn artistic / Tarot-like numbers of 49 from 60.
6. Because of the heavy athletic exercise yesterday, I was too foggy and completely beaten, so I made the stupid mistake of not immediately going into the positively marked A4 sheets - while I was still "fresh": to go over the numbers there first, asking the Pendulum:
- Exactly which number will I see on my board this evening on this positively marked sheet?

Instead, - already getting tired from the energy expenditure of just positively marking the three A4 sheets -, I went to the already cut-out, haphazardly strewn about number cards of 1-35 laying everywhere. From that bunch the Pendulum pinpointed the number 29 with a distinct CIRCLING motion.

Here I have to remark that using the Pendulum - for the second time in my life - it apparently has some grooving process and when the SENSING starts I seem to grow more alert and go into a sort of soft, but noticeable "Measurement-Trance", it has this distinct 'The Work-Taste', I observed.

So I was already beaten by this time, physically tired, foggy minded, from yesterdays "commando-training" and I had like 15-18 minutes left, until the 17:30pm deadline for all bets.
Reluctantly I went back to the three positively marked A4 sheets and tried to find out / measure, which numbers the Pendulum meant will be drawn from these, asking the device:
- Which numbers from those sheets will I see on my board tonight?

I remember desperately fiddling & "sniffing around" on the 81-90 A4-paper sheet and couldn't decide, because Pendulum responses grew weaker and weaker. It seemed to be drawn toward certain cards, it gave a PULL, but going toward there, I could only fiddle helplessly in the general vicinity, I was so weak & tired. So by this time the selection / measurement process was skidding like a pig on ice.
Finally - pressed by time - I decided that the Pendulum gave a weak circle response over the hand-drawn "Tarot"-card of 85. Then I quickly sat down to the computer and made up eight more numbers for the two tickets.

As you can see on the attached image depicting the drawn numbers in green and my bets below in black: the number 29 from the beginning of the Pendulum-session, when I had the most energy still, was drawn and from all the positively marked/signaled sheets numbers were drawn:
56 from the "49 from 60"-A4 sheet,
70 from the "69-80" A4 paper sheet and
82 from the 81-90 A4-paper sheet.

Curiously, when I laid down the "Tarot cards" of the already cut-out numbers onto the bed, the number 6 fell onto the sheets from my hand, but it was reversed: with furrowed eyebrows I studied that strangely askew thing. I was thinking:
- What heck is this lamely drawn thing?? Is it number 9?!
- What the heck have I drawn here?
I started to look for the other number-card to check what the heck have I drawn onto this card. Found it. Now my eyes were going back and forth between the 6 and the 9, until I finally ascertained that I already laid out the number 9 card correctly onto the bed, and turned this strange, problematic card 180°, so it correctly showed the number 6.
Things to improve:
1. Continue reading the book
2. Circadian Cycle!! Don't go to sleep only at 04:00am on Saturday ever again!
3. Improve the process!
4. Make a diagram of the earlier mentioned Mind-Bridge idea.
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The second, similarly state-sponsored lottery game called "6/45" in our country was created in 1988. It was given its newest incarnation in 2008, from that point on: six numbers are drawn from a pool of 1..45. The chances for the main prize - 6 out of 6 - are better here:
1 : 8 145 060
..than in the previously described historical first game. Of course the jackpot is "way" lower: mostly a quarter or less of the prize money of its Big Brother, the 5/90.

Logistical changes:
1. I meditated on this one yesterday evening before midnight, how best could I do the Pendulum measurement of the 45 numbers-cards with the best use of energy. I figured a Method of Exclusion would work. I finished the paper cut-out of all hand-drawn "Tarot-like" cards. I divided the 45 numbers into nine groups. Soon there were nine five-number groups laid out on the bed. Any group I will leave alone, by which the Pendulum gives no reaction or a negative reaction. However strict notes will be necessary because any Pendulum moves, the horizontal swing(initially taken as NO), the vertical swing(initially takes as YES) could mean simply "POSITIVELY MARKED". Evaluation of the circlular motion remained the same: a big YES.
2. I pondered, how I should put a sign beside the "POSITIVELY MARKED" groups without putting down the Pendulum. First I tried toothpicks, but they didn't look conspicuous enough. Then I tried a snippet of the brown ACE Bandages tape, but it didn't look emphasized enough beside the numbers.
Then an image from the future flashed into my mind: on the image I saw bright red markers put beside the groups laying on the bed. I found an A4-sized telecommunications company business pamphlet made from a thick material that had an inch wide bright red edge. It was beautiful and flashy and reflective red: fantastic! I immediately cut it into ten small rectangles.
3. Started the Pendulum measurement and marked three of the numbers-card groups with red: 21-25 (circle motion), 41-45 (for this one the Pendulum gave an up-and-down motion) and 35-40 (circle motion).

However, when I wanted to finish the measurement of the remaining couple 5-number groups, the faucet for my energy suddenly was turned off. Entirely cut-off. It felt like a distinct stopping of the spiritual/loosh energy flowing through me like a river. I felt the last drops running out like they were chased, then nothing. I couldn't continue the measurements: the Pendulum was standing dead still, unmoving. Where ever I held it, nothing. I was doing this on empty stomach at 14:00pm, 30 minutes before the deadline. My heated-up food was slowly cooling on the counter. The internal voice - that always advises me on the length of the Pendulum cable telling me like: "A little bit more.. ..now its okay.", now it told me in a stern manner:
- EAT!
So I ate. While I was eating, I determined that the "mediumistic" energy-flow was turned off, because yesterday not only did I go to sleep at only 04:00am, but today's improvement was that I went to sleep at 03:00am. How the HECK should I recharge, my life force and regenerate physiologically as well, when I don't sleep properly at night??!! Watching Breaking Bad, watching Primal.. Yeah. Pathetic!
I thought, I would only use the three already marked positive groups. So I went to the computer, and filled out 2 tickets using only the 12 numbers from the three marked groups. Curiously, the group 21-25 was completely bonkers and I'm so foggy now, I can't even remember, what exact behavior the Pendulum gave over that group, how I decided that it was a "POSITIVE MARK" Pendulum-motion.
On the attached picture the drawn numbers are shown in RED and my two tickets are below it. Three orange numbers must be displayed in one row to score the minimum prize.

Things to improve:
1. Accurately mark the length of the Pendulum cable with white thread, at which length does it give the best response: this will need practice.
2. Read the book and do a careful analysis of any mention regards Pendulum-usage by Lethbridge.
3. Completely repair my Circadian cycle! Go to bed at least midnight each day. Otherwise I remain in a self-imposed prison.



The Living Force

In 2005 our state-sponsored "Fortune Inc." started a dynamic, fast game with small prizes for the plebs. 8 + 1 numbers are drawn from a pool of 20 + 4, every 5 minutes, all day. Its mathematical chances are reflecting the low prizes:
8+1 main prize :1 : 503 880
8+0 __ 8 out of 8, but the plus number was a fail:1 : 167 960
7+1 __ 7 out of 8 & the plus number is also a hit:1 : 5 249
7+0 :1 : 1 750
6+1 :1 : 273
6+0 :1 : 91

Before the Pendulum, on rare occasions, when I was in "The Zone" I could win the minimal prizes in a row: 4+1, 5+0, 5+1, rarer 6+0, and very rarely 6+1, but usually my wins were the lowest in a row, the most wretched little "prizes".

5 minutes deadline is too fast: I had to take precautionary measures, because the cheap & old, detachable sticky-clock (has big numbers display, so I can see it from across the table) is always late as it was now. This is a typical error. So by the time I sat down and finished punching in the second bet, the deadline was already up 17 seconds ago and ticking... This is why on the second picture you only see the punched in numbers before I had time to click on the 'send to basket', then click on 'pay'. This happens frequently enough, thus the countermeasures: setting the cheap "sticky clock" one minute ahead, and loading a website showing a precise time with large numbers on-screen or using a widget to hover "always on top" of every window on my PC. It doesn't matter, that I didn't punch the bet in time: I'm rather happy, because if I win too many of these relatively low prizes, it will surely draw attention. You see here todays 6+0 winning ticket putto_practice.png
then here is the one that I didn't have time to send into the system = 17 seconds past deadline: the numbers that were drawn for this one are on the bottom of this picputto_practice_accidental_overtime.png

Logistics changes:
I laid out the 20 numbers in one long row + created the four "plus" numbers cards (1..4) and laid them out vertically above each other. Unfortunately I had to check each number more than once with the Pendulum. The rule was the Pendulum should give any distinguishable motion over a number, while I'm asking:
- "Will this one be drawn +15 minutes in the future?"

In the past, way before the Pendulum, I noticed, I got future numbers, but they weren't for the current draw in 5 minutes. Those numbers were drawn in the next draw. I remember once having a sinking feeling watching that 7+1 of my numbers were drawn on the next draw. When those numbers flashed into my mind, they didn't have a time-stamp on them. I couldn't differentiate, if they will be in the current draw - within 5 minutes, or the next one: within 10 minutes. The realization, seeing them on-screen but in the next draw, felt like sparklers were lit behind my ears and the sparks hitting my skin, my head & ears got hot with a tingling, burning sensation: this was among the main driving factors I continued to play this game on & off. Mostly off in the last couple months.

Anyway, I ain't there yet, where I have to ponder laying low: to not draw attention. The current task is to go to sleep earlier and recharge properly every day. Practice goes on.


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Lethbridge wrote another book, which is way more important for this cause, titled

Ghost and Divining Rod.

I think:
1. Regards the Information Field,
2. regards Programming Water with near Binary Data,
3. regards detection of EM-fields &
4. detection of Bio-Electric Fields of Personal Objects..

..the simplistic, BINARY, dowsing rod is way more adequate for this job as it gives as a result = conveys almost machine-code level information: 0011010101101010

It gives you a binary signal of YES or NO

The Pendulum is way more sophisticated and too complex for this purpose: requires way too much life-force, human energy.


the super-low energy-consuming and efficient

Coil-Reinforced Yellow-Copper dowsing rod.

1. a dowsing rod is way easier to use
2. a dowsing rod is faster
3. consumes way less energy than a Pendulum
4. do not ever prevent your skin from touching the copper
5. always maintain skin-contact with the copper
6. always use thin copper wire, as light = thin as possible
7. you'll find out pretty quickly, why those 4thD parties, mining copper like crazy here on Earth in 3rdD, for their "War Effort", did what they did.

It is a common misconception that a dowsing rod can only detect water or metals. Nothing could be further from the truth!
A dowsing rod detects EM + bio-electric fields.. independent of linear-time.

If you cut out a paper-rectangle, half the size of your palm and you take out your permanent marker, and on this small "card" you write an elaborate number - possibly under 10 - and you put it somewhere far in your room and you start the detection routine:

Detection Routine A'la Gurdjieff's Mental Exercises:
1. you carefully look at = observe the target object
2. you build up a photo-copy image of this object in your mind
3. You make yourself get used to conjure up this exact STRONG IMAGE of the target object in your mind by saying out loud the objects TRUE NAME. A true name is the phonetically vocalized exact BINARY DATA IDENTIFIER of the target object in the Information Field = usually the shortest, most apt, most proper, most expressive, most concise & crisp name of the object. Try to quickly search your mind and try to call the objects by its designations, by its names and select the name, which feels the most clear-cut, direct, most emphatic, most expressive and most unambiguous. The name that unmistakably tells anyone that you want that exact object and not anything else, ever.
When you found and ARE USING the true name of the object - which is the most energetical by the way, then the process is - akin to a children's HIDE & SEEK:

First walk & turn far away from the paper-card repeating "Where are you, where is number-7?" .. watching your rods behavior - the turning and waving motions the rods produce, independent of each other. Then later in unison. This feedback will get stronger as you practice more. So... Then you gradually turn towards the paper-card .. calling it, constantly focusing on HOLDING ITS EXACT IMAGE IN YOUR MIND... but then you turn away again and slowly start to walk somewhere else .. then again turning & walking almost toward it.. then finally walking up to it .. when you arrive to the destination with the dowsing rods going above & over the object, they will give a positive FOUND! signal, by crossing themselves. So you found a simple piece of paper with a number hand-written onto it by you.. with a dowsing rod. It ain't metal, it ain't water!
This works for me easily. I think, I'm a pretty below-average, weak dowser. Search for the word "requirements" in this post to see if you can do this.

This is what are you looking for:
Picture an imaginary pot on the stove releasing a strong, vertical column of steam:pot.jpg
You want to detect the "steam" with your dowsing rods. This "steam" is the EM/Bio-Electric field of anything in existence. It is a good, object-wide, strong or weak super-tall column of BINARY DATA = 1. Picture it as a column / beam of a flash-light, just a vertical column. It shines through linear-time, unaffected by it. Imagine a skyscraper and its elevator shaft. This shaft is to explain the "steam" on the picture.
You stand in the present = on the ~20th floor, before the open door of the elevator shaft. The elevator has not been put in / built in yet.
Somebody on the 100th floor shines a STRONG beam of a headlight DOWNWARD ...
... toward the basement.

If you - on the 20th - floor stick your head into this elevator-shaft, you will see a strong beam of light coming down = emanating from the future. It is clearly detectable, because you are blinded by it = you are using a dowsing rod to detect this beam of light = the steam on the picture = the EM-Bio-Electric signature of an object that (A) existed in the past (B) exists in the present (C) will exist in the future

the only unknown parameter is.. the..


During this exercise, you are not even thinking about numbers, which can be easily censored by your waking-state mind. Instead you are scanning for abstract objects that the artistic side of your brain understands readily. Based on the lottery results, you simply change the LOCATION of the selected target objects in the future and LEAVE THEM THERE for an extended period, couple hours minimum, but possibly more. So you'll need a lot of space. Then based on, at which LOCATION (in your room) you detected the object, you put it into the matrix, which translates the LOCATION into numbers easily and you fill out your ticket.

Get it? Why I mentioned the GRID in this thread? Why I mentioned the 3x15 size BINARY DATA matrix? It is for our last missing parameter, written in caps in bold above. The matrix-size is arbitrary. You can increase the matrix size, which means with a bigger matrix you always have to scan for more DATA POINTS, so you need more energy, more practice and more athletic exercises to clean your body from toxins + build more muscle + activate more mitochondria to generate more energy in your body and your get more energetic.

Remember, why Fulcanelli said: "- Don't touch me!".

As you practice with Lethbridge's & Gurdjieff's techniques, you accumulate more energy. I propose the idea that you become a charged capacitor of energy. Unfortunately this also means that touching that capacitor the precious accumulated energy will be discharged = lost. You see, what I mean exactly with Fulcanelli, right? Well, just as with strictly becoming celibate, here are sacrifices.
More energy means you'll have more cardio! You can then fish for more DATA POINTS = work with bigger matrices. Of course, you need to watch the two above linked YT videos and decide
if you have the requirements
or not. This is only for people, who meet the requirements, mentioned by Paul H. Smith.

It appears that all objects in existence are radiating a tall vertical column of EM/Bio-electric energy from themselves. This column of energy can be accurately measured .. anytime .. and is NOT subject to linear-time!

Non-personal target-objects:
Some of these can be useful. As they have been imprinted with somewhat stronger EM &or Bio-Electric energy. Have you seen the TV-show Supernatural? In that show there were cursed objects giving off a strong EM signal. Usually these objects have powerful.. powerfully sounding names. Remember, how George Carlin mentioned that his mother told him there is power in words? Power in words said out loud? (Malachi Martin) Some words are musical, some words are like rap = are more like trance words / shamanic "power-words" attracting EM and when those objects name is pronounced it is like a shaman is dancing & tapping and saying the "power-word".

Personal target-objects:
Your personal objects have the strongest EM+Bio-Electric Field of YOU imprinted on them and therefore these objects will give the strongest signal for the dowsing rod. As of today I have collected 15 small objects for radar detection with the dowsing rod for the purposes of this topic. All of them gave off a strong EM/Bio-Electric signature = these emitted the strongest ""RADAR Signals"" so the Dowsing Rod responded to them best. Among them is my kitchen knife I work with, slicing pounds of bacon and pounds of meat, also peeling vegetables with it = it is constantly in touch with my body = gives off a strong EM+Bio-Electric field, so it got admitted into the above 15.

Today evening, pondering EM and Bio-electric fields, I tried my sweatpants that I frequently wear outside. But they are not metal! They are cloth material! Would it still be good for target-object?
While wearing other pants :) .. I dropped them further away, near to a corner in the room. I took my coil-reinforced yellow-copper dowsing rods and walked as far away as I could, into the opposite corner of my room. I started the childish hide & seek "Where are you" routine clearly forming a strong image of my warm & comfy sweatpants before my minds-eye.
- My sweatpants.. Where are my sweatpants? Find them! ... etc.. etc..[repeat, telling to the rods as if they were hunting dogs]

While still in the farthest coordinates in my room the dowsing rods went crazy! They almost ""flew off"" out of my hands and were pointing like crazed blood-hounds towards the rabbit, towards my sweatpants in the opposite corner of the room. As I playfully walked and turned around constantly repeating like a mantra the phrases of the above hide&seek game, the dowsing rods were always super-strongly turning & pointing toward my sweatpants. As I finally turned in the right direction and slowly walked closer and closer toward my sweatpants the rods pointed more and more assertively toward their target and then they crossed energetically, like crazy, making a giant crossing FOUND!-signal over my sweatpants. I have never seen such a strong, energetical response ever, since beginning this experiment!!:umm::-O

For this topic's purpose - of course - (for what else?), it is easy to figure that I already established a simple binary-data chart in a 3x15 matrix.
This matrix serves the purpose
to translate ABSTRACT CONCEPTS = my target objects' PHYSICAL LOCATION in the future


30 data points, which are exact, mathematical concepts, that is numbers for the bets.

I think now, I'll scan all my clothes, shoes, which ones radiate the strongest EM signals. No more need for the original "strong 15 objects". I can use my closest personal belongings for this purpose worn frequently.

Strongest signal:
Think about like if you became stranded on a remote island and you discover you can make a fire, for passing ships to see. Do you place small candles on the beach? Candles give off light too, right? What's wrong with candles?
Well, you wish to be rescued, so you make the biggest friggin' bonfire ever seen. The kind of fire that shines brighter than a Light Tower. You wanna give the strongest signal for the ships to find you.

Now, if you are in the place of the seamen - your rescue party - what S.O.S. signal would you prefer? To find stranded people on an island? A candle-light? Or the brightest bonfire, so you can detect its light from afar.

Same way a radar technician prefers objects that have the big radar-signature.

Same here way you practice with your personal objects, because they radiate the strongest EM-waves, so you can detect them easily!

Always use the strongest EM-emitter target objects!
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I keep a pair of cooper rods used as dowsing sticks (all kinds of variants people use) and they work really well. For instance, recently had to located electrical feeds underground in order to dig in safe spots and the rods easily picked up the electrical feed locations. Being that it's an electrical energy potential, you need to be really sure and not through these things just into a divining basket. I had another person use the sticks and they also pinpointed exactly where I had (and I knew roughly where the electrical potentials were and dug accordingly).

My pendulum was made in a simple way by using a cutoff piece of Juniper and shaping and sanding into a typical plumb shape. Attached is a long hemp string to the end of a 2 ft stick whereby you can wind up the plum of the pendulum to set distance (feet/inches/centimeters).

Played around with this off and on - to get a sense of metals, water et cetera, and it really is interesting as Lethbridge describes regarding length and rates (spin) of objects, and of course he had it down pat.

Dowsing and Remote Viewing with Paul H. Smith

That was an interesting interview (from a military/narco presepective) - he looks at both remote viewing and dowsing, speaks to right brain attributes and left brain and balancing and how they can be out of allignment or in. He looks to what the skeptics deem ideomotor response whereby he in fact reverses it as important (with psychic connotations). He looks to the differences between knowing where something is vs knowing what it is and map dowsing and such.

I'll catch the other video later, yet this guy is worth a listen, osit.


The Living Force

I left this game for last - 20 numbers are drawn together [as one group!] from 80 -, because I found it most confusing in the past. Usually the most numbers drawn were 7 in one of the previous lottery-games I posted above. In this one, every day, 20 numbers are drawn - in one group - from 80. You can win with any number: provided you selected enough winning ones on your ticket, usually 60+% of the numbers on your ticket must be from the 20 winning numbers to score any win.

Here it is possible to bet with a ticket that has only ONE number on it: in this case you have 25% chance to win 1.5 dollars... .. yeah..
Here are the mathematical chances for this one:

Here is how much money the above chances mean, (blue is the amount in HUF):
1 USD = ~285 HUF, so its always best if you play in some game in your own country.

As a natural born hacker, I usually try to hack [find an exploit] in any carefully defended & specifically constructed "world-system" that I meet & become interested in. Those "world-systems" are usually computer games, except in this case.
Previous lottery games, which draw only a few winning numbers, were easier for me to grasp, I always tried to find some pattern to exploit: how the numbers were drawn. Many idiots immerse themselves into such pattern-finding fantasies. Of course that 'math PhD lady' is different, whom I mentioned in previous posts in another thread: she had the know-how to work out her, no doubt, super-complex winning algorithm.

Anyway, 20 drawn numbers were too much, too confusing for me to find any useful exploit. I'm telling all this, so you know that in the past:

I never ever, ever, ever managed to win anything in this game. Nothing! Zero, Zilch, Nada!

Naturally then, I didn't play this game too much: there was no incentive. I didn't even once win the minimum prizes, like in other games, 80 cents or 1.5 dollars. So my interest for this game was minimal.

Since this experiment started - Oct 8, 2019 - and since I finally decided to try my hand with this one, I noticed, that the winning numbers - Yellow Balls on the pics below - started to increase on my tickets. The numbers were still not enough to score a minimal win, but compared to Pre-Pendulum-Experiment-times, where I usually scored 1, 2 or 3 winning numbers on my tickets, now the winning numbers started to increase.

Then, ~ two weeks ago this happened:
Because I wasted my super-precious energy (accumulated after exercise), I had so energy little left that I could only dowse / identify these FEW numbers:
(This is how a winning ticket looks like [is colored] in our state lottery electronic betting system.)

Again, I never ever won anything on this game. Its not really the money won matters here, but the comparison to the past, how statistically horribly low amount of numbers I managed to get right on one ticket then. In the past I usually played a ticket, where I selected 7 or 8 or 9 or 10 numbers, because those had nice possible jackpots listed.. ..

Again: this is a statistical change in a laboratory experiment. Or rather the equivalent of a lab: you could call this the 'Laboratory Experiment in Real Life'.

From so few numbers in play, above, I think, this is a noticeable change!

Anyway.. then ..
this happened last week:
As you can see, the above picture contains two "lines" and these two lines have yellow balls in them. The yellow balls are the winning numbers. To get the jackpot on any given ticket (where you can bet 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9 or 10 numbers), you need your line to contain only yellow balls.

- Oh, then this game is a Piece of cake!

On the above picture, in the top line, all the numbers were dowsed. Why so few numbers in that line???? As you might have guessed: I wasted my precious energies again, but I remembered the total waste of super-precious energy from the previous week, so at least I took care that I waste less energy this time..

The bottom ticket on the above picture begins with two dowsed numbers: I always dowse the first 10 numbers first = 1......10. That is the beginning of the dowsing experiment on a given day. Naturally then: during the dowsing of the first ten numbers ==> I'm at the highest energy level, regards life-force + that super-precious and very rare, "distilled energy-type" that can be used for dowsing. That is the special energy I'm shooting for!

You thought that all your energy is usable for dowsing?
G. describes a variety of energies, especially what is available to humans in their bodies for use and he is right. You thought G.'s cosmology was all wrong?
You were wrong! Of course not the entire diagram needs to be correct, who cares about all that? Just the idea. That finer and finer energies are available for our human bodies to use. Just the idea! This ain't no brain-surgery, where everything has to be correct. Just the idea!
Look at the human energy types on Ouspensky's diagram and WHERE those energies are available too!!! You think I'm making this "rare energy thing" up? You have very good arguments against mine? :D :D :D
- Oh, Darling, Think again!

Then think about the exhaustion of The Channel, how The Channel said she is completely busted after doing one channeling session. You thought after a couple days of rest she will be okay And fully reloaded to 100% energy? Yeah.. look at what happened!

To maintain perfect health, all anybody needs is ENERGY.
Any sickness is a lack of energy!
When you are low on energy: your soul and spirit/kesdjan body is full of "sun-spots" - size is in direct proportion to your sickness - and cannot regenerate itself to project the healthy blueprint-vibrations onto your physical genetic body so the tissues can NOT heal! If you have constant energy drain, your soul is drained, you develop a ""black hole"" in your spirit / kesdjan body and this horrible black hole very fast PROJECTED onto your physical body tissues and you get very sick and may die. Anybody who gets better or completely healed ==> REGAINS this essential energy balance ==> the soul is no longer drained and the spirit/kesdjan body is able to constantly plug the ""black holes"" and maintain its pristine health, then the spirit/kesdjan body PROJECTS this pristine health onto your physical / genetic body and presto! Miraculous full healing of cancer or any sickness: the soul, the spirit / kesdjan bodies / physical bodies operate on DIFFERENT ENERGY TYPES. That is the idea here. Not the complete, clinical, academically argued total correctness of G.'s cosmology:


There is a special "higher-order energy type" that is still accessible for our 3rdD human organisms: however that one is rare and is distilled / ACCUMULATES very very slowly. ==> As soon as you start wasting your precious accumulated energy created by activated mitochondria after a weeks exercise, then I guess, the other centers start cannibalizing each others energy and by then already You Have Lost. Because that Higher-Order distilled super-rare energy is torn into thousand pieces and its GONE! You wasted it! Remember the Bible-story about the wise use of gold coins God gave you.. and if you are successful, you multiply the gold coins God gave you, and you then DONATE to this group.. Just making sure, we are on the same page here.

So, as you can see, the bottom ticket begins with the most trustful dowsed numbers from 1..10, a the beginning of dowsing, when I had the highest energy levels. Then on that bottom ticket the rest of the numbers I got via the previously mentioned:


Therefore the bottom ticket is a combination of two techniques: 1. dowsing + 2. mind-bridge.

An easy to understand diagram about mind-bridge is incoming.
I'll create a complex diagram explaining, what I think, how this thing works. This will be complete with Lethbridge's data: So you'll have the idea.

Note: this dowsing experiment is just an Alarm Clock© Gurdjieff!
Lethbridge says the exact same thing too: all these techniques, I-Ching sticks, "small bones thrown in the air and falling on the top of shaman drums and then the shaman inspecting how they fell" reading, palm reading, intestines-reading, etc.. etc.. are just for shaking your superconsciousness awake. In our system we know the superconsciousness as Higher Self and that it is completely awake.. IIRC It has the Higher Centers, which operate constantly at full-strenght at much higher energy levels we are used to.. So we need to liven up, make more frequent the connection to the Higher Centers. = or as Lethbridge says "awake your superconsciousness"

This skill is like body-building. You diligently practice and you improve with time.

Usually people have one connection to their Higher Self / Higher Centers in their life. More people have one connection per year.. Rarely, people have this connection once in a season.. We need to get this "super-construct of consciousness" into shape so we can have ONE connection EVERY WEEK. Or at least one connection every fortnight. You'll see why:

Diagram II.:
Also I'm doing a biorhythm diagram about energy-management. Because in this dowsing experiment, to gain any useful results, you need plenty of quality energy. How to get that rare energy, how to store it until you use it for dowsing.. What happens at specific energy levels.. and when to stop dowsing and wait and wait, so you have time to regenerate. Then a critically important factor for your health: how to avoid
the C's mentioned in one of the previous, recent sessions.

to be continued..
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The Living Force
Pattern exploit in this game [made for plebs] I already introduced. Result of years of studying the behavior of its algorithm.
I put up the winning numbers onto my card-board (always before my eyes beside my monitor) to help my past-self in seeing the numbers just in case, "priming in the future for the past". [Mind-bridge]. This after practically no sleep at night. With such non-existing 'Circadian-rhythm management', I of course still remain unable to go higher and score a Seven Yellow Ball win on this game: the failure is almost **completely on my side**.
Even with the Lizzies diligently & arbitrarily abolishing any serious results, so this group is prevented financial HELP .. or not.. Lizzies don't matter anymore. I will explain when the deed is done: I could have done it circa two weeks ago, but I knew I would immediately lose my personality - and beloved [?!] suffering and the Predator would be burned to death. The realization shook me so much that all kinds of Predator-induced defense mechanisms kickstarted. I wondered if I would become G.'s Marshmallow Man: The effect of a sudden loss of all Personality that 1. a human was accustomed to and 2. a human figured his entire life around that False Personality. Losing my "Previous Life" - that I'm still living now - I would immediately get into action-mode and the immense SHOCK from new impulses all over the place and the fact that I would NOT know WTH I should do = how I should live in the new environment, because I figured most details out for this wretched little Temple Mouse Life, but I didn't figure out anything much for my new life that is imminent... [Later]


The Living Force
Dowsed Number Regions
+ precognitive clairvoyance = visualizing what numbers will appear in the top row, where the newest numbers will be shown? See pic. below:
So I'm always looking at the previous drawn numbers(they are always the newest **in the present** and the lottery website always shows them - the latest=last draw in the top row), then I'm looking above=on top of them (Empty Friggin' Space), querying with my mind ==> visualizing what numbers will appear on top of them (there is nothing on top of them YET, I'm just visualizing): where the next winning numbers will be drawn: what numbers will be displayed in the top row in the next 5 minutes?? Because .....OBSERVER MIND modifies the future...., frequently there I see [only with my minds eye] the Foreseen Numbers CHANGING IN REALTIME (these numbers are pretty clearly visible only to my minds eye) they appear just like numbers on airport display boards.. then they disappear... and a new number appears exactly at the place of the old one... from one second to the next ==> then as I'm Observing one number ==> the future changes ==> causing the old "Future Number" **Disappear** and a new Future Number appears = which will be drawn....., before my minds eye.
Warning: ****This [method] is Level ONE scan!! Still inside the Lizard Matrix, just as NEO was hacking away inside the Matrix and gave the disk to the "party-goers" at the beginning of the first Matrix Movie. Then he changed to LEVEL TWO SCAN ==> swallowed the Red Pill and changed into Primary Reality = LEVEL TWO = Where everything is FIXED and not in the power of the Lizard Matrix

As you can see, every five minutes, 8 numbers are drawn from the 20 and one +1 number is drawn from [1..2..3..4].

DOWSING all these numbers would tire anybody quickly, would require literally bleeding channeling Life-Force energy into the Dowsing Rods to determine, which numbers from the 20 are "hot", over which numbers from the 20 - placed on the floor - the Rods CROSS? This would require lots of life-force and IMO the dowser would get SICK pretty fast! Because precious essential Life Force is directly responsible for fueling your immune system. If your precious essential Life Force is Wasted for dowsing a lot during these games, your life-force would deplete quickly ==> your immune system would crash, I think ==> resulting in SICKNESS then DEATH.
See how many data points you would have to scan for every five minutes? That's a lot of life force wasted! Would be very unhealthy!

So instead I divided the 20 numbers = 20 data points into Four groups, in each group 1..5, 6..10, 11..15, 16..20, there are Five numbers. I have hand-drawn "Tarot-Like" number-cards [1..20] then I neatly place them on the floor in said groups, with each group in clear "maximum distance" from the other as free room allows in my room.... Then I'm asking the Dowsing Rods & walking around then walking over the number groups:
- In WHICH GROUP will the 8 drawn numbers be from the 20 for the Draw (20:30) happening in 5..4..3..2..1 minutes??
As you can see this resembles the well known ""I-Ching Method"" here, meaning dowsing for SIGNALS only
Am I Close or Am I Far?

When the Dowsing Rods signal by CROSSING THEMSELVES over any 5-number groups, then I note the groups and then I'm using precognitive clairvoyance = described in above spoiler = to visualize, WHICH SPECIFIC numbers will be drawn =>in 3..2..1 minutes in the next drawing?? Usually I only begin to scan either at 20:26pm for the 20:30pm draw or I might begin scanning at 20:24pm for the 20:30pm draw, but unfortunately even for the "Human Superconsciousness" [Higher Self working with Higher Centers] translating the drawn numbers seen outside of 3rd Density Linear Time BACK INTO 3rd Density Linear Time is pretty hard, because there are too many drawings -- every five minutes all day ==> imagine in ZERO TIME all these drawings are PILING UP ON TOP OF EACH OTHER and the "Human Superconsciousness" living "In Zero Time Dimension" has to quickly determine at which point I am in Linear Time and which draw result I am waiting for and the "Human Superconsciousness" has to quickly translate the drawn numbers from ""Zero Time Dimension"" back into 3rd Density Linear Time, pretty precisely... ... . . . Yeah, as you can see, piece of cake...
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