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First time in my life I was able to guess 8 numbers from the 9 drawn, achieving 88.88% number data accuracy while ""Communicating With The Future"".

Since 2005 - when this game was introduced to the public by our state-owned fortune company -, during the entire fifteen years of this game's existence, I could only match a measly "6+1" numbers from the maximum nine drawn and even those rarely.. I never ever was able to match 7 numbers.. in the main row, marked with "A:" on below pic:
I attach these pics of winning tickets for the Clairvoyant members of this forum, so you can easily check that I'm telling the truth..


Pattern exploit.
Recognized this emerging pattern = weakness in the algorithm, probably written by professional mathematicians (having Ph.D's probably).. I highlighted it for you all, on the pic below, so you can check out, how this hunt usually goes: (time progression is from bottom to the top)

Then I hesitated:

When I finally decided to make a bet, I had a mere ~90 seconds left until the closing of the actual 5-minute-interval bet.
8+1 match odds:1 : 503 880
8+0 match odds:1 : 167 960
7+1 match odds:1 : 5 249

In order to beat the above odds in bold - or in other words breach the defenses of the algorithm - I had to employ some
1. Precognition allows a person to know about or see future events before they have happened, making them ‘precognitive’. It is a psychic ability in itself, but different in that it foretells the future, rather than knowing just about the past or the present. ‘Pre’ means before and ‘cognitive’ means thought or knowing.
2. Clairvoyance is the ability to see events or situations in present time, whereas recognition enables a person to know information about the future. While some Clairvoyants may also have precognition, some may not.
As the C's advised years earlier, in order to achieve my goals, I made multiple active steps to change my physical environment:
1. I completely repaired my circadian rhythm
2. Meditated, practiced spinning and prayed regularly
3. yesterday, for 2 dollars 20 cents, I bought a quartz clock that also shows the seconds. As you can see, its a puny clock made for cheapskates, with a laughter-inducing truncated display, on which the "clear visibility" of numbers is a joke akin to the chocolate portions announced every week in Orwells 1984. This clock stands nicely on its own on a flat surface, but I duct-taped an old credit card onto its bottom to make it harder to be toppled and not to be pushed off the edge of my desk easily.

This clock enabled me increased oversight = time control: I think is supremely important, as every second counts in this game and the mind needs to be aware, how fast time passes! Traditionally, any CV / precog divination practice dictates, that you are [advised] to do palming first - (IIRC) during palming chi flows to your eyes energizing the organ, while you focus on quieting / emptying your mind - in order to become receptive - before you attempt any CV, - and attempt The Crazy: - to "willfully receive" any information data bits from the future. Which is ought to be governmed by the laws of Quantum Physics with alleged extremely noisy communication with the future and it states that the Observer already changes the future, preventing precise two-way communication, etc.. etc...

This goes completely against the expert statements of famous psychics as well - on record here stating in the videos linked in this thread, that:
"- We don't do numbers.."
James C. Carpenter states the same and he emphasized in his First Sight Theory that PSI is not a skill and it is not intentional and it is not conscious = PSI is not directed by conscious intent. I would like to ask him then:

- Mr. Carpenter, what do you think, then is happening here?

As you can see from the posts in this thread, this experiment is ongoing because there is space for improvement, its clear when you look on the above "picture of odds".
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