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South Pole Aitken crater

Apollo 8 photograph showing the mountains along the northern rim of the basin
NASA - Transferred from en.wikipedia to Commons. (Original text: Apollo 8 Hasselblad camera image, unedited.
Immediate source: Apollo Flight Journal, Apollo 8, Photography Index 70-mm magazine E, AS08-13-2319)

Far side of the Moon - Wikipedia
Alleged UFO sightings and conspiracies
Some conspiracy theorists, notably Milton William Cooper, have alleged that some Apollo astronauts had seen UFOs on the far side of the Moon but were told to keep quiet about them.[33][34] Some have allegedly reported seeing an alien base (code named "Luna") and even encountered aliens who told them to stay off the Moon. Some photographs circulated on the Internet purport to show a large "castle" on the Moon. NASA states that these claims are hoaxes.[35]

Former United States Secretary of Defense Robert McNamara stated that several unspecified officials ("Chiefs") within The Pentagon were opposed to a Nuclear Test Ban Treaty between the United States and the Soviet Union, on the premise that the Soviets would continue nuclear weapons testing on the far side of the Moon, far from the observations of American observers. McNamara considered this premise "...absurd" and that "…[they were] out of [their] minds", but he believed that it was an example of the state of mind of some Pentagon officials during the Cold War.[36] Ironically, it was later revealed that the Pentagon had their own plan to detonate a nuclear weapon on the Moon as part of the experiment Project A119. The project was created not only to help in answering some of the mysteries in planetary astronomy and astrogeology, but also as a show of force intended to boost domestic confidence in the astro-capabilities of the United States, a boost that was thought to be needed after the Soviet Union took an early lead in the Space Race and who were thought by some to be working on a similar project.[37]

Well, the Chinese are likely aware that there must be a reason why the Americans and Russians didn't bother with the moon for decades. It's going to be the interesting to see how the Chinese space administration are going to react to what they're likely going to observe on the far side of the moon.


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Here's a video on how the astronauts made it past the Van Ellen belts. Basically they took a path around the outskirts of the belts and avoided the areas of most intense radiation.

Is it curious or coincidental that China and US have put forth a temporary truce and recommenced trade negotiations at this time?

Two countries with different religious and spiritual backgrounds and outlooks: one stands to lose a lot more than the other via the disclosure of (potentially) ancient artefacts on the other side of the moon, well out of view from the terrestrial-locked masses. Is that kind of stand-off possible?


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I had a vague recollection of this as over the years this was not repeated much so as to stand out in my recollection of this Space Program. What I find curious , now that I think about it, is that there is no footage of him flying that thing on Earth. Again, if I recall correctly the reasoning was that the engine was built for flight under Moon gravity and not Earth's thus requiring training in a simulator.

What they did or did not for us mere mortals is simply a guessing game. What I am certain of is that buildings do not fall down like pancakes. But then, it is all just Hollywood movies ;-)

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The Brotherhood of the Bell
Executive Action released in 1973
Hello Hi_Henry, On reading this I immediately remembered the "Flying Bedstead" which Armstrong managed to crash at one point, see this page: The 'Flying Bedstead'
just use your search engine on flying bedstead for more information. No doubt flying on the Moon is a totally different ball game for the pilots, but these guys were at the top of their game.

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I don't know 'what' to 'know'. Have you ever seen the replicas that those guys flew to space in? How did we witness real time communication between here & the moon back then?
Here's the Wiki page on the technology they used.

As for the video, the title is misleading as he never says that no one has ever made it past the Van Allen belts. He says, "we must solve these challenges before sending people through this region of space". In the more wildly conspiracy minded folks, I can see this being interpreted as a slip that proves that man has never been to the moon. But really, it's just a dramatic video presentation on the new Orion system and that's all.
Thank You for your thoughts. My take was the distance of the Van Allen belts around the Earth and the distance to the moon is quite drastic and I would have thought they would have had to known this information in order to send humans to the moon based on the what has been decimanated to the public.
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