My Bible has changed! The Mandela Effect-- What's going on?


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It seems to be accepted on this forum that 4th Density STS can alter reality. OK, if reality is being changed, then the question moves on to how/why some people can notice the changes and others can't.
I think, the issue is not whether time travel exist or not. When one is emotionally invested in some tree( conspiratoral time travel), they tend to forget about the forest and all the tree's in the forest are looked with the same lens. Cognitive science addresses this bias. That is what we are trying to say.


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I classify Mandalla claims into two piles.

All the Berenstein bears and such go in one pile where simple cognitive/memory flaws seem altogether likely.

Then there are those stories which, when I hear them, tend to come from people who don't even know the term, "Mandela effect", and their examples are far more dramatic.

Here's a good one...

A friend of mine, when she was a teenager, had to walk up the road to a neighbor's for some reason. On the way, she encountered a downed power line and tree branch, blocking the road. She said there were sparks and foliage on fire. She carefully made her way around it on the far side of the road and arrived in a fluster at the neighbor's house and reported it. A call was put in to the power company and people were dispatched. However, they found nothing. All was normal. She was taken to the spot on the road and, sure enough, there was nothing out of the ordinary to see.

She was confused and upset and the adults were annoyed.

A few hours later, on her way back home, she came across the same scene; a downed branch and power line and burning foliage. She went home, and this time said nothing and felt like she was going crazy.

That kind of story I put into a different pile. -Of course, I don't know if there wasn't some mundane explanation for her experiences, (a particularly powerful dream mixed with old memories perhaps?), but they require a different level of analysis it would seem.

My personal thought when it comes to the effect of time adjustments: it seems reasonable to assume that our memory recording processes would be affected right along with reality. So unless we are operating at an advanced or abnormal level of awareness, such changes ought to be undetectable, or very difficult to detect. As I understand it, the feeling of Deja Vu might be the result in some cases of memory artifacts hanging over from moving through adjustment loops. A different kind of memory recording process engaged which is less tied to material 3D reality. -A sense which few develop beyond a vague instinct of something amiss.

When it comes to less extreme examples of Mandela Effect, I am more likely to take greater interest in stories which deal with reports of recent shifts; such as conversations or meetings from a day or two prior which others claim never happened. Long term memory is hopelessly unreliable. -Though I am loath to say "never". Those silly bears might actually be a genuine example of a time shift! It just doesn't seem likely to me.
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That must have really confused the power people when they arrived a second time and found that the event had actually occurred just as had been described to them.
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