My Bible has changed! The Mandela Effect-- What's going on?


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Whoa, flashback! That picture is a screenshot from the first iteration of Eiriu Eolas, where an exercise to improve belly breathing was being demonstrated. SHOTH is a suitably heavy book to work your diaphram against! As Palinurus said, it was superseded by a newer version of the EE video available here.

I seem to remember an image of belly breathing being demonstrated in the garden, but can't remember in what context or where. That screenshot is also in the new version, so the missing image is still missing.


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Well that's interesting.

Coincidentally the scenery of the first few seconds, of the garden demonstration, had started popping into my awareness recently (funnily enough looping like the black cat scene in the Matrix), that I'd assumed was a persistent nudge to revisit EE again - thus eventually prompting the return to the video.

Which was just how I remembered it until "...who's that, she looks different, hang on - whats with the fire-place, why is she inside, what's happened to Laura, where's the bloody tree gone!!! etc. " - spun me out a bit...

So I stopped watching and started belly breathing :-)


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Cataloging these potential shifts or changes simply for the sake of it therefore doesn't really mean anything. Okay, C-3PO had a silver leg. In and of itself, what difference does that make?
In that case, how long do you think we would last? The ship that is not manned, steered, and maintained generally ends up smashed to pieces on the rocks.

The examples in this thread aren't that significant. But there are examples of fabricated history that are very significant. I recall learning that the Nazis lost WWII. But then I started to read about General Semdley Butler and all the Nazi scientists that landed in America as part of Operation Paperclip, giving rise to many thousands of Greenbaum-peons as well as MK-ULTRA, and who knows what else. While it looked like a loss for the Nazis in WWII, it also entailed a movement of that fascist STS principle into the shadows. The implications of this are living in an illusion. Any invitation to live in illusion, when it goes unchecked, is an invitation to an STS path of wishful thinking.

So even if the examples of the Mandela Effect are insignificant, the lesson here, for me, is yet another reminder that history shapes our perceptions of the world. And there are those who shape history. And there are those who shape our minds through indoctrination - the MSM spawn of Edward Bernays.

I am reminded that I would do well to make no assumptions that I can trust my minds, my thoughts, my subjectivity, and some of our deepest assumptions - about anything - can be fabrications.

Thank you all for this thread, and the reminder to approach even memory, which seems so intimate and 'our own', with objectivity.

"Who controls the past controls the future; who controls the present controls the past." - Orwell


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Meme is just shortcut of the topic, I remember that phrase very well in the movie that I haved more than 15 times. Maybe my memory is wrong, but I remember it like that.
People's memories are notoriously unreliable. This thread alone is proof of that.

By the way, it is experimentally confirmed that quantum entagelment may occur not only in space, but also in time. So future may have impact on the past in certain conditions.
How would the future change the words in The Matrix?
How would the future change the words in The Matrix?
I dont know, its not question for me but for those scientists that made above experiment. Its logic assumption, if the future may have influence on the past, then something you already remember may be changed.
And maybe my memory is cheating me in this certain topic, I dont know that. Yet, mentioned research about time entanglemented photons are true.


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Whatever is causing the 'Mandela Effect' is still going. I recently found out that San Bernadino, California (city, county, freeway) is now San Bernardino in this reality/timeline.
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