My Cousin's Ghost

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This all happened when I was just a kid. I'd overheard my mother and my aunt talking about "the ghost" and of course, begged to know what they meant. They didn't want to tell me too much and scare me, but I found out that my older Cousin Nancy and her husband Ed had moved into an apartment that seemed to be haunted. They had a baby, and at times, one of them came into the bedroom to see "something" bending over the crib. It was like a floating shape. One night, Ed woke up to see it standing by the foot of their bed, and it drifted off and went through the wall of their closet.

The downstairs neighbors complained of noise when Nancy and Ed weren't home. The neighbors said it sounded like someone was moving furniture around up there, while they were gone. My aunt wanted to go sleep down Nancy's place one night in hopes she would see it. Not me, I didn't want any parts of it, and was afraid that it would leave my cousin's apartment and come to OUR house! My dad just said it was nonsense and there was no such things as ghosts.

I heard later that they'd found out either the apartment building was built on the site of another building where a child died in the house. They even had a priest come in and do an exorcism. The whole experience was documented and written up in some paranormal publication, with the names changed, which I read later. I don't remember the name of it or what happened to it, or any more details as this all happened close to 40 years ago.

I do know my Cousin Nancy, and she would not have made any of it up. I don't see her very often, but next time I do, I may ask her about it. Funny, we've never spoken of it, seems like the family agreed to "forget about it."
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