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I happened to check back on my intro post and noticed ANOTHERpage of welcome greetings. among them were queries about my garden so to get my feet wet (I've never belonged to a forum before this) I thought I would just give an outline of my garden. First of all it.s about 25 X 30 feet. and in it I am growing brussel sprouts,cauliflower, broccoli, acorn squash, rutabaga, watermelon, green beans, peas, carrots, cucumber, kohlrabi and tomatoes, and green pepper. And yes I know some of these are "EVIL however my extended family likes them and I confess to still eating them myself. The countryside around my home supplies hazelnuts, (they're actually a weed here) and raspberries and blackberries. We also have wild blueberries but as they are very small so I had to start my own patch with store bought plants and these I have growing up against my deck to keep the deer away. I also have 3 apple trees that supply me with enough apples for pies and sauce and apple butter. As for fertilizer I have a friend who raises chickens and sheep so that's what I use since she's pretty careful about what she feeds them. I also have a few herbs like sage and tarragon that overwinter well, but things like thyme and marjoram I usually have to start new every year as I tend to take the whole plant for drying. About 10 yrs. ago I had started some oregano in a now defunct garden and forgot about it and it has gone wild so I have that too. And that about covers the subject of "MY GARDEN"
Working hard on this years garden (2021), I feel it would be cool to use this thread to share photos and information about our own gardens worldwide. And I am eagerly hoping that many of you with share with us their adventures in gardening at this particular time so that we may inspire others and learn from each other what creating and having a garden means today.

Firstly: I am living in Québec, in the Laurentians, in Sainte Adèle: here is the Wikipedia article on our municipality (_Sainte-Adèle, Quebec - Wikipedia). Having moved here in March of this year, I wish to show you some of what has been accomplished since the snow has gone. Being very tired tonight I will give an introduction tonight and try to do follow-ups as the season develops. In 2021, we have had a very dry and cold start to the season, so that I am late to sow many varieties. Being a city person up until a few years ago (3) this is my second garden so far.

HANGING GARDEN: Bell peppers, all varieties grown directly from cutting the heads off the peppers we ate, and planting them directly into small pots of soil.

To make growing areas in out forest like property: We started by cutting down some young trees to develop growing areas and help the more mature trees prosper. We chose areas that we could bring sunshine into by clear-cutting. In the above photo, we have not yet pulled out the stumps but started to work the soil right away by hand with shovels. There being too many roots toi use a rotary machine, we dug and turned over the soil, watering massively in order to bring moisture at least down to 2 feet deep.

Not having a specific area, I picked several areas that I can develop quickly and sow into vegetables, and herbs.
In the above area I planted peppers (red, yellow orange and green) by just cutting off the tops of peppers we ate and planting directly in small pots, then separating the individual plants as they grew. Just from what we ate during the winter we managed to start over a hundred plants which I am spacing at about a half meter betqween each in these sloped beds that we cleared.
I hung second-hand roof gutters on trees and planted several things in them at waist height so that they will be easily accesible when the time comes.

Also on the tree house walls besides the pool I started hanging pots and baskets to grow different things. The look is quite cool and it seems to be working well so far. (I will add more photos as we develop our project).


Above: we used areas around the pool and deck to plant things. First we put down a black fabric used to prevent "mauvaises herbes' to contain the soil and used areas that we useless otherwise.


I hope this can inspire some of you, and I will post more of our projects as we create them this summer. Please share your insights, and I will be more volubile soon as I can get some rest. I just felt the need to share with you this beautiful activity that is making our lives more palatable as well as it will be producing food for us throughout these tough times. Above we have cucumber, peppers, herbs and flowers next to the pool and deck.
Above: Giant raddish.
The tree house will also be used for gardening purposes.
We also are growing our own tobacco this year. Organic canadian brand. We will let you know what the outcome looks and tastes like further on into the season,

Have a great week, and I will be back with more pictures and ideas next week!
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