My writings.


How did it come to this?
Asks an inquiring mind.
Not fearful of the abyss.
Rather of that, which it knows it will find.

Living shadows, obscuring the path.
Enveloping all in darkness.
The journey to the light, summons the wrath.
Of that which seeks to possess, of that, which is heartless.

How did it ever get so far?
Asks the one who refuses.
The door of ignorance left ajar.
Reveling in the ease of making excuses.

Flattening out the creases of the Soul.
Part of our Cosmic attire.
Actors cast in a mysterious role.
Emissaries of a transcendental Fire.

A destination, we are not.
More aptly I hereby declare.
We are a bridge to a place we forgot.
And it's time to return, for all of those who dare.
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