Mysterious Box found containing several interesting pictures.


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Hello. Im not sure if this is the right place to put this, if not, I apologize. There was recently something discovered in a dumpster that is quite interesting to say the least. There are multiple pictures of non human beings and UFO's, it seems like it is from a different timeline altogether, possibly from a time traveler or something similar. Anyways the main reason i'm showing this is because as we all know their is a large significance to mathematics and geometry, and included in these pictures is an extremely detailed and complex geometric shape, perhaps one of you can use it for something?


This is a link to all the pictures.

This is the geometric shape. I am not very fluent in mathematics nor geometry so I am not entirely sure if this is something new or not. Thought you guys would find it interesting nonetheless.


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Interesting drawings. There's peculiar details in some of them. If it's not a hoax, it looks like the individual responsible for this may have been tapped on the shoulder by the Eighth Tower, so to speak.

If you haven't read the Eighth Tower, it's by John Keel and it details how many people are visited or induced by supernatural phenomena like UFOs into acquiring new personality traits or beliefs that are then used to propagate disinformation to the public to muddy the waters about religion, world events, etc. to increase people's confusion. UFOs in John Keel's experience are classified as supernatural since almost all the phenomena associated with "aliens" has been witnessed and recorded in folk tales, myths, and demonology. Laura's book High Strangeness covers a lot of what Keel says about the phenomenon, and then some.
[/size]Also, if you haven't seen it, the documentary UFOs, Aliens and the Question of Contact is also a good crash course on the UFO phenomena. :) [font=verdana, arial, helvetica, sans-serif][/size][size=small][/font]


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This box with images was found in 2008 but I think the images were only posted first in 2013 (could be wrong on this.).

Search for "daniel christiansen mystery box" in google and you'll see many people trying to solve the mystery.

All of these could have been the ramblings of someone mad...but perhaps not.

You can see a video of an exhibition of the drawings here : Alien Puma Space Train (That would make such a cool band name by the way :D )
I remember seeing this pictures last year and thinking:-"BS".
This is still my impression about them as they look to me as a mixture of stiles and stuff from everywhere around the sci-fi movies ( thinking about "the fringe" series), manga and comics world ( Moebius and others japanese comics novel) and newageysacredgeometryflowersoflifemetatronblabla.
I won't be surprise if that was made by the guy who found them itself...


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The author/artist's 'UFO vision' was debunked here:

1977 artist’s work debunks rumor of UFO in St. Pete, St. Petersburg Tribune

UFO enthusiasts around the world will be disappointed to learn that despite a current popular online rumor, the St. Petersburg Pier was not once home to an alien landing that has since been covered up by the U.S. government.

The online buzz began building last weekend when someone uploaded a firsthand account written and illustrated by a mysterious author of a supposed 1977 St. Petersburg close encounter of the third kind.

The contents of the folio case include typed and handwritten accounts of a UFO landing in St. Petersburg with corresponding sketches that depict spacemen, Revelations-styled five-headed beasts, and a drawing of a tornado emanating beams of light over The Pier.

However, what the author actually witnessed was a then-groundbreaking art installation. And he was not the only one to mistake it for extraterrestrial activity.

In the 1970s, Rockne Krebs was a highly sought-after art, the first to popularize the use of laser lights as public art. From 1976 through the early 1980s, St. Petersburg could brag it was home to one of his unique installations.

Prisms shooting laser lights were erected atop The Pier, and mirrors were placed on downtown buildings to reflect the light and create 3D web-like patterns over the city. Krebs dubbed it, “Starboard Home on the Range, Part VI.”

“It was something special,” said Glenn Anderson, executive director of the St. Petersburg Arts Commission from 1975-82. “He was one of the most avant-garde artists in the country and this was a new concept that no one had seen or heard of before him.”

Its novelty brought fear along with amazement.

St. Petersburg newspaper reports from the 1970s detailed accounts of the laser lights misfiring through neighborhoods miles away, startling and confusing residents.

Almost 30 years after it was dismantled, the art installation is back in the news in a “War of the Worlds” type of way.

It’s being called “The Box of Crazy.”

The box is a reference to a wooden artist folio case that once belonged to a man named Daniel Christianson. The case was found on the side of the road in Asheville, N.C., in 2008.

Five years later, photos of its contents – most of them drawn in the early 1980s – were uploaded Sunday to the social media news website Reddit.

Online UFO forums immediately began buzzing.

The photos were uploaded by Asheville resident Dan Wickham. He said a friend who prefers to remain anonymous was the one who found Christianson’s folio case.

“It’s too late for me,” said Wickham. “Once I uploaded the photos I became part of the story.”

Little is known about Christianson – if he is alive, if he was a resident of St. Petersburg or was visiting, or how his folio case ended up on the side of the road in Asheville.

Modern-day UFO enthusiasts, equally unaware of the former St. Petersburg art installation, began discussing whether Christianson’s account gave proof of life on other planets.

Wickham said he did not intend to start an online alien conspiracy. He said he only wanted to share the strange and mysterious contents of the box and had no idea so many people would care about it or its original owner.

“He obviously saw something that changed him,” Wickham said of Christianson.

What Christianson witnessed was almost certainly a natural phenomenon occurring at the same time as the futuristic-looking art installation.

In notes found in the folio case, the author often makes reference to the date July 7, 1977. On that day, a tornado whipped through Pasco County.

While that was occurring, he did indeed see lights in the sky above the St. Petersburg Pier.

“You can imagine what a person seeing a laser light show for the first time might think if they had no idea what they saw,” Wickham said. “Then add in a tornado.”

“I understand why people would have been confused by it back then,” said Krebs’ daughter, Heather. “No one knew what to make of his art. It was all so new.”

Heather Krebs said more than 40 cities around the world celebrated her father’s laser light installations throughout his career. He was also a featured artist at the 1981 World’s Fair in Japan and honored with countless national awards and grants for his work. He died in October 2011.

As for Christianson, the man who was scared by Krebs’ St. Petersburg installation, the online forums are busy with people trying to find out more about the man they believe might have documented a UFO.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Heather Krebs said. “It’s all so bizarre. My father was not into UFOs, but he would have loved this. He enjoyed the unusual and this is definitely unusual.”
He sounds like an imaginative guy with esoteric interests, and who maybe knew some things about some things, but was ultimately a bit lost in 'Chapel Perilous'.

The handwritten text about his 'vision' contains this nugget:

"un-natural conception accredited to the Roman emperors"
Is this true? Is "un-natural conception" a recurring element in the life stories of Roman emperors?


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