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PC Magazine recently published The Top 100 Undiscovered Web Sites.

Here's a selection of them: is, put simply, the best file-sharing service we've seen. Just type in the URL you'd like to use, upload your files (up to 100MB), set a password and/or privacy setting, and choose how long the link should live (up to a year from the last page view). Sharing the files is then as easy as sending the URL around. There's no registration, no cost, and no limit to how many URLs you can use.

Given our experience with greeting cards, both e- and real-world, it comes as quite a shock that one of the funniest sites on the Web is an e-card service. Browsing through the site's enormous collection of hilarious e-cards was enough to make us wish we had friends to send them to.

This helpful site presents user-submitted "rules of thumb," which the community can rate for their usefulness. Want to harness the collective wisdom on managing your money, finding the perfect mate, or getting rid of back pain? RulesofThumb is the place to be. Whether the collective wisdom is on target, however, is a call you'll have to make yourself.

There are millions of videos up on YouTube, but thousands have also been removed, and not always with the owner's permission. If any footage online can be accused of copyright violation YouTube will take it down, whether or not the accusation was justified. YouTomb, a research project by the MIT Free Culture student group, tracks the top videos removed from the service for copyright violation, and retains the metadata about the videos so we, the public, can make our own decision about whether the removal was justified or not.

Atmospheric Optics is a stunning collection of pictures that illustrate the strange and beautiful visual phenomena created by light, weather, and our atmosphere. Check out photos and explanations for everything from rainbows and ice halos to nacreous clouds and anti-crepuscular rays.

Looking for answers to your health-related questions? OrganizedWisdom takes a different approach to search by offering search results in the form of "WisdomCards," curated topics pages with the info and links you need. Find the WisdomCard that corresponds to your question, and rest assured that the health advice is legit.

Criminal Searches provides the scary-but-useful data on how many criminals live in your neighborhood, what crimes they were convicted of, and, in some cases, their names and personal info. It's all culled from public records, and is presented as a Google Maps mashup. You can restrict your search to sex offenders, search on a specific name to get a criminal history, or do a general search for criminals by city or ZIP code. This kind of data is certainly not for the faint of heart but can be useful in assessing the safety of your neighborhood.

Did you know it's quite possible that a severed head may actually feel pain for a while, post-separation? I think that's damn interesting, and so do the editors at Damn Interesting, enough to write an 1,100-word article about it. Their goal is to "collect and dispense damn interesting facts and ideas, whether they appeared in the past, the present, or the (anticipated) future." For example, did you know a supercollider was almost built under the plains of central Texas? Or that New York almost had a subway system based on pneumatic tubes? If you find that damn interesting, visit Damn Interesting.

Whatever you get dirty, this site can probably tell you how to clean it. Items include: dryers, white wall tires, LCD screens, paintings, golf balls, fake plants, cookies (the browser kind), furniture, venetian blinds, every kind of floor, and clothing (and specific kinds of spills, like Kool-Aid and gum), and pets and people. For example, there is a step-by-step on de-skunking both humans and dogs, neither of which involve that old wives' tale of tomato juice.

Even those who don't care about the ethics of food wasting are thinking thrifty, thanks to skyrocketing food prices. LoveFoodHateWaste pitches in with recipes that help you make use of food that might otherwise go bad. Need to use up some parsnips? Got some cottage cheese you'll never finish? Tell LFHW what you've got on hand, and the site suggests recipes that'll help you clean out your fridge and save money at the same time. We especially like the Rescue Recipes for foods that are already a bit past their best, like veggies that are "on the turn" or bread that's gotten a bit stale.

Songza is a search engine that gives you easy access to streamable MP3s across the Web. Enter a song, artist, or both and Songza serves it up free of charge -- you can even build playlists. Where does all this free music come from? Best not to ask.

Tired of your mailbox being stuffed with tons of annoying catalogs that you end up throwing away? Catalog Choice is a free service that lets you refuse catalogs you wish to no longer receive. The service cleans out your mailbox and saves a few trees at the same time.

Wigix exists for one reason: To give buyers and sellers a cheaper alternative to eBay. If you think eBay's fees are low enough as they are, then you've no need for Wigix. But if you're a disgruntled Power Seller or bidder, you might like its low fees and wealth of features like price histories and social-shopping options.

The big online mapping services offer photograph-based street views that let you see what your destination looks like from the street, but newcomer EveryScape goes even further by letting you explore both the street view and the interiors of buildings, too. The service also helps users find hotels, restaurants, and popular tourist sites with reviews from Photographers on the ground are shooting as many building interiors as they can as EveryScape continues to roll out to new cities.

Plane ticket prices go up and down seemingly at random; you could buy a ticket today only to see the price sink (or spike) tomorrow. Farecast makes sense of it all by tracking pricing trends to let you know when it's time to pull the trigger. Enter in your travel dates, and Farecast will give you a pricing chart going back several weeks, along with a recommendation of whether to buy or wait.

There are zillions of flight search engines that find the best flights for you based on travel dates, airports, and especially price. But InsideTrip takes it one step further by letting you add comfort level as a search parameter. Is legroom important to you? Aircraft type? Lost-bag or on-time percentages? InsideTrip has you covered.

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Thanks Laura!

I am having an enjoyable afternoon checking them out.
I found it interesting that the Atmospheric Optics site uses "Gravity Waves" as an analogy to connect the 'ripple' effect in water with the 'ripple' effect in the upper atmosphere.
I don't know if there are any dots to connect here, though. It may just be a natural metaphor since the atmosphere is the same as any other liquid in terms of 'fluid dynamics'. Interesting nonetheless.

edit - forgot to include link to gravity wave reference: _


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thanks for the links!

i found this very interesting:

"Terror on Wall Street"

it describes a terror attack on sept. 16, 1920
(horse carriage loaded with explosives)

this caught my eye:

The Washington Post referred to the bombing as an "act of war," though no one could be certain who the enemy was. The newspaper also wrote, "The bomb outrage in New York emphasizes the extent to which the alien scum from the cesspools and sewers of the Old World has polluted the clear spring of American democracy." Though the anarchists had not been proven responsible, the US government's ongoing anti-radical Palmer Raids were increased in intensity as a consequence of the bombing. Immigrants were aggressively targeted, especially Italians, Russians, and Jews. Thousands of citizens were detained in the name of national security, though most of them clearly had nothing to do with the Wall Street terror plot. Ultimately, the orgy of misguided justice resulted in the deportation of about 10,000 such "radicals."


Wall Street soon became a symbol of patriotism in the eyes of the country, and stock trading came to be viewed as an act of defiance against the terrorists. Before the attack a number of outspoken citizens had decried the unchecked growth of power underway on Wall Street, but many of those voices fell silent in light of the new public sentiment. Those critics who continued to voice their concerns were denounced as supporters of violence and terror, a trend which rapidly smothered all public debate on the matter.

The New York Police vowed to apprehend the perpetrators of the terrible crime, yet no arrests were ever made in the case. The NYPD and FBI officially gave up on the case in 1940, having never identified any strong suspects. No group or individual ever made a credible claim of responsibility.

sounds like a grade-A false flag to me.


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I'm looking for an alternative mail box. I had one at Y, that I stopped using since many months because of many bugs. I have another one at the giant G. But he now denies my acces!! He asks for my phonenumber under the pretext of security :umm: .
So, I'd like to get a new mailbox in an alternative one. If some of you know some reliable ones, please share. Thanks.


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I'm looking for an alternative mail box. I had one at Y, that I stopped using since many months because of many bugs. I have another one at the giant G. But he now denies my acces!! He asks for my phonenumber under the pretext of security :umm: .
So, I'd like to get a new mailbox in an alternative one. If some of you know some reliable ones, please share. Thanks.
You can try icloud and
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