NeuroFeedback and Electroencephalography


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I had noticed this week that my OCD's (Obsessive-compulsive disorders) had lessen a little bit , in fact , I had been thinking when these started, they had changed over time and, I belive they originated after ... I could say some sort of post traumatic episode ... that it was not that traumatic, now that I think of it, but it was a kind of origin of other issues I had been having since then, it was at 1999 ... the OCD's I had been having around this years are, checking the stove keys many times before leaving for work or going to sleep, checking the purse to see that effectively I have the credit/debit cards and ID's minutes later I opened it, and, after reaching home and before going to sleep, checking If I close the door with its correspondented locks before going out or going to sleep, ... and lately, checking at work, all stuff being unplunged except the alarm before closing ... I had noticed that I had checked less and that most important, I do not have urgency to check them again and again ... in other times it had helped me to do it conscioulsy ... if I do it in an automatic mode, I do not trust myself and need to check them ...again
Yup. A whole lot of the little OCD things I used to do are just GONE!

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Placebo effect is not just the cause but could be an enhancing effect.

I have the NO2 music saved from when I was copying other music to try with NO.
I listened to it the other day and had a similar feeling of going "in and out" of focus through the stages, like I felt during the sessions.
It could be a remembered response, who knows.

If anyone else liked the music from NO2, I can privately share the music track for you- just PM me.
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