NeuroFeedback and Electroencephalography


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J'ai entendu parler de ce casque hier matin avant cristal Prières Laura et Reiki à 3h du matin en France, qu'en pensez vous ?

I heard about this helmet yesterday morning before crystal Prayers Laura and Reiki at 3am in France, what do you think?

Hi PERLOU, it does look interesting and the price is attractive too - compared with the cost of NeurOptimal. Apparently, what makes NeurOptimal better than other systems is the fact it is nonlinear. The brain is non-linear too and most other systems are linear. I can't see any information regarding this system being linear or nonlinear. Have you come across this information anywhere?


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Choepel told me a story about the company's experience with the Food and Drug Administration in the US. Let me tell briefly what I remember. As I understood it, the FDA does not like NO because the system does not require any master degree in science to operate and it brings fascinating therapeutic results. No surprise for those who know what 'good' FDA has done for American people during its existence. So FDA started to investigate Zengar which went on for 12 months and made everyone in the company almost paranoid because for some time it seemed that the days of NO are over in the US.

At the end officers came to Zengar's with this ultimate resolution. Either NO must be registered as a medical devices (which would mean only medics could operate it) or it has to be registered as a health&wellness device under condition that no therapeutic properties shall be advertised. If this was breached it would mean serious offense and legal trouble. Understandably, Zengar opted for the latter to stay on the market but the paranoia does not fade away and the company had to start pushing very strict policy even towards business NO users from other continents. Never ever shall the word 'therapeutic' be used by any of NO service providers from now on. Zengar has already been checking randomly many foreign website of NO providers and will continue to do because the threat from FDA is obviously very real.

So who knows what's in store next... maybe some day this Big Deep Med consortium will try to corrupt Zengar founders or press them to make NO somewhat exclusive because services that help to improve peoples health don't fit the depopulation agenda? I certainly wish Val Brown and his wife will stand their ground so users of NO system would continue to benefit. Time will tell.


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NeurOptimal have offers running from November 18th to December 18th open to PASS Members. It includes $0 cashdown and 0% interest for 12 months on systems' financing. If shipping abroad (from Canada), there'll still be taxes bear in mind.
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