New Attacks

If I may also suggest trying Valerian root (in capsule form at most Pharmacies where vitamins are-hopefully it is available where you are)-one or two capsules about an hour before retiring should do the trick.

This usually works for me-and I have trouble sleeping frequently (I suffer from depression-and sleeplesness is a symptom)-try one at first, then two (follow directions on label)-DO NOT CONSUME ANY ALCOHOL WITH THIS!

One word of caution-Valerian smells pretty nasty to a lot of people (smells like dirt to me) but it works fairly well and should leave you quite refreshed with no drugged hangover like those over the counter sleep aids and unlike Melatonin should not fire up the "dream" machine. Do NOT mix different remedies together.

Try St. Johns Wort as a general mood enhancer (I find the liquid capsules work much better) although it make take a while before you notice any over-all improvement, perhaps up to six weeks-but for me it works well and immediately.

If you are taking some sort of prescription drug ask your doctor or the pharmacist before taking any kind of herbals-the reason they work is because they DO contain drugs-and the potency varies widely with brands-and may have interaction with some prescriptions.

Additionally-if you are taking any over the counter cold or allergy medications that contain Psuedoephedrine-this could be causing you to not sleep and can aggrevate "seeing" things and so on-this is the same stuff methamphetamine is extracted from (illegaly) and can cause this if taken in excess or too close to bedtime (I know this from personal experience)

I am no expert-but it sounds like you may be working yourself into self induced psychosis (is that the correct term EQ?) and allowing your mind to "play" tricks. Sometimes we want so badly to believe we ARE under some sort of attack-that the "alien" forces of darkness have singled us out for their special attentions-that we begin to "see" and "hear" things that just are not really there at all.

But on the other hand I am not there to assess the situation and do not know all circumstances-and in no way mean to say you might not BE under attack of some kind-I only suggest you try the above along with what EQ and others may recommend-and of course keep all posted here on your progress. Hope this helps.

Good luck with your exams!
Well, usually if someone insists that there is an attack, telling them they are imagining it is rarely convincing. Actually, it is pretty difficult to distinguish between an attack and a "self-induced" event. There is no reason why these possibilities cannot feed each other. And attacks usually manipulate the psyche into conditions of stress feedback.

That's why I suggested close examination of the physical variables, such as diet, and think Valerian root might not be such a bad idea. The target of "attack", whatever the origin, is the body. Obsessive thoughts seem to trigger the stress, but often they are the result of biochemical imbalance themselves, so it's hard to distinguish which is the chicken and which is the egg here.

An attack, I noticed with myself, also tends to place emphasis on itself to generate more stress: "Look you're being attacked!" The very idea of attack can fuel the stress. In this sense, Tschai might have a point, although it doesn't mean it's all self-induced. In any case, I would suggest separating the mental factors from the physical ones, through addressing each separately.

Maybe you could describe precisely the direct harmful effects of this attack aside from the obsessive stress (and ensuing insomnia) it is generating. The cramps and pain in the extremities can easily be stress signs as I said, but the electric feeling seems to have a psychic origin. So how exactly is this threatening? Is it painful, and if it is, can some kind of meditiation, breathing or visualization help alleviate this?

Is it possible to just lie down with the intent of quieting the mind and moving qi energy in the body through some new energy ways type method? I have a sense that the electric feeling itself can be due to meridian blockage and tension through the subconscious or a kind of threat targeting subconscious levels that respond with stress reactions.

I do not think negs are blasting you with some kind of actual energy here, given your other symptoms.

In other words, I think some kind of relaxation/self-induction would be useful (combined with visualization) to explore what is going on. If the subconscous is targeted into stress-reaction then the solution might be in accessing the subconscious and finding out what it has to say.
Thanks guys. I will look into Valerian root if this continues, bearing in mind that has only been 3 days and I do not usually have trouble sleeping. My diet is good and there have been no major changes in it, I am taking no drugs except a couple of tablets for sore throats - a ticklish throat has been one factor in preventing me from sleeping these last few days. I wont take any more of these.

The physical symptoms are strange - sharp jabbing pains occasionally in the soles of feet or palms, I mention this because Robert Bruce suggest they are frequently described in cases of neg activity. I will describe the 'elecric feeling' as best I can because it is most interesting.

This feeling is a not particularly pleasant but not painful rush of 'skin crawling' feeling over the entire body surface, and I have only experienced it after waking up from the 'attack' events which I have described in this thread. In the case of last night it was far more intense than usual, and this may a result of greater tiredness and/or may be the result of a more 'significant' neg presence than before. It feels rather like a natural alert, possibly similar to those 'sixth senses' which people describe alerting them to someones presence, although I'm not sure. It only lasts for a few seconds and I suppose it is virtually impossible to determine its psychosomatic component, as it only occurs when I think I may be under attack. I can easily prevent it by relaxing myself, more evidence that has an internal cause.

If this had been the only unusual experience in my life over the last few months then I could easily accept that it may be COMPLETELY imaginary. It is only the previous 'nightmare' experiences which I have described in this section of the forum which form the basis of my working hypothesis that I have come under psychic attack before.
I agree completely that if Ben is certain he is coming under attack no one will be able to convince him it is imaginary-and as I said in my post I did not mean to suggest he was NOT under attack -and I'm not so sure taking a soporific (Valerian) would be a good idea either, if that is the case-it could possibly enhance what ever entities ability to "take control"by reducing his ability to "fight" back, IMO-but if a lack of sleep is a concern, it might be worth a try.

A most interesting case, to be certain.

I wonder if there might not be some way it could be determined positively that an attack is being my experience attacks have seldom be subtle and it was pretty clear that I was under attack, so this is somewhat a new thing (for me)-but I have had that "creepy crawly" feeling-and it comes on a regular basis-like something is there in the room with you but you just cannot see it-a heaviness or pressure-even to the stirring of the air like someone just walked past-or even laid a hand on you. A feeling like you are under surveillance in your own space and "they" come calling when you are most vulnerable.

So I can sympathize completely-it's no fun. I also wonder if this is an old home or someplace a negative event took place that might attract or hold a negative entity associated with the locale?
I posted a reply relevant to this thread on a parallel one in the same topic here:
EQ said:
Is it painful, and if it is, can some kind of meditation, breathing or visualization help alleviate this?

EQ is absolutely spot on here; the best advice I can offer is learning about your meridian channels and working on your breathing.

Then EQ said:
In other words, I think some kind of relaxation/self-induction would be useful (combined with visualization) to explore what is going on.

I've got just the remedy for you! It's a style of Qi Gong very popular in China, most people practice it for the sake of good health, it's the most simple Qi gong you'll ever find, and probably the most useful. You literally first learn how to stand properly by relaxing every part of your body, concentrate only on your breathing, while slightly bending the knees. (Visualisation can be used, but it's better to use that once you're no longer a beginner)
This system has helped me infinitely already, don't take my word for it though, try it yourself, I assure you that you'll be amazed.
Trust me.
Here is a link:
tschai said:
If I may also suggest trying Valerian root (in capsule form at most Pharmacies where vitamins are-hopefully it is available where you are)-one or two capsules about an hour before retiring should do the trick.
I used to have a lot of problems to fall asleep, and this since I was a kid. In the morning I couldn't get out, evidently. If I could decide when to switch of the day light, I'd end up with a circadian rythm of maybe 25 or 26 hours. As a young adult I tried Valerian. I did not like it though. Way to narcotic, or numbing. But I didn't know this:

tschai said:

Try St. Johns Wort as a general mood enhancer (I find the liquid capsules work much better) although it make take a while before you notice any over-all improvement, perhaps up to six weeks-but for me it works well and immediately.
The wind, or the birds, or whatever else made St. Johns Wort end up in my small garden :) And it has been coming back each year. Is that a sign? Hypericum perforatum. Try to look through the leaves, against some clear light. It is as if they are perforated. These are the oil glands, in which the "good" stuff is present. Immune fortifying and anti-depressant I believe?

Ben, I have had good results with a tea of passionflower. Or some capsules that you can buy. Try the pure dried leaves and not some extract that is full of fillers, or polish (carboxymethylcellulose) or titanium dioxide (as a colorant?). It is the MAO inhibitors's that do it (mono amine oxydase inhibitors. So don't combine with a lot of red wine or chocolate as that has a lot of tryptamine and can give headaches.

The effect is relaxing, but at the same time also fortifying and slightly anti-depressant. Ideal for situations that provoke stress, or that have provoked stress and you can't get out of the loop of stress, bad sleep, even more stress ...

Do not underestimate the stress caused by exams. When they are over, well it is then that you will realize your system was running on "stress fuel", isn't it ? Has been my experience at least.
St. John's Wort is considered a "weed" in a lot of places and of no use-but then a lot of herbals were "weeds" until someone found out they were good for what ails you :)

I agree about trying to find products without a lot of "added" stuff- big name companies jump on the band wagon and try to make as much money as possible while delivering minimal effect. But you will pay top dollar for "pure"herbals-they are not cheap.

One thing to be careful of when using any "herbal" in a pure form-potency can differ widely so start with the smallest amount first and see what effect it has before using larger amounts. And my caution about the alcohol is no joke-some of this stuff is pretty potent-it affects different people in different ways-and like with any drug alcohol may increase the effect-and some substances are soluble in alcohol -resulting in a larger amount released into the blood stream than normal-which could result in a toxic reaction or even overdose.
Well, thanks for the help everybody, but I've slept many many hours since I last posted, ahhhhh :)

Maybe the exams were more stressful than I thought, and now I have no get a job :O
Ben, I'm a bit new to the forum, but just wanted to add that I've had MANY of these types of experiences. There is a particuar phenomena when dreaming where I notice that the dream has 'gone sour'. That is, I feel the presence of outside visitor. The dream then takes on an aggressive nature.
I have alot of them written down and started noticing different kinds of 'attacks'. I associate then, just for fun, with different strengths or levels of demons (or hyperdimensional visitors, or whatever.). One of the most draining for me is when I'm being chased. These experiences last longer and upon awakening I feel aa serious lack of energy.
Another type is when I've been 'poked' with something. A character in the dream will either from behind, or right in front of me, touch a part of my body, (or sometimes stab me.) at which point I come awake holding the limb in question.
The 'poking dreams' I notice come at around three month intervals. I have coined them 'my tri-monthly check up'. The chasing dreams often occur whenever I am exhausted physically, mentally, or both. I've noticed that when you overextend yourself, your defences lower considerably.
As you mentioned these dreams as much more lucid than normal dreams. I've done a lot of observing of when A dream is just 'psyco-babble' and when I'm actually in some sort of out of body state. I know 'the presence' well and have experienced it from childhood.
Now for the freaky part.
I also see images and beings. They are quite clear, and I have over twenty documented cases of the experience. It's been three years since I started to have this sight and for years I said nothing, just wrote and observed. But lately I've been coming out with it because I have a higher sense of certainty that what I am seeing is actual unexplained phenomena. I wanted to be absolutley certain that what I was seeing was not fabricated and in a total state of wakefullness.
After a dream of being chased, I have woken up, five times, to see hovering above me, the illuminated image of a squid like creature (more like a gortesque cuttlefish actually.). One of it's tentacles, was poked right into me, draining me. I've looked squarley at these creatures and seen them float away.
Who knows what kind of dimensional bleedthrough I am experiencing. But I've seen it, and many other experiences. They started getting particularly intense after reading the Cassiopaean material, particularly the Transcripts.
I do have a theory that these events occur in everyone, it's just that you start to become more aware of them. I've also, 'fought them off' several times. That is, I've noticed when a dream has gone sour and somehow taken control of the dream, bringing it back to a more pleasent state. I too have had a 'full of light' experience, where I was standing beside my body in my bed. I saw a dark presence above me and I clasped my hands in front of me. A flash of bright white light erupded from inside me and I sat up in bed suddenly.
I think it has alot to do with gaining both physical and mental energy. Physical by proper diet, exercise and relationships and mental with a meditation and constant vigilant observation of the self. Anyway, just wanted to share that and wondering if anyone else has experiences.
Very interesting, especially because you have been noticing these events for so long and with me they have just started. If you don't mind me asking, what is your history in terms of gaining knowledge and seeking truth and does it correlate in any way with these 'attacks'?.

Also the idea of a dream 'going sour' describes very well what I have been experiencing, although I will point out that this is different to most of the events which I have been describing here - they are very UNLIKE dreams, and more like waking life.
The vividness of these experience I have are much more like 'out of body experiences' than actually dreams. I only say dreams because I don't like any of the terms, or at least, the alternative terms are ripe with new age ichor. It's a dream because I am somewhere and my body is somewhere else.
I am assuming that my attacks are either 'check-ups' due to increased interest in Truth or an increase in awareness is allowing me to realize when I AM being fed off of. I have had experiences all my life during night time (attacks and even sightings upon awakening.). But it was three years ago that I found the Cassiopaean material, as well as the Ra material. It started a very intense period of...I guess you can call it awakening. The attacks increased for quite a while and then leveled off. The experiences were intense and there were lots of them. I won't elaborate unless it's useful to the forum, though you can contact me personally if your interested.
As for my history of gaining knowledge and seeking truth. My Dogma sensors are pretty fine, so I don't stick around any one philosiphy or way too long without losing interest. I've traveled alot, and learned to fly under the radar. I choose a lifestyle that demands constant attention to mind body and spirit. If I'm not balanced, I don't eat.
Have you had any experiences during meditation or sleep with seeing light? Specifically galaxy like spirals of light?
I have had one experience of 'seeing light' during sleep, which I described superficially here, but this is such an ambiguous idea that I doubt we're talking about the same thing. I wouldn't be able to describe its shape or anything like that.
GreyCat, the events you have mentioned have reminded me of a forgotten phenomenon of my childhood, which has prompted me to share with you and others my own similar experiences...

GreyCat said:
Another type [of dream] is when I've been 'poked' with something. A character in the dream will either from behind, or right in front of me, touch a part of my body, (or sometimes stab me.) at which point I come awake holding the limb in question.
This has happened numerous times in the past, and the event usually left me with a dazed and sick feeling for at least 3-4 hours after it occurred. There have been other times in waking state when a sudden, clear mental image of a finger with a long nail pushes everything out of my mind for a moment. This is accompanied with a sharp jabbing sensation on my back and an electrical "crawling skin" feeling. Thankfully the waking state "jabs" don't leave me feeling sick.

GreyCat said:
As you mentioned these dreams as much more lucid than normal dreams. I've done a lot of observing of when A dream is just 'psyco-babble' and when I'm actually in some sort of out of body state. I know 'the presence' well and have experienced it from childhood.
I was also harassed by a "presence" that would nearly always appear when I was in an out of body state. Either that or I was dealing with some sort of poltergeist - or even screen memories of some kind.

This "presence" would always take the form of a dog when I could see it. The first time I encountered it, I was around the age of 5 - I was lying in my bed with a wall directly behind my head. I saw a dog's head come through my wall and grab my quilt and pull it about 6 inches towards the wall. The dogs head appeared to be around a foot (30cm) away from me and then it instantaneously disappeared. Needless to say I was absolutely terrified by the event and ran to tell my parents! Obviously, being ignorant of other realms of reality and not wanting to needlessly scare me, I was told I had a nightmare and that I should just forget about it. I wasn't convinced that I had dreamt this whole thing up in the beginning, but, even after subsequent appearances of the "dog", eventually I rationalised it as being a very lucid nightmare - bearing in mind that when these so called nightmares happened, I was lying awake in my bed in the same position before and after the event.

As time passed, the experiences eventually stopped and I pushed them to the back of my mind. I had forgotten about them completely until I started exploring the concept of Lucid Dreaming when I was 16. I started to have out-of-body experiences (again?) from then until the present (im now 21) and the kind of experiences I have now are MUCH more benevolent than the previous business I had to deal with. The experiences of the last few years, although much less frequent than when I was younger, were very similar to the environments I would find myself in with "the presence", involving things like 360 degree spherical vision, no tangible sense of the passage of time, seeing through walls and sensing inanimate objects as being alive in some way. Nowadays, I find myself having an OBE for what feels like 5 seconds and then I literally "fall" into a lucid dream.

Numerous other things have happened involving "the presence" - it even played 3 notes on my keyboard about 12 years ago! The jabbing attacks are also much milder in the last few months since I started practising Zhan Zhuang Qi Gong before bed and in a morning. There is a book called Chi Kung: The Way of Energy by Lam Kam Chuen that I borrowed (thanks Novelis!) and it has been invaluable to me. I also need less sleep than I used to and I feel more refreshed too. Highly recommended.

p.s. The US amazon site is here if you want to check the book out and order it.
Hello everyone,

consider this to be my proper introduction to everyone. I have been around the forum and the CASS web pages for a year now but until now I felt that I was still in the very early beginning phase where I could not really contribute yet. I am a slow learner:) Actually I also thought that maybe I had been ‘influenced’ not to start networking - that is just a speculation - but most likely I had to first overcome the pull of the forces of Entropy.

I know this is an older post but still it fits with what I want to share. Just a few hours ago I had an experience basically identical to Ben’s.
The whole experience is fresh in my mind now and actually I am still in the process of trying to “pull� myself together.

It started in a dream. I was in a packed movie theatre. Actually I was late and worried that I might miss the beginning. In the foyer I meet a good friend of mine and we find the last two seats in the middle as the movie starts.

Then all of a sudden something happens. At first I am not sure what is going on, there is a disturbance, people start to get up and ‘panic’ with the whole situation being confusing in general.
I think back to the moment of the disturbance and realize that someone had been crawling under the seats. Apparently that someone has been trying to steal our valuables. I check to see if my valet is still there and deep down in my pocket I find it.

Now this is when I jolt and wake up and immediately I know there is something with me in the room. To divert a bit here, this is definitely not the first time such a thing has happened to me.
There is a long history of these things coming to my apartment while living alone in my late teens (I am in my early 20s now).
The last time a strong encounter like this happened, prior to me waking up with the presence in my room, I remember being downstairs and seeing a shadow pass while still asleep. These things always start in a far away corner from my bed as was the case this time. It then slowly gets closer and closer. I don’t know why but it seems to me they like to take their time

But to get back to my experience, I don’t know if this was meant to be a ‘feeding’ encounter to scare me or whether it was a challenge or, as Ben points out, the STS guys stepping it up a notch. I really don’t know. One theory I have has to do with my increased blog activity where I translate CASS material.

Before actually waking up I faintly remember hearing a voice but don’t really remember much more than that.
So this thing is right on top of me, and as Ben says, is clawing at me and trying to envelop me. At this point I am really scared and my heart is beating hundred miles an hour.

While all this is going on I try to stand up to this thing, focus my thoughts, calm down and not get carried away by fear. By resisting I mean ‘talking’ to it in my head and telling it that whatever it wants it better find someone else because I will oppose it with all my strength. I also ask for help from ‘up there’ because this time the whole encounter is so strong.

It hung around for a quite a long time, retreating and getting on top of again and again. I felt that it was ‘feeling’ me at various places one them being the base of my spine. Finally, I could feel a surge of energy which wasn’t threatening coming from the top of my head and this thing slowly retreating.

Actually, the whole thing happened just before daybreak and I had to think back to Don Juan’s warning about the dusk and dawn being the most vulnerable times of the day.

Finally, it is a ‘coincidence’ that a couple of days ago I came across Ben’s post. When this started I immediately knew what was going on. And as Ben points out knowledge will protect.

Note: It might just be my imagination but as I sit here and write there is a huge bulldozer on a trailer just parked temporarily right under my window, which is strange as there are always cars parked there. Maybe I'm fantasizing too much but maybe it is a 3D reflection and a balancing connected to my encounter.

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