New infomentaries by Suspicious0bservers on youtube


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The Suspicious0bservers group on youtube, which focuses on solar activity and it's relation to electric/plasma universe theory and it's effect with weather(for those not yet familiar with it) have release two ~1hr documentaries recently, and have a third one on the way. I'm still figuring out what to make of the first two, and only watched one time each so far, but they do seem to include some interesting new info on the topics.

The first one is about plasma cosmology, and briefly marks a movement from electric universe theory to plasma universe theory, as there seems to have been a falling out with the electric universe folk (they have more details into this in their member area, and I still haven't looked through all of it).

The second one is about cyclical catastrophes, classified(supposedly) CIA research and a certain book that got doctored to omit certain info regarding what the catastrophe was hypothesized to be (in story form, if I understood correctly). It also includes info on the mechanisms for ice-age onset, but primarily focuses on the sun as a catalyst via mini-nova(which is spoken as also being a recurring phenomena, not a just one-time-boom), as well as a super flare, the effects this would have in the planet, and some evidence to back up his claims.

(I will be taking a closer look at the figures proposed in the cycle to compare with those given to us by the C's and written about in the Secret History series when I get back home today, but haven't yet)
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