New Lockdown in September - Bjorn Andreas Bull-Hansen on Coronavirus, Covid-19 manipulation


Jedi Master
I really appreciate the Stoic advice, and pure honest decency this guys foundation seems to be built upon.
Everything he talks about, in all of his videos, is useful information, and done with class and care, humbly, without ego and bluster.
In this Video, he advises:
Have the difficult conversations with ourselves and our loved ones.
Stop lying to ourselves and others.
Stop trusting the government.
Prepare for the worst.

Ursus Minor

Dagobah Resident
So there's another guy on YT predicting a September lockdown.

I like his stance on not lying to ourselves and others, and not trusting the government.
Concerning a probable second lockdown though I was asking myself 'Where is the beef?'

If there is really something to it I would actually expect some more whistleblowers turning up.
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