Newly Minted Member!


Hey All!

I just opened my membership packet and wanted to share my excitement with the rest of the FOTCM family. At once, I am inspired, humbled, and completely ecstatic at the prospect of continuing to grow and share with each member of our community.

As an added note, the contents of the membership package and the overall presentation seem to me to reflect the being of all those involved in the great work and it has made me feel truly welcomed.

Thanks and cheers!


Thanks again for the reception. I have some catching up to do posting my experiences with the ee breathing program and incremental diet changes. I'm certainly looking forward to engaging you all in many discussions as questions or insights prompt.

Happy Learning!


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Hi, GqSoul. Now I can express the same. I've received my membership package this week and can say "Here I am, member #590." It was curious to realize that this number is the same I got in the Military Service ballot way back then, which made me a prospect for the army. Not the air force, which I would have preferred if I was to be inducted in the armed forces anyway, like it or not. This time it has been voluntary, so #590 is free from its old ominous connotation for me.
Glad to be here.
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