Newton's Alchemy


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Nova (PBS): Newton's Dark Secret
(google: "newton's dark secrets" for links)

Seems that there is word going around that Newton discovered
more that what we know? I wonder of any of his papers are
withheld from public disemenation? Did he really find the philospher's
stone or discovered the secret to transmute something into gold?

C's say anthing about Newton?

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I would also highly recommend Neal Stephenson's Baroque Trilogy for lots on Newton and Alchemy. It's a fictional account, though, so it won't give you facts but it is a blast to read.


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After reading an interesting article "Isaac Newton - the last of magicians" ((the article is inRussian: "Исаак Ньютон - последний из волшебников") - I got a reasonably consistent idea about Isaac Newton, I think (the article is an in-depth analysis, well documented).

Here are my conclusions:

1) Newton was undoubtly a genious
2) He was probably an OP (he understood what is a "sin", but he did not understand what "love" is)
3) He was an egomaniac that was controlling his egomania. He was cutting his name with a knife all over the schools, and
he believed that he may be another "Son of God" - beyond Christ (he was born December 25!)
4) He preferred to serve the King making coins than to search for the Truth
5) He was stating autoritatively that something is impossible - when it was possible (example: achromatic lenses)
6) He did not like to quote others or even to thank others, from whom he was "borrowing" his ideas (the idea that
gravity is responsible for the shape of planetary orbits came from Hook - this wa the real "Newton's apple")
7) He hated his critics (He deliberately has published his "Optics" a year after Hook died, so that he would not
have to respond to the criticism of Hook)

Taking all of this into account I doubt that he knew anything about "deeper realities".

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