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There is a very good Russian Sci-Fi / Fantasy movie "Night watch" in theaters now ("Lord of the Rings" meets "Prophecy"). Did anyone see it? The movie been out on DVD for some time, but since Fox bought all American distribution rights, they have mandated to stop making NTSC formatted dvds of it. The disk has been slowly disappearing from even Russian stores in America. And Fox kept postponing the release until recent limited release, while sequel "Day Watch" is already out in Russia on pal dvd (without subs only). Both installments beat American movies in Russia. And the studio is insisting on filming the 3rd part in English. Ain't US movie studios wonderful :rolleyes:


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Hi - I really enjoyed this movie, it had plenty of esoteric symbology and had some great photography - very trippy. It was only on limited release in UK cinemas and there has been some delay in the DVD release. The sequel has been out for a while in a good few countries in Europe (all the former Soviet bloc countries were showing it a couple of weeks after it was released in Russia) but is yet to make an appearance in UK cinemas as far as im aware. Im looking forward to when it does get released here.


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I haven't seen it yet but a friend of mine took stills of the movie to show me how much Nescafe advertising were inserted in that movie.

I think it's sad if the only way they could make the movie and compete with the US was with the help of advertising.

My two euro cents.
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