Nimr …


Jedi Master
The battle ground for this round was the world of Plinth. It had all environments from dense jungle to arid deserts, frozen tundra to the gelatinous plateau’s of Agar.

Today’s battle was set in a forested area. A creek, some five meters wide in places, gently trickled by. Stones were scattered around the creek bed, some large enough to take cranes to move it, others as small as pebbles. Then there was moss everywhere on the stones, what wasn’t in the water was intensely moss covered. Only stones that could reach some sun had voids of naked rock that were cooked away by the radiation.

On the right side were trees, very closely grown together for a hundred years, leaving very little space to get through them. It greatly reduced the visual range and would hide other attackers looking for a different angle to get at their opponents.

On the left side were more trees, with the addition of severely tight bushes making it almost impassable. It was so close that only a snake or a rat would make it through.

The Gi-Ants were chirping up in the trees, the soft sound of water running past boulder’s in the creek. All of the sudden the chirping stopped.

A sphere of gold dropped out of the sky and dropped low to the ground behind the bushes on the left. It dissipated to reveal one of the opponents for this event, it was a Baleen with fifty tongues. Each one was a three feet long detachable snake that closer resembles a short spear that was beyond sharp. The Baleen itself, was a spherical entity that floated low above the ground from its gas filled bladder. It was a regenerating beast that could regrow each detached tongue in a mere thirty seconds.

Five blue spheres came down next, each containing a raptor hybrid that applied the capabilities of all of the raptor species. They were six feet tall vicious beasts and nothing that you would want to run across in any environment. Five of them was definitely a challenge for any opponent. They were dropped into the trees on the right, hiding them from view.

The last sphere, a dark green one, lowered down to the center of the creek onto an exposed rock and dissolved into Nimr, she was a slender theta class Orion. She had a standard Orion head with eyes that wrapped around the head giving her a 300° view at all times. Her hands and feet were clawed and excreted an acid like poison that disables any and all creatures. She had two sets of knees on each leg, and it allowed her to shift from a two-meter-tall bipedal form with forward bending knees to a form where her knees bent backwards giving her ability to jump ten feet straight up into the air. Her main weapon was a double ended sword, that resembled a samurai sword blade. One end was glowing blue with steam coming off it, the other end looked like it was made out of yellow amber with an edge so sharp that it could slice straight through marble without even a blemish on the blade.

It is different being a silicon plant lifeform. There were standard mixes that your soul could be drawn to, and they were used quite commonly on the drones, the minions of the High Li-zard. Nimr was a plant hybrid, one commonly not used for anything but sport. Her skin was standard Orion grey with a hint of purple added in, it glistened in the sunlight. She was mostly bamboo and elephant grass with several other spices added, like cress, green beans and peas, chives and for spice they added cilantro. Then for beauty, they added Clematis. And for strength they added the pure plant from Arcturus. All were fast growing species, and they gave Nimr an advantage over her opponents.

She was a killing beast, the High Li-zard’s best warrior, all for a game to show who was the strongest, who was at the top of the self-serving pyramid. As there can only be one.

Li-Zard was top of his family line, he was matched by the other fifteen self-serving family lines. He held the ‘High’ prize for three battles now and others were impatiently waiting for the honor. The battles they fought were between the sixteen family lines with only one decree, ‘There will be no rules’. There was going to be cheating, it was always expected.

It started with placements of opponents. Nimr was exposed, the others were hidden from sight.

That didn’t matter to Nimr, she could see through their rouse. She popped her knees backwards and crouched down, her sword held outright in her right hand, glowing blue end up, because it made her look more ominous with its steam coming off it.

She sent out a tracking tone, it was a cross between a whistle and a low growl and it made everything in the area vibrate, except her opponents. This made them easy to identify and locate. There were five grand raptors to her right and a single Baleen, a big one, to her left. She watched as the raptors peeked through the trees, all Nimr saw was the eyes looking at her. They were preparing to attack.

Opposing them was the Baleen and it tongues, they retracted getting ready to launch, right at her.

She was caught between two enemies, she could only take down one of them if they attacked simultaneously, which would it be. She waited for the attack, wondering which will be the first to fall …
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