Northern Roman Limes (borderline) on UNESCO list ?


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Source (Dutch only): Nederland wil Romeinse Rijksgrens op Unescolijst

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Netherlands wants Roman border on Unesco list

The Limes border runs right through the Netherlands - Image: Ministry of Education, Culture and Science

NOS News - Culture & Media - Today, 16:48

The former northern border of the Roman Empire is a unique and irreplaceable monument that should be on the UNESCO World Heritage List. This is what the Netherlands and Germany think, which is why they jointly propose the Lower Germanic Limes for the list. A decision will be taken next summer.

The Northern Limes (the Latin word for border) ran 2000 years ago along the Rhine, right through the Netherlands. To protect this border, the Romans built watchtowers and army camps here. At Nijmegen, Valkenburg, Leiden, Woerden, Bunnik and Arnhem traces thereof can still be seen, as just like in Germany.

"The large number of remains of all kinds of Roman fortifications in our soil makes the ancient border region an important archaeological monument," says Minister Van Engelshoven of Culture. There are a total of 19 sites in the Netherlands and 25 in Germany.

If heritage is added to Unesco's list, this means that national governments must make an effort to preserve it. Currently, there are ten Dutch places on the list, including the windmills of Kinderdijk, the Wadden Sea, the ring of canals of Amsterdam, and the Van Nelle factory in Rotterdam.

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