Nuclear physicist: WTC pulverized by nuclear plasma weapon?


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I just came across this on Twitter, and haven't looked it at depth, but from what I read this sounds like a semi-plausible explanation for the WTC collapses. Well, at least more plausible than the 'directed energy weapon' thing by Judy Wood and others. This could of course be another crackpot theory, but this guy is a nuclear physicist (or, so they say) with a refreshingly new angle and some collaborating evidence.

This physicist has a web site, a few videos, but the fastest way to get a gist of the theory is to read this twitter thread:

and then for details the quite long PDF (but with just images and bullet points) from his website:


9/11: nukleare Kriegsspiele der Oligarchen

You can find two videos with his presentations on the website and at least one shorter one (mentioned in the article below) on YouTube:

Here's a short summary from another website:

From : Greencrow As The Crow Flies: 9/11: A Nuclear Event: As Heinz Pommer was a "Nuclear Field Experiment"
Monday, May 1, 2017
9/11: A Nuclear Event
"A Nuclear Field Experiment"

Sixteen years have passed since the events of September 11, 2001. The truth about what happened on that day has come out in bursts, like the squibs of nanothermite that took the WTC towers down. Over the years it has been "boom, boom boom" explosion of truth...then a few years for it to be absorbed by those with the capacity for critical thinking....then silence...then another boom. I would call the video above a very loud boom in this sequence.

Heinz Pommer, with his appropriately "Strangeloveian" German sounding accent, is a mild mannered nuclear physicist. He reluctantly took on the challenge of examining the evidence of 9/11, as provided by Richard Gage's "Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth", Dr. Judy Wood, and others and looked at it through a nuclear scientist's lens. At first he set out to disprove the idea that nuclear bombs were part of the smorgasbord of technologies used in the attack. But the fingerprints were all over the radiation in the the scientist finally had to conclude that nukes WERE used to bring down the towers.

As I say, this video, IMO, is the first breakthrough in this unsolved crime that has come along since, perhaps, the videos of Dr. Judy Wood. It is a "must watch" video...particularly for the diagrams of how the nuclear bombs were placed in the basements of the WTC and channels built into the elevator shafts for the energy to travel upwards, etc.
This guy Dimitri Khalezov was stating that WTC were pulled down by nuclear detonations theory forward from the very beginning: 911thology 2015 - Dimitri Khalezov's new urgent address !
I had followed his story for years but stopped a few years ago. Hopefully, he is still alive...
EDIT: he seems to be alive:

He is the one that spotted that the term "Ground Zero" has been removed from all modern thesauruses (as the place of the impact of a thermonuclear bomb/device). That would have required a huge concerted effort and the expense on the part of the party that did it...
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