Nuclear physicist: WTC pulverized by nuclear plasma weapon?

This caught my attention about how these so-called directed energy weapons could be making use of “natural” phenomena.

A: "Bombs" are not all "nuclear." And, there are "natural bombs."

Q: (A) I want to ask about the collapse of the World Trade Center. There is evidence of seismicity and unusual pulses that seem to have simply disintegrated matter.

A: Very good observation, but that does not mean human sabotage either. There were certainly "pulses." They were of a "natural" source that was "sculpted" or "shaped" and directed.

I was just listening to a Stew Peters podcast about 911 and a couple of times the interviewee (Buzz Patterson) mentions this. He also takes Judy Wood’s’ perspective that there must have been some different type of force involved that could pulverise the WTC buildings to dust.

Somehow, he relates this to Hurricane Erin Hurricane Erin (2001) - Wikipedia - it occurred during this period of time and apparently was behaving rather strangely. I’m not sure how exactly though.

Here’s the podcast if it’s of interest: ‎The Stew Peters Show: Dustification: Directed Energy Weapons Down WTC, Boomers Still Pushing Official 9/11 Narrative on Apple Podcasts
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