Objective:Health: #23 - Stress is Not the Best so Give it a Rest!


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When I listened to this some weeks ago I was a bit shocked. Mostly due to my chronic lack of sleep for the past few years. It's hard to pinpoint it, but I think in 2012 I was ok, so that makes for 6 or 7 years. And I hope that's not too much cortisol so as to have a heart attack! :shock: Unless you really can catch up on sleep, as mentioned in this thread, then I'm in a state of allostasis.

Sleep is the battle that I never win. And when you lose, the next day you are worse off. It's particularly hard for me on Sunday evenings, when I try to get everything done for the work week ahead. I get 5 hours, 6 if I'm lucky. To quantify this, I just need to look at my practices. It's a numbers game, it seems.

I used to only read the forum. I even was able to manage 9 hours of sleep for a short time before wanting the extra hour back. Around 2014 I added posting regularly to social media. New practices added are taking iodine and salt 2 hours later and Crystal singing. It adds up and the windows between activities become narrower. So sleep is on my mind a lot, despite not being good at practicing it. I liken it to a hungry person fantasizing about food.

Another thing that got my attention was that I hardly ever get sick. If I do, it's very mild and passes within a day or two. I used to pride myself on that and thought I was just healthy. But this can be a sign of high cortisol that is suppressing your immune system! So you're basically not getting sick when you should. I guess that means you could have a bunch of nasty stuff just hanging around? Most recently I noticed I had a sore and swollen lymph node around July 16th, so I guess I got a little sick then.

I thought about adrenal fatigue too. My baseline stress tolerance is pretty low, so I easily get stressed out and go into negative emotional states.

Was this the HRV device that was mentioned? It doesn't emit bluetooth waves constantly?

So I thought about taking a break from social media after listening to this episode. But I didn't, so that's still an option. I want to keep the other things like iodine and salt/mineral water, and Crystal singing of course. But this maxing out of recurring activities has been something I've been struggling with. Good to know that Phosphatidylserine can help with the cortisol too.
The feeling I have after reading you, is that "you almost have it".

Missing, perhaps, "not anticipating." Prepare yes, but "force" a whole week of events in your imagination may increase your stress.

My personal solution is this: There are small daily things, such as buying food for example, that does not generate stress, since it is a simple "management". Well, if you calmly analyze the highly stressful episodes of your past, you may realize that they were also "just managements."

In the end, everything is lessons, there is nothing else.

And remember, so far, "you have overcome them all.":-)
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