Objective Health: What is a Woman? Documentary Review


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Excellent show to all of you host/co-hosts!

It is so very horrific the abuse that is being done to so many children. Thank you for doing this show.


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Sadly my own niece has stated that she will go to university as a boy. And has been indoctrinated since college in having a sex change. Yes, as Elliot said, she is autistic and has Aspergers and psychiatric counselling, so has the mental health problems including self harming. So all the hallmarks of regret after the event.
But she will not read or talk about anything she does not agree with. Also the only one in the family to have vaccines.
I do send her info, and have also sent this programme now too. She may be a genius in music/composition but although 20 she is not worldly wise nor independent enough to be able to look after/organize herself. And her difficult and stubborn behaviour, sometimes punching too, is seriously affecting my sister's health, as it is such a demanding spectrum 24/7.
Luckily she will get full support at Nottingham university - not the one we preferred for her as maybe too distant. But she will do what she will do, regardless of objective advice/guidance.
We could always sense that she was getting indoctrinated either on the limited times we allowed the mobile or at college. Her welfare tutor at college even called social services in on my sister!! Social services had to apologize as all were lies! My sister being the only one that spoke truth!
So my sister doesn't get an early grave fostering my niece, my father has sent strict message to us that my sister is not to have her back home other than visits after she goes to uni, and that she must go into sheltered accommodation, which will obviously be provided.
Just one example of what such grooming does especially to autistic spectrum children who due to their disorder have no true life experience from which to make such life changing decisions, even if they numerically are of adult age!
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