Обстрел Земли из космоса - The Earth attack from space


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Yesterday stumbled upon a book in Russian, called Asteroid-Cometary Hazard that was published in 1996 by Russian Academy of Science. Unfortunately wasn't able to find the text online (maybe someone else will have a better luck?), but the site itself (Tunguska phenomenon) also has some interesting information (in Russian)

Also, when I was looking for the text of the book online, I saw the following research . Excuse the bad English.

The Earth attack from space — the chronicle of centure
V. A. Andruschenko, Yu. D. Shevelev
Institute for Computer Aided Design, 19/18 2nd Brestskaya str., Moscow, 123056, Russia
Abstract. — Relevance of the problem of asteroid and comet impact hazard is considered. The short list of falling of space bodies to the Earth and their flights about it on distances, smaller distances to the Moon, for the last 100 years is carried out. The question about development of the federal research program on space protection of our planet and its integration into the international program is raised. Keywords: asteroid and comet impact hazards, potentially dangerous objects, Torino and Polermo scales, register of methods of prevention cosmic hazard
Citation: Computer Research and Modeling, 2013, vol. 5, no. 6, pp. 907–916 (Russian)

The article was published in the above magazine, dedicated to the Chelyabinsk meteorite. And as was mentioned by other English speaking researchers, their findings also indicate, that the danger from smaller cosmic bodies is very real. They present the situation, offer a list of "close calls", and call for governmental programs that will deal with the danger. What is interesting, that they talk about recent cases (that happened for the past 70 years) around the world, some of them we probably never heard about.

Another site that I found, is this one, where a Russian scientist, who worked in astronautics/cosmonautics field offers his protection plan from cosmic bodies:
Защита Земли от астероидно-кометной опасности


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Thanks for sharing, Keit! It's very useful and, most important, scientific information. Most of all I was surprised by "freshness" of a material and its urgency!

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Yes, thanks for sharing Keit, it sounds very interesting. I will also read it as soon as I come to my senses after this MH 17 shock. Those whackos behind the attack really work hard to distract us from another major global concern: the Earth changes and cosmic activity.
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