Old article of spanish magacine "Mas Alla".

The text that follows is a message, a prophetic message that was transmitted by automatic writing to a known person of our society, in Spain, whose name has been kept secret by express wish of the author, or rather, of the receiver .

Actually, we should not worry too much about the identity of the messenger, but rather the importance of the message and its meaning. Nor is it known who the extraterrestrial entity that transmitted this message is, but because of the information that emerges in it, everything seems to indicate and without fear of being mistaken, that this entity is of a considerable spiritual elevation. For now, everything that is said in this message coincides with what was said by other Great Beings, Ascended Masters and those, whom we call some, our Elder Brothers of the stars. I insist that what should matter is what is said in the message and its coherence, and what is said there, for many can be quite enlightening and help them tie some loose ends. This message appeared in the well-known and prestigious publication "MAS ALLA" of February 1990, and I think it would be convenient to bring it to light, again, precisely now, in these times where so much confusion and disinformation prevails.

In this text, which has been transcribed, word by word and point by point, as it appeared in "MAS ALLA", the tireless seekers of the Truth, could find some "clues" regarding topics such as, "fallen angels" "; the "intruder star" and its terrible influence on planet Earth and its population; the verticalization of the earth's axis; certain "incarnate angels" who have been helping Humanity on the path of evolution; how the end of time will be ... The conversation with the extraterrestrial entity continued for several days but the text that follows is a summary that includes the most important and significant:

Day 5-8-88.

"(...) The entire Earth will be convulsed to the point of changing its external appearance in a substantial way, certain areas of the planet will disappear while lands that are today covered by the oceans will emerge, from the interior of the planet will arise igneous materials that will change their surface and nothing will be as it was before, it is not about the destruction of planet Earth, but an important transformation of it, so that the living conditions are profoundly altered. life as it is perceived today, it is not about the destruction of life, but about the conditioning of life. "

"Humanity is not homogeneous but is clearly stratified in order to its evolutionary level so that there are hierarchies among human beings according to their vital guidelines." Some put the things of the spirit before and move according to the impulses of the elevated, of the transcendental, while in others the primary feelings typical of less evolved beings prevail.

All these groups have been given sufficient opportunities to experiment in order to positive evolution, but the results have not been satisfactory and degradation can be observed. "

Day 6-8-88.

"(...) The process is not something fast in the earthly concept of time, although the symptoms will be very evident You know that the prophecy announces for that end the performance of the Son of Man, which will dispose to Humanity according to its merits Well, that separation, that distinction between men will be heartbreaking, because those who are separated to "the left" will understand their loss when they no longer have time to mourn. "

"In truth I tell you that it will be very bitter times and it will not be enough to look to Heaven and seek the forgiveness of the Father, because no one who has not attained the level of precise evolution can be admitted to" the right "of God. you are very clear, it is not enough with forgiveness, because evolution is supported and justified in adaptation, apart from men, all those who have not achieved the appropriate level of evolution can not ascend and will be called to repeat experiences until, finally, achieve the elevation.

All of them, marked by common features, will be subjected to a less evolved type of life, as a whole, than the current one and where all the situations that they generate will normally occur with their low vibration.

In that state they will lack the element of compensation represented by beings more evolved than themselves and who were their neighbors on Earth. These will no longer be in their society because their destiny is different. No positive influence can mitigate its activity, except those that it generates. Put another way, at that level you will find the fruit of your own perverse generations materialized in an environment, under completely hostile, primary circumstances. "

-Question: Is it a final fall?

-Response: "Not at all, although it will be for a long time." The depuration will be slow After that announced separation from Man, all "of the left" will be directed to another place, I mean that, after his physical disembodiment, There they will find bodies more primal than them since it is a later Life Surge and, among them, they will discover their own primitivism and, in many cases, they will perceive the memory of a better past, and Then they will look for a way to improve that primary environment in a more evolved and complex one, and it is equally to be hoped that, satisfied with its primitivism, already satisfied with its selfish and materialistic behavior, it will understand and act in a more spiritual direction. time that finds itself and develops other behaviors, also helps to accelerate the evolution of its neighbors, more primal beings than him. "

Q.- What relation does this phenomenon have with what we know as "the fall of the angels"?

R.- "It is the same event as the one mentioned by you." Indeed, the "fallen angels" were housed in another world less evolved, inferior and, among the inhabitants of that world, which are humans, they have to find the way to regain its rank, that is, to ascend The mechanism used in Creation is always the same, those who, because they have not adapted, slow down the evolution of their peers are, at a certain moment, separated and far away. So it was with certain angels and so it will be again with human beings. "
-Where will the "descended" humans go?

R .- "It must be explained what the Final will really be, in which the idea of purification is implicit, the process will be fulfilled thanks to the action of a celestial body that will approach the Earth enough to convulse it with its energy This planet is approaching, because it describes an orbit that signals, in the near future, the maximum approach, in this way, as the distance between both planets decreases, the effects will be clearer.

The biggest and definitive one is the progressive verticalization of the earth's axis. The Earth, lost its current inclination, will undergo great changes. In the first place, the temperatures will suffer a strong modification with deviation of the poles and the equatorial zones. As the poles vary, the whole climate will vary and so will the oceans. In this way, lands that today remain hidden in the seabed will emerge to the surface while others, now visible, will be swallowed up by the waters. Thus, where there was life, only vestiges remain and, in the new lands, the New Life will be implanted. That planet will cause these and many more changes that will lead to scenes of pain. "

"But it will also produce another effect: with its orbit charged with primary energy and in harmony with the energies channeled by those humans that we place" to the left ", it will cause a suction, a strong attraction of everything that vibrates in its same frequency and, that will be dragged to him, that will be the new place of experiences and life for "the separated ones", for "the fallen ones".

Day 12-8-88.

I have talked about the end and the destiny of the non-evolved humans at the required level. You must know that this group will be very numerous because almost two thirds (2/3) of Humanity will follow that luck. Of the remaining group, it is convenient that you know that not all are equal. There is a part, which is the largest in number, composed of authentically human beings, that is, beings whose evolution is developing on planet Earth and which we call Men. But there is a part of beings among them that are not Men, but beings that have already transcended to other levels of consciousness and that normally inhabit another place in the Universe.

These beings can be considered as "non-human", although they manifest physically as such, since they come from another place. They are all there for some reason that has to do with their own evolution or with their work. That is to say, they are beings who have accessed this plane to carry out some concrete experience and who, once it has finished, must return to their place of origin, to their Source. From this group you must distinguish two groups.

The first of them, more numerous, is formed by beings that in their moment were "thrown" to that planet, Earth, that was of evolutionary rank inferior to his, like means to perfect himself, as it happened with the fallen angels and of the same way that now is going to happen with humans. They have found in this medium hostile, rude, not very subtle, just the psychic environment they had developed and, the memory of what they were, has stimulated the desire to recover everything they had, seeking a more conscious and quick evolution.

With their evolutionary haste, they have also contributed to accelerating that of the human race, which, in general, has been able to favor this trend. These beings, in general, will return to their place of origin after the earthly experience. All but a few that, far from reaching the necessary level, have degraded with respect to the original level. They will follow the same path as humans descending to another level and, therefore, will be equally inhabitants of that approaching planet. "

"Finally, there is the smallest group, composed of beings from other planets more evolved than the Earth and who are in it fulfilling a specific mission.These beings have been able to live several embodied lives as Men, always serving as guides in one way or another. All of them will be taken from the Earth before the last moment, that is how it is written and it will be like that. "

"Then will be the dramatic moments announced by the prophets, and life will disappear from the planet for a long period until the expected conditions of habitability are regained." Once these have been achieved, life will be implanted once again from that part of humanity that succeeded. ascend evolutionarily. "

.- How will the end of that part of humanity have lived?

R .- "That collective of approximately one third (1/3) of the total, will be sent to the astral region where it will be assisted by higher beings who will prepare their future bodies." It will be a completely happy stay, where they will be able to develop qualities that are emerging today. they will be fundamental in their new earthly life, this collective will be disembodied in the final moment by a sudden and painless death. "

Q. - Could not they be kept somewhere safe on the planet?

R .- "No place on the planet will be safe from events." (MAS ALLA, February 1990).

I think it has a certain fit with what is provided by the C's.

What is your opinion?


The Force is Strong With This One
Law of conservation of momentum.

May be our international friends, ouside Spain does not know the environement in late 80's in this country.
Those spiritual isues were not concern. Main concent was "La Movida" (The Move On), a cultural and musical rich and bright change.
We went from the rigid religious catholic imbalance to the rigid materialistic imbalance.
So this type of article was not "trend topic" when published, this made it more valuable, a jewell in fact.

I realy like, not only the "lyrics" but also the "music" and "rythm" of the message.
For me, this entity delivers a severe message from an wise, positive and encouraging point of view.

The most original theory, in it, is the way a celestial body can shoot geographical changes without broke the law of conservation of momentum of inertia. For example, an increase of only 2,3ms every century on the rotational day on earth is responsible of several Terawatt of tidal energy, and moon must move 2" far from earth every year to keep the momentum. A change in the axis on earth could start those changes honoring this law.

I'm getting the magazine, I would like to read the whole article.

Tanks for sharing.
Hi, altomaltes. What is the possibility of this happening?

I have seen in your file that you are from Gijon. Well, there is a high probability that from this summer I moved to live in that city permanently. Synchronism?

In any case, I'm glad you liked the excerpt from the article. It was published in one or two forums about five years ago and then there was no further dissemination.

There are things that hit me hard when I read them and this was one of them.

A greeting, seeker of the truth.


The Force is Strong With This One
A greeting, seeker of the truth.
Not really, I don,t think Truth must be searched for, it is mighty and clever enough to appear as needed. Instead I settle for a sustainable position, this implies a clean intent, and not to be seduced, may be the only human flaw.

Are you move to Gijón? I don´t know you have been here before. If not, I would like to tell you this little city (250.000) does not let nobody indifferent. Lets say is not a mild land. We have beach ,mountains and international visitors on a 50Km radius, so you can escalate "El Urriellu" on the morning and take a bath on the sea in the evening . Some friends from Germany told me they are going to throw away the contents of the refrigerator after eating here.

The worst part? I'm pretty sure Spain is target for out STS friends, so, artificial imbalances. Just for Tenerife Island it's worth this targetting. In fact I witnessed an history, related to our uncomfortable friends there, worth to share in this forum.

So, keep in touch. It coul be a good idea, being shown a new land by someone from here, Ja,ja


FOTCM Member
altomaltes and Wandering Star, we do not recommend contact between forum members as a general rule. The reason being that we have had problems in the past with this kind of thing. Laura commented on it to another member a while ago and I'd like to share it here with you and any others contemplating meeting up with other members:

.....as a general rule we don't permit forum members to solicit meetings with other forum members unless we know the individuals in question pretty well. On our private FOTCM forum, there are group meetups, skype interactions, and group visits with us here or at HQ in North Carolina. All of this is generally supervised until we feel more or less confident that the individuals are sincere and trustworthy. This is not a suggestion that you aren't, but merely based on wide experience of the net and how people are not always as they present themselves online.
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