Old weird dream, that I remember since moment when i had it


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Hello everyone,
If I may I would like to talk about one dream that i had when I was in middle school (it was at least few years ago). One day when I went to sleep I've dreamed about aliens, the funny part of it is that the dream didn't tell all the story from the point when it should started. In this dream it started when I "awake" on alien ship. In this starting point I felt very fearful and I knew that aliens want to find me becouse I escaped from them. I tried to hide and ascape but they found me and in this moment I waked up. I thinked that this Was a commonly dream but at second night I had the same dream, and I wake up in the same moment. As far as I remember my dreams never repeat themselfs soo I thinked that something is weird and then the next night came with the same dream. I didn't remember how many times this dream was repeated to me (three or four I think) but the last time when I had it I remembered in this dream about this dream and I had enough. I was very terrified as always in this dream but I decided that this is time to end this. I always hided and run but at this moment I attacked one from the aliens, I took from him his weird weapon with idea of ending this right here right now. The dream changed, aliens started to run from me and in this moment I waked up. The dream never came to me again. As far as I remember this is my only dream about aliens. I wanna ask, what do you think about it?


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Hello Kmicic,
I think that the last dream can mean that you have gained knowledge, you now know who you are and that you have found your way and in my opinion, you will not have the same dream in the future.


It' s good that U can stand in front of them while You are dreaming( is when You are awake) Every Time I dream with other beings I directly awake :) I will give u an example about attack. One time i attack other being, after time I realised I did something wrong... I attack.... From that time I don't do it anymore The difference is that my situation Was in Life.... The dream world and the World we live in are similar in that meaning that we are learning, continiously :)


The Force is Strong With This One
Thank you for reply Christine, biala84! It might be some change in me that created those dreams becouse I had that dream in time when I was learning a lot about world and myself. Aiming on that part about attack is interesting becouse as far as I remember I didn't truly attack that alien, that was just something like "I had enough, I will not fear of you anymore" and that weapon wasn't truly a weapon but something more symbolic - some symbol of control I think.
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