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I have been seeing kinesiologists for quite some time now, to great avail, I must say. The modality works for me and I have definitely made huge progress on many of my programs. When my last kinesiologist retired, I stopped for a while before finding Holley around March this year.

She does things differently, she does her brand of kinesiology/transformational coaching (and more) over the phone or via zoom. And although she is based in Australia, she can do sessions with anyone around the world. If you are having trouble finding a kinesiologist where ever you are around the world, and you'd like to give it a try from the comfort of your own space this might be for you.

I can highly recommend her services and have recommended her to others in the Australia group and there are currently 3 of us who have session with her.

This is how she describes her services

"I work with individuals who are peeling back the layers of conditioning, beliefs and patterns to discover and live from their most authentic, whole and connected self.

People who are ready and willing to look within, get uncomfortable, speak up, feel, heal and let go. People ready to embody more of their worth and create change in their life with loving acceptance of who they are in this moment.

My work is for those who seek clarity, support, safety, unconditional love and who seek to move through the layers of their own journey inwards as a means to move forwards. This work is for human beings at any stage of their personal development, spiritual and healing journey.

Together we will build on your existing tools and self understanding as we create more trust, faith, safety and clarity and deepen your relationship with yourself.

The combination of Kinesiology and Coaching techniques provides support on an emotional, mental, spiritual and physiological level and builds your personalised 'tool kit' of personal development techniques that can be used again and again."

This the link to her website - Home and you can email her via the contact tab on her site

I have no affiliation with Holley other than being a client, I just think she does great "work" and thought it might be useful for some members who might want to try it out from their own space.
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