Our angel Rui, a true STO passed away..


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Hello all
One of our dearest cats, Rui passed away on 16th May approx. 12:00 noon and I wanted to share this news because my wife and I have been finding it very hard to overcome the feeling of sadness and loneliness that has overcome us. We will try and find the strength that is necessary to overcome these feelings eventually but another reason to share is to commemorate her life and provide an inspiration to other readers and forum members.
We have had pets before, both cats and dogs but Rui was very special and established a certain unbreakable bond with us. We got her as a kitten of 3 months old around March 2012 and a week later got another kitten of just under 3 months whom we named as Simi. From 2012 until late 2018, we have gone through a lot of personal struggles and life-altering changes which could have nearly destroyed us. The details are too private to divulge. But during each of those pivoting moments, what made us take steps in the right direction was the thought that what would happen to Rui or how would she cope with this or that etc. Somehow the thought of seeing Rui in pain made us stay together and work things out in the right direction.
Rui was a cat and yet she exhibited angel like behaviours. Every-time my wife was sad or ill, Rui would come on her own and sit in her laps. She didn’t come to ask for food or attention, she just came to give her comfort and unconditional love. She helped heal my wife of her past trauma from bad experiences by bringing out her motherly affections. After a day out in the workplace in a soul-destroying job, my wife would feel instantly energised and healed by the mere action of Rui coming into her laps and resting.
Rui was very open and accepting of other cats which is why she accepted Simi within minutes, and both became very close like sisters sharing their food/water bowls and using the same litterbox. Rui did not meow like other cats but used to utter a musical cooing sound like when a cat tries to call out to the birds. She never ever meowed. She would play-fight with Simi but also loved playing by herself. She would seemingly run around the house in the gallery and kitchen, past all the furniture with her back lifted upwards which made for a really amusing sight. It was as if she had to let out the energy bursting inside her. It wasn’t like how other cats run and play, it was much more intense and joyful with Rui. Not even dogs are that much active, and I have had a few.
Rui never liked being touched or picked up by anyone except by my wife and myself only if I approached her gently. She came from a foster home before we got her from SPCA and had suffered some trauma (likely birth related) and cat flu. When we walked in the cat display area, my wife asked to see Rui and she grabbed hold of her with her dear life and would not let go. It was as if a bond had been established where she chose my wife as her mother. We went around to look at other cats but my wife insisted on her so, we adopted her. She was quite shy around the house so, we decided to get another kitten to give her company hence ended up getting a tomboy and highly active kitten, Simi. Simi opened her up as a play-mate and Rui showered her with motherly affection and love. Rui always looked out for Simi even though Simi would act like a typical cat with selfish tendencies. Simi would sometimes growl at Rui when agitated from neighbourhood cats but Rui would just act calmly and not growl back.
Rui had some breathing difficulties early on if she exerted too much but my wife healed her with homeopathy and she grew into a big and healthy adult of around 6 Kgs. But due to that childhood illness, we always held an impression that perhaps she had asthma inside her which could come out in the future. She also suffered trauma from the de-sexing process. When her stitches were removed, her wound tore open whilst playing at home so, we had to get it re-stitched and patiently waited for it to heal completely before final removal. I must add that she hated going to the vet or getting inside the cage. About a week ago, she was outside with Simi playing in the lawn, smelling and eating the grass as the cats usually do. It was a chilly morning but nothing unusual as she had been outside during worse winters. As she came inside, we noticed a more pronounced movement of her lungs which wasn’t subsiding. We suspected that her asthma from childhood has finally returned and gave her the appropriate homeopathic remedy. The day went by but her breathing was still the same and lung movement still pronounced. We called in a home vet who gave her an injection and some tablets and advised to get her x-rayed. We hate allopathic treatments so, we decided to not take her to the vet for X-ray. In fact, it was my decision to not take her even though my wife pleaded me to take her. I asked my wife to keep treating her asthma with homeopathy as we firmly believe that only homeopathy can cure asthma permanently whereas allopathic treatments only prolong the misery. My protective father instincts prevented me from making Rui go through such misery. Rui’s condition did not improve for 2 days so, we took her to a more experienced homeopath who was very compassionate. Rui would generally hiss and bite people who tried to touch her but she allowed the homeopath to touch and check her lungs with stethoscope. He prescribed a remedy for Rui which seemingly brought her lungs movement down and appeared to heal her but that improvement only lasted for a day. Next day, she struggled a lot with breathing rate rising to around 55 strokes per minute. I watched her all day via a webcam from the office. This was the Wednesday, 15th May 2019.
On the morning of 16th May 2019, upon being scolded by my wife (and rightly so), I took the day off from work, dropped my wife to her work and called the homeopath advising him about Rui’s degrading health. He advised to get her X-rayed immediately so, I called around and took her to the first vet available with a morning appointment. Rui got into the cage without much struggle which was a bit unusual for her as she hated the cage. She sat next to me inside the cage on the passenger seat in the front and looked outside enjoying the views. Her breathing seemed a bit normal and improved. We reached the vet and I placed her on a seat by the window where she looked outside enjoying the birds and trees. She was like this for good 30 minutes and people brought in other sick cats and barking dogs but she was non-perturbed. Not a care in the world. I put my finger inside the cage and she put her nose against it and just sat down to rest. A nurse took her in and put her on oxygen support advising me that Rui looked a bit pale and needed urgent attention. 30 minutes later, the vet comes out requesting approval for X-ray which I promptly approve. Another 30 minutes of wait and they take me into a private room advising that Rui has fluid depositing around and inside her lungs due to some condition with her heart. I do not recall the exact detail of what the vet said but apparently, it’s a life-threatening condition and quite common among pet animals. I enquired about my options and vet advised that they can either perform a fluid extraction procedure which would help settle her lungs or euthanise her. I asked how long she could live if the procedure succeeds to which vet replied that she is not certain. It could be weeks to months as fluid may fill up again due to her heart degrading. I told her to perform the extraction procedure and save Rui at all costs.
My thinking around that time was that if they can somehow save Rui by getting the fluid out, we can save and revive her heart by treating with homeopathy. Vet advised that the procedure would take few hours and asked me to head home and expect their phone call. I was quite emotional by this stage having learned that it wasn’t asthma and me being so insistent on not bringing her to the vet earlier. I asked if I could see Rui before I headed home so, the vet went inside to get the clearance. She did not come out for 10 minutes. Right then, another vet comes out telling me that Rui has gone into CPR and that there were 4-5 vets working very hard to revive her breath!!!!
I was devastated!! I did not know what to say or how to express any emotion whatsoever. What will I tell my wife! I requested to go inside and the vet took me to Rui. She was surrounded with vets pumping her lungs and around the neck area repeatedly. They had been trying fir last 10 minutes. Generally, they give up after 2 minutes. I asked them to keep going for another 5 minutes. I asked them to zap her with electricity, but they apparently don’t keep that equipment and don’t generally do that to the pets. Likely due to fur catching fire.
I touched Rui hoping against hope that she would have life in her still but no, her body gave no sign of life. She was truly gone. I recorded the CPR process for a minute on my phone so, that I could show it to my wife. She needed to see it. I deleted that video and other photos we took of her condition later so, that only her good memories remain with us.
I took leave for 5 minutes and called my wife breaking the news. It was devastating for her. Imagine telling a mother that her daughter has died!! I asked the vets to hold her for next couple of hours as I drove frantically to pick-up my wife from work and brought her to the hospital. They put us in a private room and brought Rui’s body wrapped in a red blanket. My wife unwrapped the blanket and embraced Rui against her chest tightly sobbing and crying. Rui looked beautiful as ever without a scratch on her body. Her eyes looked like there was still life inside them and she appeared so calm and resting in peace. We spent few minutes crying and hugging Rui and my wife decided that it was time for her to let go. We asked Rui to be cremated individually as we prefer body to be dissolved back into nature as quickly as possible to help the soul leave this world peacefully. She was cremated on Friday, 17th May in the afternoon I believe as we were asked not to attend the cremation due to the emotional impact it can have. We are waiting for her ashes now which we intend to disperse in a river.
We took leave from the hospital and were inconsolable for most of the afternoon. To us, its like loosing a daughter. It’s devastating to say the least and there is nothing which will help ease the pain other than bringing her back to life. Later that night, we managed to fall asleep due to exhaustion, but wife had a dream that Rui has come home to eat from the food bowl. My wife woke up instantly and started crying looking at her photos. She painfully said, “Rui, you came home to eat only, not to see your mum”. I got up hearing my wife crying and asked her to try and get some sleep. She slept for 30 minutes and the woke up again. Right that moment, my wife saw a large apparition of what appeared to be a larger than life sized Rui approaching her gently from the direction of large mirror in the attached bathroom. Rui walked right up to my wife and went inside her body and disappeared away. My wife tells me that Rui looked like a beautiful princess like a white angel full of light and she came to tell her that everything is ok. She came to tell her that she is in the right place where there is no suffering and she is breathing again and free from all restraints. My wife felt extremely light in her heart after that experience and had a trouble-free sleep and woke up rejuvenated next morning until the feelings of loneliness struck again when she didn’t find her play-toy in the water bowl. It was a ritual that Rui almost used to perform where she would play all night with a toy in her mouth making cooing sounds and then leave the toy in the water bowl for us to then take it out next morning and clean the bowl. We didn’t hear any cooing sounds last night!!
We discussed my wife’s experience and I truly believe that Rui did visit her before passing through the second gate in the spirit world. We still cried during next day each time we thought of her and today hasn’t been much easier either. We are recovering slowly and steadily but it hasn’t been easy. We still have Simi, Rui’s companion with us who is starting to feel Rui’s absence. It’s a process each of us must go through but the feeling of emptiness and loneliness is killing and unbearable.
We have been trying to reconcile and observe the events of last week and come to an understanding that Rui was a true STO being who came to help us and be of service to us. She was a cat and yet had qualities not typical of a cat. She gave her love and attention to the people she trusted unconditionally. She would allow Simi to eat from the food bowl/treats before her whilst patiently waiting for her turn. She always respected the food/treats we gave her and chewed it before eating. Most cats just want to gulp it down. She never chased after birds though she would call out to them like a friend. She wouldn’t even bother with bugs in the house which Simi loves to hunt and eat. She was always friendly towards neighbourhood cats and other animals. She didn’t like people or kids touching or grabbing her and felt safe only around us. She would wait for us to sit down and then come running in my wife laps. She would just lay there and sleep demanding nothing else.
She found clever ways to reach into the cups of the indoor water fountain which we had in the corner of our living room. She would patiently wait for the water to trickle down via cascade of cups forming little waterfalls to her level where she would just stick her tongue out and let water fall in. She was almost a connoisseur when trying different types of food. Just a day before she passed away, she had tried various delicacies we had prepared and had beaten Simi into submission during play-fighting. She always had amazing reserves of energy which she would express out unconditionally.
We worked out that she always had that heart condition building inside her due to the mentioned traumatic experiences in her childhood. My wife likely revived her and extended her life for so long so, we ought to be happy and celebrate her passing into the afterlife on a new journey.
And when we analysed our life experiences during last years and how Rui carried herself and us through those experiences some of which are private to ourselves, and using the knowledge we have gained from the forum and our own research and learnings, we can safely deduce that Rui was a manifestation of a very advanced STO soul from higher densities or from highly evolved animal soul-group who came to us as the “help” that C’s have often mentioned in the channellings. The way she transformed our lives and the emotions we have felt from her passing is unique and different from other pet losses we have experienced. The way she helped us and filled our life with joy and learnings is an amazing template of how STO help can be proffered to souls in struggle whilst honouring free-will. Rui never liked anyone touching her and she didn’t want any medical instrument inside her body so, she made the decision for us. It was like she was telling me that – “Its ok dad, I know you are trying to save me but you wouldn’t need to make the decision to euthanise me either today or in the future. Even if you save me today, I don’t want to suffer and live in the pain so, I am leaving you now. I have made that decision for you”. She left this world exactly at that moment when I signed the paper to authorise the fluid extraction process. I believe that she lived with us for a week just to give us company and didn’t want to be at the hospital hence she did everything as she normally would to grace us with her presence till the last moments of her life. If that’s not STO, I don’t know what is!!!
So, I wanted to post this to honour Rui, a true legend and one of its kind. I know she is waiting for us in the afterlife and we will find her whenever that moment arrives. The bond is there now and forever. We are trying to move on from her loss and learn from her. We are now trying use whatever time we have left in this world to learn as much as possible and make Rui proud. She sacrificed herself for our happiness and growth and it must be respected and honoured.
I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that the higher density STO beings do listen and care for us and all of you out there. If you are truly seeking, then help will arrive to you in ways that you may not even realise. It will arrive in a shape or form where your distortions and free-will will be respected. An STO being will come to you risking everything and it would be up to you to experience and cherish it.
I am sharing a photo of Rui below in her memory. She was born around early December 2011 (exact date unknown) and went into the After-life on 16th May 2019 just before 12:00 noon.
Rui, we hope you enjoy your journey in after-life and live life to the fullest. Always be happy and give joy to others around you wherever you go!! Thank you very much from the bottom of our hearts for coming into our lives and giving us so much joyful memories.
PS - Rui is a Hindi name which means "Cotton".

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Thanks for writing this Sid. She truly deserves her story to be shared and that everyone can understand the indirect ways help comes from the universe.
I love you Rui and mum will miss you badly my baby. I know you are here inside us and I can feel your presence. May the creator bless your soul my angel.
She is so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your story. What a wonderful thing that your wife saw Rui in a dream and in the later vision. I know you are grieving and will be for a long time. I completely understand. Wishing you love and strength to make it through this hard time.
Thank you for sharing Rui's story with us, Sid. It is quite the beautiful eulogy for her. She was truly a wonderful companion and a beautiful little soul. I would think that Rui knew just how important she was to you both; and how very much loved she was by you both. You and your wife take care of yourselves while grieving (as well as at all other times). A :hug: to both of you.
Thank you to share the life of Rui, the beautiful white cat. I believe that cats and dogs are choosing us to make us more human, to share love, to heal us. Your story made my cry because some of us had dogs and cats that shared our lives and when they go the void in our lives is so big. Later we know that they are still in our hearts, companions for the rest of our lives. They are part of us because we are part of them. Their spirit continues to give us courage and love. I hope you wife is doing well, and you also. :hug2:
So sorry for your loss Sid. It is very hard to lose a cherished companion and it is easy to beat ourselves up for the things we feel we should have done differently while we are in pain of that loss. For what it's worth, I don't think our pets who have crossed over hold our errors of judgement against us, so take it easy on your heart.
What a beautiful story, and thank you for sharing Rui with us.
A pet companion is a wonderful thing. You were so lucky to her her in your lives.
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Thank you for your story of Rui and for posting her picture. She looks as sensitive and wise as you describe. You will always remember her, but eventually I hope more with joy at having known her, than pain for her loss.
Thank you so much everyone for sending us so much strength..
We feel so much lighter in the head after sharing our pain and we know that we have the support of the group like a family. :hug2:
Thank you for sharing Rui's story, Sid. She was a special, beautiful cat and she will always live in your hearts. It is difficult to loose a furry family member and to let them go. May she rest in peace. Hugs to you and your wife.
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Thank you everyone for your messages and support. We are a little better today as time heals everything slowly and steadily. It felt better to post it here and let it out a bit, it all helps. We took our other cat, Simi out for a walk today just to get her used to some new smells and change the routine a bit. She has to learn to cope and let go of Rui with our help.
Its been a realisation of sorts that all life below 5D is ever changing- nothing lasts forever. Even though in the moments of despair and loneliness, time appears to stop but it never really does. We come here for a short period to learn and teach hence why its called a school. We may feel sorrowful because someone has left us but everyone and everything is evolving and progressing. Too much lamenting could lead to wallowing which is a selfish act. Learning to let go and letting life play out as it does is an act of STO.

Thank you to share the life of Rui, the beautiful white cat. I believe that cats and dogs are choosing us to make us more human, to share love, to heal us. Your story made my cry because some of us had dogs and cats that shared our lives and when they go the void in our lives is so big. Later we know that they are still in our hearts, companions for the rest of our lives. They are part of us because we are part of them. Their spirit continues to give us courage and love. I hope you wife is doing well, and you also. :hug2:
That is aptly put, thank you. Our 2D companions help us to grow so, that we can help them grow as well. That's how STO energies are exchanged.

The way she helped us and filled our life with joy and learnings is an amazing template of how STO help can be proffered to souls in struggle whilst honouring free-will.

That is so insightful to know you could see that in a 2D member of your family. We have had different dogs and cats in our family and they become truly like family. The memories are precious and the memories are always there.

I wanted to bring everyone’s attention to the fact that the higher density STO beings do listen and care for us and all of you out there. If you are truly seeking, then help will arrive to you in ways that you may not even realise. It will arrive in a shape or form where your distortions and free-will will be respected. An STO being will come to you risking everything and it would be up to you to experience and cherish it

We may be surprised if we see them later in their 3D state I think.

My deepest condolences to you and your wife in this time of grieving. :hug2:
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