Over The Navy Annex featuring Terry Morin

Craig Ranke CIT

Padawan Learner
First new presentation of 2009!

This is a 24 minute addendum to The North Side Flyover where we release the conversation I had with witness Terry Morin in person at his house.

He confirmed he was in between the wings of the Navy Annex and saw the plane fly directly over the building.

Just like the north of the citgo claim, this simple fact is absolutely fatal to the official story as the plane directly over the Navy Annex is irreconcilable with all official data, reports, and the physical damage proving the plane did not hit the Pentagon.

Terry Morin is a marine aviator and has therefore been considered an "expert" witness in favor of the official story since he believes the plane hit and ironically thinks what he witnessed disproves the "conspiracy theories" when the opposite is true.

This is a prime example why independent confirmation of eyewitness accounts is critical to unraveling this deception because specific details like whether or not the plane flew directly over the Navy Annex (or north of the citgo) essentially expose what really happened on that day.

View presentation here:

Craig Ranke CIT

Padawan Learner
Here is Terry's described POV of the plane compared to what it would be if the required official flight path was accurate.


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