The scene, a hardwood floor stage with limited furnishings, an open desk with dual computer monitors and a Herman Miller chair. A podium is sitting center stage a few feet from the front edge. The seating is arranged by rows curving around the stage. How many rows depends on the number of visitors to the session. As those that are arriving fill in the empty seats, the lights come up on the stage.

A taller gentleman, overweight and showing many gray hairs, walks up the stairway on the right side of the stage. As he reaches the stage level a limp is noticeable, even more as he moves over to the podium. Good morning and the session starts.

This is one of my unique but necessary side tracks that I am bound to do every once in a while. I stepped back and looked at categorizing the crop circles using the self-created Paleo-Almanac categories listing. I also stepped back and started a new thread just pertaining to the Paleo-Almanac to keep this separate. And this is by no means relieving me of my normal sessions on crop circles in 3D, this is just part of that.

I started this rambling long ago, it has and always will be on my mind when reviewing CC’s. So, sit back and enjoy the session …

Rambling of a Wandering Mind. What would you want to tell someone first?

Theoretical concept. If you were able to tell someone something, something substantially important, something that could change your interpretation of reality. What would it be? I ask this as this is what we are looking at, in these first crop circles. They are trying to tell us, or lead us in a core understanding of obscure principals that we have most likely, forgotten over time. Principals that we once knew and were passed onto the next generation, time and time again. But at some point, we lost these principals. The connection to this realm of knowledge was disconnected, it was not passed onto the following generation. There had to be a reason for this disconnect.

Was it quick? Was it in response to a religious outbreak? Did it become a forbidden science? Was it wiped out to hide its purpose? Was the knowledge erased due to some event of cosmic nature? And the big question is when did we lose this knowledge? Was it all at once or did it happen slowly over a period of time? My mind is blinded by all of these connotations. The answer to all of these is an absolute YES. And I would put the event of cosmic nature in the lead.

Back on these CC’s, we have a dilemma. What would you want to tell this world first? And I am reviewing my Paleo-Almanac categories, which of these would be most important to address first. General needs come to my attention as an important item but not something that I might place first. I would expect introductions would be the first item that we would see and how to communicate with each other. But with CC’s appearing possibly hundreds of years ago with the only photographically recorded ones just from 1989 year. We may be too late for this level of interfacing. So, I would expect that the next level would be to involve some familiar subjects and known objects in Mathematics or concepts of energy (to tantalize is with). Something that would definitely help us in interfacing. To know what and who is around us seems high on the chart, that would be under culture in the society and social categories.

I believe that some of these were true. In 1989 we saw the CC that was identified as alternating current. In 1990 there were cultural displays, connections to the realm around us. 1991 brought us a simplified version of a fractal for PI. 1993 showed us culture items along with the big teaser in science, universe in a laboratory. 1994 things took off. We were given the privilege to see many new CC concepts. The rush of knowledge, in a preliminary form. Culture was in many CC’s but now you got more science related items as in some kind of planetary descriptions, or evolving’s, or even an ideology change. Science looks to be the main topic in 1995 with a dash of arts thrown in. 1995 progressed in culture, science but then a new item showed up. It looked like something growing, leading me to believe that this is the first showing of a general knowledge of plants as a source of food (but I could be wrong). We may also be seeing some early versions of self in the form of one that I identified with “thought center, spirit center and physical center”, in this year.

1997 was a big year for CC’s variety. I see expansion of CC’s in all major categories. They were wanting to get the word out, don’t ya think. And now I am in 1998 and this just enhanced all of them in many unexpected ways.

My compression factor first appeared in 1996 and has only increased in usage. Now I am not too sure that this is the right name for this element, but it is what I am using until I figure out a better descriptor.

This brings me to the lesson at hand and what to present for today. What I am looking at doing is to review all crop circles that we have looked at up to the ones that I have done in 1998. I am going to include all from photos that I have gathered those that I can now connect to. This will be more than I generated models for. There were so many that I passed over, mainly due to time factors, others to complexity, and there are those that were suspected of fraud, at least in part.

If you have not already guessed it, I am trying to collate these crop circles together in some identifying pattern. The patterns that I tried before left me with some level of questioning the results. Now I think that I have a better collating solution, but even this can change, at least improve. My intention is to take all images that I can get ahold of and sort them into their respective group according to my categories in the Paleo-Almanac.

Of note: I know that my listing of categories on my Paleo-Almanac is not complete in any form. There are nomenclature issues that I have with many of the terms that I am using. My problem is that I do not know of anything better. So, I will continue to use and evolve the concept as needed. I believe that I have a fair major category breakdown that I can use, even with the nomenclature issues.

I have looked at other sorting concepts that have been done. I expect that there others here that have even looked at this need to comprehend them beyond that of this reality. I believe that this time we have an advantage. The information that the chateau group has brought us from the C’s. Indispensable knowledge and truths from a reliable source. The main items of it being that all CC’s are an almanac and the translations of CC’s in the crop circles catalog.

This task may take me a while, so you may want to take in a movie, or twenty, while I am working this one. I’ll be back, eventually. The elderly man steps away from the podium and sits down at the desk. With the darkness in the audience a light show erupted from the monitors and lit up the seating, the real work has begun …

It seemed like an eternity but eventually the man stood up and stretched. He turned around and headed over to the podium again. Instead of stopping at the podium he turned and started pacing back and forth on the front curve of the stage …

I have made it through 1994 so far in CC’s. I have stopped here to give an update on my findings. I sorted, questioned, queried, examined these CC’s to a great extent. The end findings are absolutely fascinating. I found that most CC’s in these years were identifying two major areas, Culture and Self-People-Healing. With culture leading in CC numbers.

As I stated before we are late in seeing the first CC’s. So, we are somewhere in the beginning but not at the start. What I have determined is that these CC’s were focused on telling us who we need to know about. The self-group may be necessary elements that could affect our outcomes pertaining to accenting. The rest were scattered in other categories, most with a single entry.

In these years I have 4 crop circles that have known identifiers, as provided in the crop circle catalog. The first one is ‘Alternating Current’ and needs no further definition. As an expression of energy (of note: I changed the basic needs category to Fundamentals) in the fundamental category. The second is Interdimentionality, which I am thinking is some kind of mathematical influence. The third is Universe as Laboratory, which seems to be science related. All of these were individual representations in their respective categories.

The forth CC was identified as Longing. I have to admit that after I have been reviewing and researching this aspect of life, I do not like it very much. Do not get me wrong I have always said that I am longing for a life away from this 3D madhouse of a reality that we are in, and this may just be how I look at this term. Let’s start with a definition of the word.

“Longing; strong, persistent desire or craving, especially for something unattainable or distant:”

Briefly that is ‘a desire for something unattainable’. This means that whatever it is that you are longing for, you are not going to get it, it will always be out of your grasp. Well I do not know about you, but now I know a little more about the term, I no longer have a longing anymore.

A category to put this in, within the categories that I have set up. Longing to me seems like a psychological flavor to it. Like you are fooling yourself is you use it, in any phrase. Cold be another element to wishful thinking. And we do not want to think like that, do we?

But this leaves a dilemma. As I have a few other CC’s that look similar to the Longing CC. If longing is a self-related CC, then these others may have some relevance to the same category. I am collecting them in this category for now.

The conclusion is that there was an importance to knowledge in the culture category. I can only speculate that there is knowledge shown here as to who is out there and very likely a warning, amongst these CC’s. I have this represented in the first two pages of attachments.

The third page has only one CC. I lack a major category definition for this sheet but it looks to have connections to 4D elements and ascending. We will use that for now.

The forth page is the newly renamed category is fundamentals. Again, only one CC resides here. I have an objective feeling that we missed some of these CC in this category, just because of no obtainable recorded events before 1989.

The fifth page is Self, People, Healing connected CC’s. I admit that I am an engineer with minimal knowledge in this arena. But I aligned a known CC, Longing, to this topic via a thorough review of available information. I very much could be wrong in aligning this to this group, I hope not. But if that is so then the others shown here are very similar, in some instances, to each other. Also, to note is the fact that this was the second most populated category, which I would expect, because this truly is important knowledge that will be used after ascension to the next density. Not to mention of the help it could represent as we move forward in this reality.

The last three pages are knowledge based with few additions here also. Lessons, the sixth page needs major work to define sub categories. I placed one CC here, but it is questionable whether it is correct for this grouping. This is a holder page for now. the seventh page is for mathematic functions. Interdimentionality, a known CC, resides here. The eighth page is the science page. I have universe as laboratory here and something that looks biological to me.

Recorded CC’s wanted us to focus on these two major categories, I agree with this focus of knowledge. It follows a form of logic that could be applied to this reality. An appearance of what we would call insects are present here and in the culture category. Could we assume that this might be revealing an insect lifeform in our prospective futures? Or a cultural aspect that is represented by the insect form, who knows. Hell, I could be totally wrong on any and all of this speculation. I do believe that I am finding a CC improvement curve as they progress, whether I have them correctly categorized or not.

I am going to continue to cleanup years 1995, 1996 & 1997 CC’s and blend them into what I have done and see where this takes the Paleo-Almanac.

The man departs back across the stage and down the steps. Until next time, Haiku (MST) …


Communication Crop Circles …

While on my journey in the CC realm, I came across this distraction. It all started with a known CC in the Crop Circles Catalog identified as ‘Communication’.

When I re-looked at this CC in the catalog, I thought that, you know I have seen something like that, just not exactly like this one. It was the four short parallel lines, I had seen them somewhere. And I was right.

While looking through my directories of images, I came across one. And then another and then, I found more, a total of seven were identified, and another that may have relevance. I have grouped them together on a single sheet, so you can see them.

First let’s look at the identified CC, communication. It is arranged with two centre’s on opposing ends, like most representations here, with an interconnecting line connected quadrant to quadrant of the centre’s. This is same with all others CC’s in this set except for one, I will get to that one later. One center of this CC has a halo object around it. Now an interesting point is the this same haloed centre is in four of these presentations, maybe representing a same or similar object. In seven of the CC’s, there are these four parallel lines, in the identified CC they are also connected by a crossing line to the ends of the inner two. The identified one is the only one with this feature, I need to review this a little later. But in each of these CC’s they have different placements whether closer to an end or centered between the centre’s. Now on 1 thru 4 and 6 & 7 there is a center without other features, varying in size. I would say the identified CC has centre’s of similar size.

Communication to me is a fundamental need to all, so I am adding it to this section of the Paleo-Almanac (and all of these others are going to tag along with it). This is important to me, and I expect you too, that we are able to connect, in some fashion (with wires here in 3D and totally wireless in 4D). The naming of this identified CC by the C’s is making me also review the rest of the identified CC’s and get them into the Paleo-Almanac. For now, I am going to continue on this group, this slide of CC’s.

The variety of CC’s on this slide makes me think that these all could be forms, stages or abilities of communications. I would expect that I should be able to find a commonality in who is the sender and who is the receiver in these communications. And in these CC’s this is evident by one object being, shall we say, more impressive looking, and will be identified as the sender. Thus, leaving the receiver the lesser object. As I noted earlier commonality is important.

Having all but one CC having the four parallel lines but in different distances from the centre’s involved. I have thoughts that this would be an indicator of capability in the communication. Is it on the sender end or the receiving end? This could signify who is putting out more energy to maintain the communication. Or it might show receivership capability. And this draws back to my original influences to CC’s, what does a straight line mean. Now we need to multiply that by a factor of four for these presentations. And interconnecting lines like in the identified CC that cross the line connecting the two centre’s. In this representation it is perpendicular and connecting the two inner parallel lines to this main center line. I suspect that this is to identify some kind of connection, a better connection to the main line of communication? So, an additional inclusion to this communication is represented in this perpendicular line, that’s cool. And in the identified CC, the parallel lines are closest to the receiver, possibly indicating a higher receivership capability.

Another commonality is the line interconnecting the two centre’s in all but one instance. We will get to that one. But the rest have a continuous line that looks to be the same width as the four parallel lines. This seems important, like that fact that six of these CC’s are aligned to the field crop lines. This alignment might be an indicator of effort needed for the communication. Or how secure a connection that you need to insure that you are connecting to an STO source. Or what you could receive if you get proper alignment. Might be some or all of these in some fashion. The last CC, #1 on the slide, is the ugly duckling, so to say. Its line does not connect, the parallel lines are at the midpoint and there is a step in the non-interconnecting line that steps at the same point as the parallel lines. Like communication is possible in this state but limited. But do note, that the parallel lines located in the midpoint between centre’s could mean that there is some level of receivership capability. But I would definitely state that whoever was communicating was not getting the real story. Might indicate a STS block at the step in this line, seems like a STS communication to me, but I could be wrong on that.

Now in the identified CC, and in four others, is the common centre with a halo. To me this is indicating a common sending element in all of these CC’s. When it is being used in the presentation is looks to be identical in size as the opposing centre, or close to it. This size variation could represent the commonality involved in the communication or a level of advancement that you must obtain to even receive the communication. I expect that a larger the center’s representation, the more advanced a civilization. (Civilization: This could have happened many times in this reality, on this 3D world. But that is another story.) But as for this haloed centre, it is to me identifying a single source. #5 is the odd one here in this representation. It has a haloed centre but some fool put a fork in it. You see #5 was a string message and the parallel lines showed up. I clipped it out of the string to view just this area of the message. Now the halo is also slightly different as it is not cropped as the interconnecting lines connects to the centre. This means that the connection is only through the halo. The fork and opposing centre are odd also. My interpretation is that this is a STS showing, containment of a centre at one end and a ‘Fred was here’ element, the fork, in the opposing element. We will get to Fred another day, but it is typically seen as a single sided lines representation (sometimes seen as a capital letter ‘F’). Again, lines that mean something. I have already put Fred in a STS category, just for you to know. This section of this string seems very STS to me, #5 that is. The write up on #5 was that this were symbols of certain planets in our and other solar systems, the location’s flag to say. I do not know if I believe that theory, but it is possible that these are who are communicating with, or not in #5 instance. My, out there, thought on the haloed center is that this is a representation of the C’s, through Cassiopaea.

#7 has the parallel lines but it does not have a haloed centre. This is suggesting a different sending element here, represented by the arc’s above the centre but opposing the receiver. This centre with arcs might represent a 5D source, another way out there thought. #6 is here just because of this as if there was a simplified connection in #6 to a possible 6D source. (This is counting the centre as 3 + 3 arcs, who knows.) The arcs may just indicate another source, another flag, like Palladian.

#2, #3 & #4 all look to me to be in progressive states. #2 starts with the basic formation. #3 extends this with a short line out of the sending centre. Then #4 continues with another haloed centre, smaller but located opposing the receiver in the presentation. The parallel lines also progress toward the receiver possibly showing an increased receivership capability as they changed.

In these CC’s we are closer to who is involved in these representations. We do not know what is being communicated, but I do not believe that these were meant to state that element. How, as a function in these CC’s, I do believe is shown here in all orientations and patterns involved in these presentations. With all of these items, we just need to know how to apply them to achieve proper application. But that is in a 4D session, still to come.

But while we are on the subject of communication, I would like some of your time to give my 2 cents worth attributed to the communication in the last session with the C’s, 14 April 2018. First of all, fantastic session for awaking minds.

“Dionysius syndrome activated! Earth reacting! All on track!“ This was the message that was received. I remember reading about something about Dionysian lifestyles like others here, required reading for some class I expect. I went back and started digging into this further. Oh, I did not like what I was coming across on the web. As was stated it seems like this syndrome never completely stopped at any time, it just crawls back into the shadows. There are many active groups out there amongst the old history. But I came across this book. I never read anything from this person so I did not have anything to base her work upon.

'Lost Masters: Rediscovering the Mysticism of the Ancient Greek Philosophers by: Linda Johnsen
2016 book, fairly interesting from the preview in Amazon, deep understanding in places, I put it on my to-read list. I would say that she is a copy and paste for most of this book, a lot of research. That means that this information may not even be close to accurate but can be metamorphically understood as a perception of the timeline. And speaking of timelines, this one looks to be a reinforcement of the bible timeline, which is a very debatable subject to start with in this forum. But a sentence about this syndrome seemed to sum up what was happening.

‘This was expressed as lust, intoxication and uninhibited violence'

I made an image of the paragraph, you can read it for yourself. This was in the first century BC where Orpheus returned to Thrace and found this syndrome running rabid in the city. He brought back philosophy, science and ethics but had conflicts with those enveloped in this syndrome. Just another time where Chaos was pushed back.

But lust, intoxication and uninhibited violence are to me great categories of this syndrome. We have seen the lust factor in scandals of many flavors. Intoxication is everywhere, whether in alcohol, drugs, money or power. And the event in Syria proves that there is uninhibited violence. You got it, all parties stated that ‘Yes’ you can blow up those buildings, but only those buildings, even though some parties did want more. Talk about high level control that someone out there has on just about everyone. Got the bull by the balls if you ask me. Not a good place to be as you will have to let go sooner or later.

So, every time that I read a story, either from the news or just a statement, I can associate many a response to one of these categories. Lust, Intoxication or Uninhibited Violence. These seem to meet just about everything I come across lately. So sad that this is what it has come down to. But that is a 3D view of the situation.

As for the CC’s from our session today, I respect them, and those that unknowingly followed them. I mean Laura and the Chateau group with their continuous Communication’s with the C’s. Probably represented here in one of these CC’s. Where would we be if it was not for their (Communication) endeavors, for all of these years. A round of applause for everyone. If it was not for the one CC that was translated, I wouldn’t have been able to even present this session today. Thank you all, keep it up …

As ‘The sorting of CC’s continues’, I will be back. Haiku …


#7 has the parallel lines but it does not have a haloed centre. This is suggesting a different sending element here, represented by the arc’s above the centre but opposing the receiver. This centre with arcs might represent a 5D source, another way out there thought. #6 is here just because of this as if there was a simplified connection in #6 to a possible 6D source. (This is counting the centre as 3 + 3 arcs, who knows.) The arcs may just indicate another source, another flag, like Palladian.

#2, #3 & #4 all look to me to be in progressive states. #2 starts with the basic formation. #3 extends this with a short line out of the sending centre. Then #4 continues with another haloed centre, smaller but located opposing the receiver in the presentation. The parallel lines also progress toward the receiver possibly showing an increased receivership capability as they changed.

G'day Haiku,

I'm not sure if this is of interest but Colin Andrews had this to say about #3

Discussion of one "dumbbell" formation

On July 3, six days after it was made, I examined the formation in
in detail. It was 48 meters long, so large that people walking around
in it looked like marbles rolling around a plate.
It was made of two circles of wheat flattened along the ground,
one with a ring. They were connected by a bar, inside which the
flattened wheat plants pointed toward the unringed circle. There was a
sort of "tail", more technically called a spur, where the plants
pointed in the opposite direction from the bar. Four rectangles flanked
the bar. In the inner two rectangles, the flattened wheat plants
pointed toward the unringed circle; in the outer two, they pointed the
other way.

The most complex part of this formation was where the bar intersected
the ringed circle. The bar crossed the ring and the band of standing
plants, but stopped at the perimeter of the inner circle. In this area,
the plants in the ring lay on top of the bar, meaning that they had
been flattened after the bar was formed .
Hence the formation was made in at least two stages. Also, whatever
formed the ring did not affect the plants already laid down in the bar. While the
ring was being formed after the bar, the bar's plants stayed put; they
were not realigned to become part of the ring.

The same kind of thing was evident at the other end of the bar, where
it met the unringed circle. The plants in the circle overlapped the
plants in the bar by a few inches, showing that the unringed circle was
also made after the bar. This is a small clue about how these things
are made. They aren't stamped out all at once, cookie-cutter style;
instead, something forms the parts in a definite sequence.

I was fascinated by the giant rectangles ...These were true rectangles.
From the ground, they looked like giant bathtubs.

In each rectangle, three sides looked as if they had been cut with a
razor. However, the "forward" end of each rectangle --the end to which
the plants pointed--was not straight but jagged, or "notched".
Whatever made the rectangles faced a challenge here: how to
flatten the plants right at the end without also knocking down the
standing plants making up that end. It solved the problem by pushing
the flattened plants down in bunches between the plants at the end. The
standing plants apppeared unharmed; they stood perfectly upright,
and their leaves were not stripped off.

This "notching" effect was also evident at the end of the "tail." It is
a characteristic feature of virtually all rec- tangular elements.


And in regard to # 7 and the topic of communication -

''What are we to make of this object captured on one of my photos taken during the summer of 1990 at the side of the seven ancient burial mounds at Litchfield, Hampshire. (The yellow arrows show the path of the object as it fell to the ground. The blue arrow shows the object caught in falling.)

In the foreground is the farm employee who first discovered the crop formation behind him.

Large quantities of metal spheres where found on the edge of this field, in fact under the area where this object appears to be falling. Notice the brown blur created by the movement of the object as it crossed the focal field of the camera lens.

It looks for all the world like one of the objects caught falling from the sky. I was told that the objects were iron pyrites at the time (A geological material) but I have to say they looked like meteorites to me.

Could it be a shot in ten million or so of a meteorite falling from the sky? And if this were so why so many in this very small area next to the crop formation?''


Crop Circles 1990 Part One

That's a pretty cool coincidence don't you think ? :-)


That's a pretty cool coincidence don't you think ? :-)
Another pretty cool 'coincidence' has got to be the latitude coordinates focal point of the land of Crop Circles: Avebury in Wiltshire -- the world's largest (known) megalithic stone circle.
The exact pin-point coordinates latitude-north of the very centre of Avebury Circle at the point the A361 meets 'Herepath/Green Street' and 'High Street' is 51.428571 (using the Decimal System) which equates to 360 (circle) divided by 7 (= 51.4285714285714). Its remarkably accurate! I wonder if the 7 division within the Circle is a herald to 7D in some way?

Interesting too the A361 is numerically-valued a 'circle+1' and part-forms a semi-circular route a southward 'crescent' to Stonehenge, actually becoming the A360 (Circle) at Devizes (Devised?) also in Wiltshire.

'Herepath' in Avebury itself means 'military/army' path - but I like to think it has a direct connotation to goddess Hera. 'Herepath' in Avebury also interchanges synonymously with 'Green Street', a possible connection to the Green god (Osiris) such is the namesake links to its respective 'Greenwich'-aligned financial districts in both London and New York power-houses.
Paleo-Almanac .01

I could spend the rest of this reality on just these images, sorting, expanding, contemplating, reviewing and re-reviewing. I have to pick a point and release even though I know that there is more here that I am not connecting together just yet. So, I am accepting that there are errors, some know, some other than that.

Good morning, well it is morning here at this moment. The sun is streaming into the window and a good day is instore. I love daybreak moments like these, they renew the day as it renews my view of myself and the world around me. Then I read the news and BLAM, this reality sets in again. A world that is in turmoil just about everywhere you look.

Yes, the world is worse by the day, and we need to not become part of the path of the ignorant. I expect that this will be a difficulty for most that inspire themselves here. You are where you are for your purpose, as part of your lessons. Your lesson plan has been defined, your path forward has already been set before you. Some see it clearly, others will be blind to it. Knowledge is your toolkit, your shield. Resounding effort is needed to build your knowledge. Now, the rest is up to you. Just do not do anything rash, beyond your knowledge.

Plant irradiation update: I have had two outbursts that have made it to the ground level. The first was late February. It burnt the lemon tree (90% leaf loss), six out of ten oleanders did not flower and their top foot of plant is dead. Early this month I experienced another burst that hit the Japanese maple. I have added a couple of images of this event below. Now the bursts are very localized, almost a random lasering event. Kind of splayed across the leaf surfaces. The Japanese maple leaves that are affected are now all dead, about 7-10 days to drain the leaf of life. The rest of the tree remains unaffected and looks like it will live. I always worry about the soul that might be nearby an event like this, hit by an event like this, showing burns almost immediately. Could be anyone or anything, a pet or roaming animal, extending past affecting the flora and fauna. And I feel that these events will increase as time progresses, as we get less solar protection from being puffed up by our sun.

Dream (condensed) sidetrack time …

A trip outside to the coast of California was taken. A vehicle, a blue four-door sedan, pulled up to a vacant parking lot that overlooks an ocean of red waves crashing onto the sandy shore. A bacterial red tide had taken over and produced this stunning effect. The car comes to a stop disregarding the faint painted lines of the parking lot. Four individuals stepped out of the car and progressed, walking single file, to the raised boardwalk that took you to a deck platform that where you could see a seal colony.

In days of past, you would have seen several seals lounging on the nearby rock platform with a few of the young prancing and playing in the shallow waters. Today it was void of any life, not even an urchin could be seen, anywhere. Looking straight down into the water you could not see the red tide effect, it was only when the wave splashed that the red hue showed itself. And the rocks were bare of any life, no plant-life, no little crab skirting around, just nothing.

It was then that you notice those standing on the platform. All four individuals were in radiation suits with full hoods. A shimmering surface was where a face would normally be, a radiation shielded window protecting those inside.

A shout from one of the individuals called out to the others, pointing to something tucked under an over cropping of rock, right at the edge of the water. We hopped off the platform and got closer to the water’s edge so we could better see what the one saw. We stopped in our tracks as we saw it. A seal bleeding and battered was hiding from the effects of the sun beating down upon it. It had wedged itself so far under the rock face as to not allow it to be touched by suns emissions or the splashing water of the red tide. A closer look at the seal showed abrasions that looked like open burns or wounds all over its skins surface. And the red tide bacteria absolutely making it worse, affecting these areas, causing a continual discharge, just everywhere on it. We surmised that the seal was dying. Not from its wounds, but from hunger. What should have been a plump and jostle seal, was a gangly animal, we saw ribs showing. Something you would not normally see on a seal. We turned away, got back up onto the boardwalk and walked back to the car, jostling for space on the walkway because of the suits bulkiness. The dream ends …

Dream or portent, I am not sure. Current conditions may just be a precursor, just be aware …

Now for some Paleo-Almanac stuff, that is what we are all here for.

I have added years up to 1997 and a good portion of the known CC’s that the chateau group have identified in the CC Catalog. Again, I am not happy with my results of where I have placed many of these. What I do like is the groupings that I have come up with. The similarities that I am finding are astonishing, placed right or not, I am coming across common patterns in the groups. You can see for yourselves.

Of note is sheet 10. The assembly of these CC’s make me think that they are somewhat similar in what the portray. All are inside a centre making them have a containment element involved. Like looking into a crystal sphere and seeing what is contained within. These all are symbols of functions, ideas, metaphors, concepts, I am not too sure. But they are identifiers being portrayed in this similar fashion. Sheet 13, another new sheet, is suspected partial or fully faked portrayals of CC’s.

As I finish years I will return and update the Paleo-Almanac with those CC’s. But for now, I have to stop the insanity of looking at these CC’s and get back to some 3D modeling of CC’s. I believe I am in year 1998. See you all there soon, Haiku …


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