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Behind their functional roles (naval activties, universal time reference,...) , prime meridians might carry some other meanings.

Usually, Greenwich is known as the one and only prime meridian.

However, along historyother locations were considered as prime meridian references. For example Canaries Island had this status for centuries (one topic adresses this point :

Paris was for decades the location of the prime meridian. More specifically, Paris observatory was the reference place.

About Paris observatory, we can notice a couple of interesting things :

* The lines of the observatory were drawn on 1667/6/21 (summer solstice)

* A Dwell was built in the observatory. This dwell led to the underground chapel. It's in this dwell that Foucault made his pendulum experiments.

* The architect was Jacques Perrault who was the brother of the famous french poet author of "les contes de la mere l'oye" (his works have been commented by Fulcanelli)

* Camille Flammarion discovered a black virgin in the catacombs under the observatory. Camille Flammarion wrote about ghosts, death and other paranormal, he is linked to Rennes le chateau (connection with Emma Calvet)

* Paris meridian crosses Saint Michel Island - Mont Saint Michel (who killed the dragon) - this place is commented by Fulcanelli in "The House of The Philosophers"

* Inside the observatory, a copper wire materializes the meridian line. Some copper can be pink (rose in French) so this copper wire can be considered as a "rose ligne" (Rosslyn ?)

* The observatory's main room is called the "CASSIni room", 4 generations of Cassinis directed the observatory project. GD Cassini discovered the size of the solar system, had a strong interest in astronomy and astrology. The Cassini created the first topographic map of an entire country.

I found most of the information relating to this topic in the following websites (some are in French):
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