Patrick Hughes, an inspiration

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I just saw this video on mercola, this was very inspirational to me. I almost didn't watch it except for the fact that a very close friend of mine and trumpeter is also named Patrick Hughes. Thank goodness I did!!!!


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Wow! That's just amazing. Claire de lune is not any old simple piece of music, and to pick it up just by listening is rather impressive. Patrick Hughes has a VERY supportive father which has probably been a great blessing for him. Thanks for the link, D Rusak.

For those who are interested, Patrick Hughes is a young man who was born without eyes, and a condition wich means that he cannot straighten his limbs. He cannot walk. He started playing the piano before he was one year old.

This link is to a video of Hughes playing and singing Somewhere Over The Rainbow.


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If there's one item I've come to appreciate with living in the country, is the life of a farmer.

They've have my total respect, and admiration with an inventive spirit. And a loving devotion of there flock's and crops.

I thought I knew what hard work, until I came here. They put a whole new perspective on what truly is, hard work.



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Sorry by mistake I uploaded this video in this thread, It'd be more appropiate in "what are you listening to...?
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