Penny Kelly: The Evolving Human, Robes--A Book of Coming Changes, The Elves of Lily Hill Farm

A while back someone on the forum posted a video named Penny Kelly. Something about her name made me investigate her further. It turns out that she has written several very interesting books (IMO) that wanted to share my reviews with the forum because I found them so interesting as one woman’s journey into knowledge and being. I’ve read 3 of her 7 or so books so far. The ones that I’ve read is The Evolving Human, Robes, and The Elves of Lily Hill Farm. Her website is Consciousness on Fire with Penny Kelly

I haven’t listened to many of her videos yet, but I found the books very interesting. The Evolving Human is about her sudden awaking of consciousness/kundalini and all the terrifying and wonderful experiences of integrating that experience and how her life totally changes direction. In Robes, she is repeatedly visited by 7 spirit monks who show her pictures of possible futures of the world. In Elves she experiences nature spirits after she and her new husband buy a vineyard and learns much about the balance of nature and new ways of living and growing food.

I definitely don’t think she has the whole enchilada as far knowing the map of the universe, the cabals, psychopathy, the aliens, STS/STO, secret history, as Laura/Chateau and the Cassiopaeans has given all of us who have found her. Invaluable.

So, let me start with The Evolving Human. She had an experience in the late 1970s which she called an awakening of kundalini or consciousness. She was completely unprepared for it. She was not a meditator, had no interest in it, and was just interested in having “a normal life” which included 4 children, a recent divorce and new relationship. This awakening happened during orgasm in fact. In line with our exploration of romance, love and sex I found this interesting.

She writes: First there was a distinct rumbling sound, a shaking then a roaring explosion, followed by a brilliant flash of light. I felt as though my body was turning inside out, ejecting me in the process. The explosion of light pulsed like a freight train up the center front of me, hit my brain and kept right on going, carrying me into what looked like the depths of outer space.

There was total silence and stillness and I was peacefully afloat in an endless, timeless place of completeness. My ordinary sense of myself and the everyday world disappeared, and whatever was left of that self was floating like a brilliant point of light in a sky filled with other points of light. I was not just a star in that sky, I was the whole universe of sky filled with uncountable points of light that spread out in every direction, flashing, twinkling and intermingling as points of myself. These points of light seemed to be a living continuation of my whole self or else I was an extension of them seeing and feeling as one being and somehow knowing all there ever was to know.

This oneness of light, love, and self sparkled and flowed in perfect union, riding on long, slow, pulsing waves of color, and in this state, if someone had asked me to explain all there was to know, I could have said it all in two words—I am.

There was no physical consciousness as I ordinarily knew it, but consciousness, rather than having been “switched off” seemed to have been “switched on.” I was no longer aware of the actual lovemaking going on, of the other human being involved, the bedroom we were in, or any of the other parts of my life as a woman or even a living being. As a matter of fact, the entire physical world had disappeared , yet I had no sense of shock or loss, nothing seemed to missing.

In fact, just the opposite seemed true—somehow I knew and was the completeness of the universe. Everything hung there in utter silence and peace. There was no sense of motion, and yet everything was undulating continuously in huge waves of light that pulsed slowly and evenly, with the ecstasy of pure pleasure through endless space. I was the empty space, I was the huge waves of light, I was the essence of pleasure and peace, and I felt as if I was one with everything that ever did or ever would exist. Then it was over…

Several times over the next few weeks the entire sequence of events happened again. There would be the sensation of rumbling and shaking along with the feeling that some incredible force was roaring up through the center of my body. It would hit my brain with exquisite pleasure and culminate in an explosion of lights that disintegrated not only me, but all of physical reality, until all that existed was an ocean of stillness, blackness filled with tiny lights.

After these experiences, she states she had new capabilities of consciousness and perception, aka psychic capabilities, being able to leave her body (which happened in a very erratic manner). She worked for Chrysler but felt like she was going crazy. More later, but I found it all extremely interesting.

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In Consciousness on Fire IV, I found her writing about things she had seen 40 years ago, shown to her by the Robes. I love these little guys the way she writes about them, and I love her reaction to do everything to avoid taking what they say seriously. Especially in regards to turning the vineyard she and husband were growing into an organic one. Which they finally do. I like her emphasis on self-sufficiency. Also, this book IV has her saying that connecting with the consciousnesses within nature, the sun, the wind, water, as well as in all existence. She says it all has consciousness and connecting with it now will save lives because we are nearly out of time. Because of the impending end of interglacial period being immanent, and the CME which Suspicious Observers expects to wipe out of good lot of the grid in the next 5 years. (I feel it will be sooner. Happily preparing to survive and be of help, myself. Stocking up on cat food, for sure....)

Looked for my book to quote an excerpt, will find it sooner or later, to copy how she described 40 years ago seeing the Earth from space where the Robes took her, and seeing it stop turning and wobble. They were kindly warning her but at the time she was so taken up with the beauty of the whole scene before her. It dropped to back of mind, the slight wobble.

Consciousness IV, she writes about visiting a new, remarkable, flourishing Earth, taken by beings of light. That I don't think is accurate, that it is a 'new earth' but so much of the rest of the book I feel is highly accurate.

I agree with this that Candasiri wrote above, "I definitely don’t think she has the whole enchilada as far knowing the map of the universe, the cabals, psychopathy, the aliens, STS/STO, secret history, as Laura/Chateau and the Cassiopaeans has given all of us who have found her. Invaluable."

I've really enjoyed watching some of her regular videos, called Tea and Consciousness, where the public can book a spot three times a month and bring their questions for her to take a reading on. She looks at all aspects of life. Here's a link, which when I just now started watching found that what I see, some global event, maybe a CME, in November, she says early in video, 'no food on shelves by November'. (It could be any reason and Ice Age Farmer, a good channel on food and coming shortages and what to do about it, has warnings escalating, and keeping an open mind and future does change.) Link to the Tea and Consciousness series, this one Sept. 13, 2021.
I wanted to continue to share a bit more about Penny Kelly's The Evolving Human. After this awakening experience, she was flooded by perceptual/psychic experiences and wandering in and out of her physical body. She could not sleep; oftentimes she just rested but never got deep, refreshing sleep. She did not have any knowledge of what was happening to her or how to control it. She quit her day job as a Chrysler engineer then enrolled at Wayne State. Because she had 4 kids, she did not have too much time to study. She found and read Edgar Cayce and read that he could put a book under his head when he slept and absorb the contents. She writes, When an assignment was given, I would take the book to my bedroom that night, open it and look through the table of contents. Then I would put the book on the floor beside the bed and give myself instructions to absorb all of the author's ideas in the assigned chapters during the night...For papers that were due, I stacked all the books I had "read" beside my bed, or that I thought were pertinent to the paper, then gave myself instructions to synthesize what I had learned. The next night the instruction would be to choose a theme for my paper and outline its major arguments. During the night, I would suddenly wake up with the theme and the outline in my head, write it down, and the next morning I was ready to begin my paper.

I think similar to Laura's experience of "connecting the chakras," "developing an uplink" and incredible heat that comes from this, Penny writes, and then I noticed that I seemed to be breathing in an odd, backward kind of way. My stomach sort of expanded when exhaled rather than the other way around. I felt suddenly very sexual and my heart started to beat quickly and then began to pound. Heat began to spread through me and I was certain I was on fire. I felt like a pressure cooker about to explode, and all the while the roar of thunder increased exponentially...Each time I went through one of these physical experiences of enormous heat and pressure, the perceptual theater would open further, staging new acts for my consciousness to deal with. Often I found myself feeling incredibly sensuous and caught in the most demanding sexual desires I had ever known. The sensuousness was so overwhelming that at times I was embarrassed...It had been difficult enough to put these experiences in perspective when they occurred at night while making love. But now they were happening spontaneously in the middle of the day and I was truly afraid. The sense of fluidity, the rumbling activity in my lower back and groin, the pounding heart, the feeling that something was moving up through the center of me, the exquisite pleasure, the roaring explosion of light, and the sense of eternal peace and oneness--all began to happen in the middle of the morning, perhaps the afternoon or early evening, for no apparent reason and with no lovemaking to prompt it. Sometimes it happened during my meditation, but just as often I was sitting quietly, or standing at the window looking out at the water, or trying to take a nap...

It seemed that lately I spent more and more time in the practice of focusing all my attention on any handy source of beauty or pleasure, no matter how small or how obscure, in order to provide some relief from the intense observation and desire...After weeks of observation, I realized that my vigilance led to search for pleasure, and it was intense concentration on small detail of pleasure that seemed to trigger the automatic change to "backward" breathing. During the moment of concentration on peace, pleasure, and relaxation, the muscles in my abdomen would begin to move in their strange but now familiar pattern, then my heartbeat would join in the rhythm until both were moving synchronously.

If this continued for any length of time there would be a rumbling sound in the background, followed by a rocking sensation, sometimes a snakelike sense of movement, and frequently intense heat. The rumbling, along with the feeling that I was going to explode from both ends of body, was followed by the feeling that something was moving up through the center of me, sometimes stopping at my navel or my chest, sometimes moving all the way up to the brain...

About this same time there was another variety of perceptual phenomena that began to occur. The first experience happened at the end of an afternoon nap. I wakened but had not moved and was dozing on and off when I head a sound and looked up. To my complete amazement a large, brilliantly colored, geometric form was moving through my bedroom. What was even more astonishing was that I recognized the form as my second daughter!

"Melissa?!" I called out to her in pleasant surprise, intending to ask what she was doing there like that. But the form kept right on going and disappeared, taking a sense of incredible sweetness with it and leaving the room suddenly darkened and drab. I put my head back down and burst into tears. For no apparent reason, I cried almost without stopping for two days.

Penny begins to have some seriously vivid dreams during this time and uses them for information. She also saw auras. She became less afraid of the kundalini/psychic experiences that she was experiencing. She writes, In my experimentation, each time a deliberate, specific direction was given or question was asked, my mind immediately set to work to present the answer to conscious awareness. So I formed a preliminary hypothesis. The hypothesis was that the mind would retrieve any information we needed or wanted to know and that all we had to do was ask the right questions or give the proper directions.

In this way, she began to discipline her mind, and instead of having an avalanche of information that half-formed questions or musing provided, she started to try to stay open to the present moment. She also found that something that caused her perceptions to be overwhelmed was feelings of inadequacy and trying to feel safe. By tempering these fears she started to feel that she was not going to end up in an asylum and had some control of her mind.
So Penny's life kind of falls apart while she's having this opening of consciousness. She breaks up with the man that she thought that she was going to marry, is left penniless and lives in a old woman's basement as her only option for housing. Fortunately, she was able to communicate with Edgar Cayce who months before she has to move into the basement, told her to stock up on food. Since she was broke in the basement, this came in handy. She writes, It was now the summer of 1982. I came face to face with myself and my life only to discover that there was nothing left. The woman I had once been was gone, the life I planned and pursued to aggressively had disintegrated piece by piece. One husband, four children, a college degree, a great career, a new love, my dream of a home on the water, my furniture, appliances, my expectations and plans for the future, even the way I had once seen and experienced the everyday world--all were gone.

She turns a corner when she starts teaching what she learned and giving others intuitive readings. She also starts to experience being in two places at once. She starts to experiment in getting into certain frequencies of the brain for certain amounts of time: alpha, beta, theta, and even delta. She would choose a frequency and attempt to do physical and mental tasks and make notes of perceptions and feelings. She writes, I was caught up in the act of of viewing not just the two places I was focusing on, but a myriad of sub-choices within each place that I could pay attention to. Unexpectedly, without any sense of transition, I became involved in a third location with all its own unique events and details...and in quick succession, a fourth, and then a fifth. Suddenly everything in all of the locations, plus dozens of others, coalesced into one big picture that included the long, undulating waves of color that I had seen in the initial kundalini experiences.

These waves were crisscrossing one another in many places creating pockets, holes and all sort of spaces resembling a honeycomb....Each pocket was not only a different location, but each location was disting
uished by what appeared to be a characteristic set of wave frequencies. In fact, the location was defined and maintained by those wave frequencies...These wave frequencies were not only the basis of individual perception--they were also the basis of the illusion of time...Linear perception was simply the act of focusing attention on a sequence of things found in the various locations. Since there was too much to focus on at once, we were forced to focus on one location or pocket at a time, stringing the perceived objects and events together, one after another in a very personal way.

More later...
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