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A week ago, I started a new working in a Ministry, I have the responsibility for developing the design of a newspaper. The purpose of this paper is to present, the progress of the missions created for the agricultural sector. Exercise autonomy over land and financial support to the farmers, the main source of production workers Venezuelan raw material in the fight against landowners.

In so far this month, more and more, I approach politicians. Increasingly, in contact with a part of political reality. Sometimes I can see other things that I was not paying attention before, on impulse, for blind emotionality. I observed a lot of bread and circuses, those who have trusted a vanguard, are nothing more than opportunists. They are neither one nor the other, that can not mean anything else, that the prelude to a fall. Least, a possibility.

Leaving aside emotion and needed more contact with reality, now I have this opportunity. I have thought of proposing an flier, to speak, until now, only about Monsanto, as supplementary information. I want to take this opportunity to bring information to the roots of Venezuelan food production, farmers those responsible for planting and harvesting the food of the nation. Remove, at Root, alleged beneficial projects, which submitted a minister to plant Monsanto seeds. And in a roundabout way, is the newspaper. The reason for creating a flyer, is for not to directly link with a political side. Perhaps, an infographic is the most appropriate, and a link for more information.

I ask permission to use some Sott articles. Respecting copyright Sott team members. Too, I hope the arrival of a Political Ponerology books, so now if I can deliver them directly, without intermediaries. For now, present a concrete documentary presented in Sott, while I start to prepar for my research by myself. I need a job with a purpose to create a discipline, a will, a goal. The bureaucratic circumstances require that I come out of my comfort zone. So that what I can do for me, I can't wait that to do other.

Thanks for your replies.
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