Petra & Kali caves


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I would like to know when these cities were carved and their respective subsequent destruction & by what means. For years I have been working on a time scale of sorts and trying to peace together the obvious devolution in building skills. One thing that has made it difficult is that so many cataclysms have taken place we don't know about and where they fit into this devolution.

I know the C's have mentioned the Mars incident followed by the great flood and then the Atlantian crystal energy explosions. There are others in-between for sure and changes in Earth's atmosphere and geography. I am working on understanding how the knowledge devolved ( and over what time frame) from carving entire hills to using megaliths (Machu Pichu for e.g.) to large stone blocks and eventually mud bricks. Main stream history, archeology and geology are really not helpful.

Evan the Grand Canyon and many other geological formations seem to be more plausibly created by theories from the Thunderbolt Project than anything else, i.e. electrical discharges of cosmic proportions. The same seem to have upended and 'melted' so many uncovered sites world wide.
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