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SARGEL18: I was born on 11/5/1959 and this makes me a Scorpio. As astrology goes, this gives me 9 planets and asteroids in the 5th house, including my sun. Six of these planets and asteroids are in conjunction in Scorpio. Since Scorpio's are extremely psychic to begin with, six Scorpio conjunctions give me a tremendous psychic ability. Since the fifth house represents child like demeanor and viewpoint, I am unclouded by adult focus, and can see things as a child. An interesting focus of my chart was given in 1997 by the famous modern astrology interpreter Robert Hand. When viewing my chart he asked immediately if I was involved with aliens. The answer of course was, "Yes." He continued to tell about a comet that came very close to the Earth on this date and that most of the people whose charts he has studied, born on this date, have alien encounters. I thought that was ironic.

My name Sargel simply means "Sergeant of Light." Sarg (Sergeant) and (EL) light. The 18 has a more complicated meaning. In 1959 the Montauk Project was in full bloom. This project had to do with "time manipulation." When they opened the doorway in time to do whatever it was that they were doing on this particular date, 18 souls from the future came through and "walked in." These 18 souls' purpose is to enlighten humanity to the upcoming events in humanity's future. These souls, according to Al Bielek, are called "triple auras" and possess tremendous abilities. So far I have displayed 22 known abilities in the paranormal field, and for this web page the UFO/Vortex evidence has been by far unsurpassed, or as least as I'm told. I have met 3 others from the 18, and they also show far-reaching abilities in their own fields of research. So, the 18 is there in remembrance of my 17 other brothers and sisters, who came to this time for a very tough mission of enlightenment. I am close friends with Al Bielek and Steward Swerdlow. Both are in agreement with the evidence I present.


SARGEL18: I have built many machines by instructions from the Endorians. This is a picture of a field communicator at the vortex. The orbs are coming to feed on the energy coming through the crystal in the form of light. Notice that some of the orbs in the photo are moving while others are still.

SURFING: How many "types" of interdimensional beings have you been able to identify?

SARGEL18: I have thousands of different beings on film and video. As many as there are different beings here in 3rd dimension, such as people, horses, dogs, fish, birds, etc., There are just as many different beings on other dimensions. I will give you 11 examples of such beings starting with orbs. There isn't enough time or space on this web page for all my evidence. It would take three days of showing pictures every 15 seconds to cover just the great pictures I have. That's a lot of pictures.



SURFING: What will it be like when people pass through this doorway? Will people in effect be able to enter a dimension that until now could only be entered in death? What will the physical changes be?

SARGEL18: I believe there will be a dimensional blending and that passing through will be easy for the right people. I'm not sure what is the "right" person at this juncture. The most likely dimension will be the astral plane. There may not be any physical changes just changes in personal perception of one's reality.


SURFING: How do the "greys" fit into all of this?

SARGEL18: The Greys, as they are called, are a peaceful loving people of the Astral plane. They have been perverted by blending their DNA with human DNA so they can easily pass through from the Astral to this dimension and still hold their spirit properties. They were perverted by the Dragons and they are the first wave of an assault upon humanity.They are here to bring third dimensional materials to the astral and astral materials here to earth. It's too long to go into, and it is high alchemy; but, for the experts out there, the material they take from here is for building "solid-fluid condenser" ships that can transport from one dimension to another. This is why there is so much blood taken from this world, it's taken for its "Astral Matrix" energy and dimensional protection. Most of this alien technology is here on Earth in the form of magick texts. Read the magick and win the war.


SURFING: Perhaps you are familiar with certain researchers of late who claim to have uncovered a "reptilian" bloodline on earth. Researchers like David Icke who claim that lower 4th dimensional reptilian entities have interbred with and/or genetically manipulated the human species and that this same interconnecting bloodline has controlled the planet throughout human history.

Quoting from David Icke's book The Biggest Secret Chapter 2, Page 46 in referring to the Reptilians he states:

" They set out to hijack the planet by appearing to be human. This included a crossbreeding programme which created human-reptilian hybrid bloodlines through which they could operate from the lower fourth dimension. The fourth dimensional reptilians wear their human bodies like a genetic overcoat and when one body dies the same reptilian 'moves house' to another body and continues the Agenda into another generation. You could think of it as wearing and discarding space suits. These creatures are the ones the psychics see as reptilians inside human physical bodies. It seems that they need to occupy a very reptilian dominated genetic stream to do this, hence certain bloodlines always end up in the positions of power."

SURFING: What do you think of this statement?

SARGEL18: I have met the wife of a famous psychiatrist who lectures all over the world. She was a Dragon wearing human flesh. I could see right through her and she could see me. We didn't get along. So, yes, if there is smoke then there is fire. David Icke's material should be reviewed.


SURFING: Do you think this "going back in time" had anything to do with The Philadelphia Experiment/Montauk?

SARGEL18: These are just two successful attempts that the public is aware of. Of course, who is to say that in our future we didn't come back to 1943 and create the experiment on purpose? Who knows? Maybe we just keep coming back again and again until we get it right. Who really knows?

SURFING: Do you think this "going back in time" has anything to do with HAARP?

SARGEL18: Yes. I will give you this example. Do you remember a few years ago that the HAARP system was unattended for 17 minutes and the story went that it opened a hole in time? Well that hole was in (I believe) Africa and southern NY state and northern NJ. The NY/NJ part is right where Wanaque is and the vortex. Coincidence? I think not. Check the picture out for yourself and you decide.

N.U.S.C./N.U.M.A. J.C.S.

1455 Overlook Ave,

Washington, D.C. 33902

Office of The Director of Security

01 April 1998

To All Security Operatives, Sector EC/NE/48+I

It has been confirmed as of this date, that a failure of the H.A.A.R.P. 15-3 Proteus Unit at Ascension Island U.K. had lost it's targeting control during it's first operational trial. The accelerator was damaged at shutdown, and will not be operational until 12 June at the earliest.

This failure went undetected for approximately 17 minutes, and appears to have caused another series of dimensional rifts along the East coast of the U.S. and Southwest Africa. These dimensional rifts are x- dimensional and have a time frame of -100 million B.C. plus or minus about 20 million years.

As was the case in 1995, several predatory reptillian animals have entered our y-dimension and are as this is written, freely roaming in the Southern New York region, Northern Pennsylvania, West Virginia and a possible sighting ocurred this morning at 2:34 hours at Norfolk N.A.S. 150 meters off the beach.

All operatives are officially at level 4 alert, and are to be ready to go on 60 minute notice. (DOOTP) article 15-1 through 17-4 with all addendums are to apply.

Weapons are to be available at all times, .40 and .50 caliber minimum, with FMJ and EHP rounds only, minimum handgun to be carried .357 MAG/EHP


Director of Field Operations,

Adm. Raymond D. Falvey III

CC: DCM/NOS/USAF/DOD/SS/QCD=Adjutant Generals Office, Pent. R-6-106/9c

All Pathway Field Officers/Terminators(orders are terminate NOSAVE)


SARGEL18: Here is a photo of a light being. They are like slugs and would be considered "low end astral entities". They are the things that attach themselves to people and cause much harm. (Enlarged in lower right corner).

This last answer reminds me about Lauras hypnosessions.

Its a really interesting interview, so please read the full version if you have the time, link @ the top.



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Interdimensional beings, pictures and a few words about HAARP.

GRiM said:
Thanks for the above link GRiM. Very interesting. Here's a website called Tender-hearted Aliens And Cruel-hearted Alien that I liked.


Tender-hearted Aliens And Cruel-hearted Aliens Chapter 12

"At first we have to kill out story-tellers whose work is to tell the news in a funny way."
"We don't like they are talking there are some humans who don't get old."

"We have to give performances to die as if we were humans after we have spent a certain period on the earth."

"Though our performances to die happen to come out, it is told to many fellows by them."
"The existence of them is dangerous to us."

"I wonder if there isn't any good idea to erase them."

"Oh, that's it. All we have to do is to construct libraries."
"Let the libraries keep the written documents which have been changed from the stories told by story-tellers."
"Then people go to the library instead of hearing stories from the story-tellers, because it is easier to get information in the library."
"Then story-tellers cannot keep their job."
"Those guys remember the old stories of bygone days well because they keep talking what they learn every day. And if they stop talking, what they remembered will be vague in less than ten years."
"Most of the remembered stories will be forgotten in less than thirty years."

"Yes, let's make them construct the libraries."
"Then the real stories will become as if they were myths or fairy-tales in several generations."

Let's destroy the libraries after that.
That's OK to destroy them by fire.
"Then all the written documents in the libraries will disappear."
"Both story-tellers and written documents which tell about our existence will all be lost."

"The libraries should be the giant ones so that they can collect many informations from all over the world."
"Of course the informations which show our existence must be contained."
"The gigantic empires are needed to construct such big libraries."
"The big empire could make the gorgeous libraries."

"Oh, that's it. Let humans make the big empire before everything."

"As we are likely to die with dullness,let's become the emperors of the empires and enjoy the role."

"Big empire cannot be made without wars."

"Now we can see and enjoy the showy murders. I've made a hit."

"Oh, playing wars is pleasant."

"Let's make humans kill with one another in grand style."
"Those are the big scale wars among empires."

"To see humans living peacefully isn't interesting at all, because there is no change."
"To kill with one another is the greatest show."
"I want them to fight with one another in much greater scale."

"Good ! The empires have been made and the newer empires destroyed all the libraries in the old empires."

"Now most of the secret data must have disappeared."

"Shi Huangdi in the Qing dynasty made all the written documents gather to burn them down."
"Oh, the incident is famous and is carried in the textbook of the students in these days."

"Some of our secret activities were unluckily sighted by some humans around the time when Christianity and many other big scale religions were made by our members."
"However it was a big success because we could erase all the data about them."

"We find there are the limits in the battle with arrows and spears."
"Let's lessen the suppression against free thinking in the religion."
"Then science will be progressed soon, which will lead high-efficient weapons to be made."

"Oh, it has become more interesting."

"However, another problem springs up because the science which is made to develop will produce more precise space-probing machines."

"I can forecast if high-efficient telescopes are made, there arises the possibility that our activities on the moon may be objected."

"I think powerful thought control which can eliminate those who claim that they found unusual phenomenons on the moon at once is required to rule the scientific world."

"Let's make the sacred world called 'Orthodox Science'"

"Let's gather the scholars who are our beck and call in it."

"In the scientific field,let's fund only to those who study the subjects which we want to make humans believe."

"Let's make scholars insist the informations about aliens are the fakes."

"Let's deprive general people of the free time in which they can check the insistences of those scholars are true or not."

"Humans must not have free time."

"Never let them check whether the insistences of the scholars patronized by the government are true or not."
"Let's humans have only a little time by which they cannot afford to hear many opinions except the ones of the scholars patronized by the government."
"Then they cannot help believing wholeheartedly what are told by the scholars patronized by the government."

"Let's deprive the general public of free time at first."

"How ? ?"

The cruel-hearted alien thought and thought desperately.

"Oh, I hit a good idea."
Tender-hearted Aliens And Cruel-hearted Aliens Chapter 13

The cruel-hearted alien thought and thought desperately to deprive humans of free time.
"That' it."
"Let's control the economy so that humans can't make livings if they don't work from morning till night."
"If they work long, they have little free time after their work."
"If they have no free time, it is impossible to investigate about us even if they want to."
"It is perfect if a few hours after the work are deprived of."

"How can we deprive them of the free time?"

"I hit a good idea."

"That's three S."
"Sports, Sex and Screen are the best."
"Humans who are crazy over three S can have no time to investigate us."

"Let's make sports popular."
"Football, soccer and baseball are very good,aren't they?"
"Let's make humans crazy over them."
"We can kill two birds with one stone, if sex are publicized by the screen of TV and film, can't we?"
"Let's make the human brain full of sex."

"TV, movies and sex are the best means to deprive humans of free time."
"How smart we are!"

"Now humans have no free time."

"The utterances of those who refrain from three S will be ignored as the opinions of freaks by people whose brains are full of three S if we make the scholars patronized by the government deny them."

"If we are not talked about, no one can know about our existence."
"The scandals of TV or film stars just can't be ignored now."

"Perfect! Perfect!"

"We, the cruel-hearted aliens are not old for nothing."
"If one gets immortal, he gets boredom but happily many good ideas come to mind."

"It is OK now to let humans have scientific power to some degree."

"We are safe and peaceful."

"Gee! A serious problem! "

"I wonder what our perfect project will become."


Decided to place this here instead of UFO thread, since it seemed more related to this topic.

Here is a photo taken today at sunset that was taken with 5 others that did not show this anomaly. At first thought, I assumed possibly dust particles on the lens but it did not show up on the other photos, All photos still on the flash card, 11MB each. [4 mp digital camera]

Does anyone know what could cause this anomaly to show up on the lens and be recorded as such? They almost seem to have a wave or dot in the center with wave flowing out of them, really strange.


Here is a closer view which is normal view in Paint Shop, not a zoom per se. The smaller orb is at the bottom edge of the photo.




The Living Force
same 'texture'/pattern as one I found on google.images. (1-21 of about 71,200 for orbs)

Here are some FALSE photoshop generated.

Seems to be a quite a few sites relating to 'orbs'.


A Disturbance in the Force
I've ended up with these orbs on quite a number of photos I've taken - I even have a few on polaroids of myself as a child. I find it interesting that they show up only on a few frames of many shots with the same camera in the same location - often on the shots with the same person or people in them and occasionally on shots only of specific areas of the location.

I have no proof of what they are - 4D bleed through? Energy signatures from entities 'hanging around'? Some weird random, yet not totally random, lens artifact? I say not totally random because last christmas, they only showed up in shots of my niece, or shots of myself -all the shots of everyone else there were 'clean' - rather hard to find a reason for that.

By the way, the faked shot from above doesn't even begin to look authentic, because there is no depth to the 'orbs' - in a shot where orbs show up, they are clearly at different depths in the shot -not only evidenced by size, but by brightness and location. - at least in my experience - fwiw.


Yes, there is a lot of websites and photos. Here is what wiki has to say.

wiki said:
The term orb is the popular name given to typically circular anomalies appearing in photographs. In photography and video, orbs appear to be balls, diamonds, or smears of light with an apparent size in the image ranging from a golfball to a basketball. Orbs sometimes appear to be in motion, leaving a trail behind them.

There are two main schools of thought regarding the cause of orbs in photographs. The first school sees it as a fairly clear-cut case of flash reflection off of dust, particles, insects, or moisture droplets in the air in front of the camera, i.e. they are naturalistic. The opposing school maintains that orbs are paranormal in nature, i.e. non-naturalistic and ghost like.

Some people claim that paranormal orbs are more likely to appear in certain locales, or are attracted to human actitivities, especially those involving children. The images on Internet fora devoted to orbs are taken in graveyards, backyards, attics, and kitchens, living rooms, as well as bars, convention centers, and city streets – in short, anywhere people may be taking photos. Locations in which orbs are frequently observed are often said to be associated with other 'supernatural activity' and haunting taking place.

As orb photos may demonstrably be gained anywhere, the position of "ghost hunters" who claim orb photos are more common in allegedly haunted areas is significantly weakened. That orb photos can be gained anywhere has, however, been adopted into the position of conspiracy theorists who maintain that orbs are probes/devices being used by an alien culture to monitor human activities.

Orb photos have become so common that some ghost hunting organizations are no longer accepting submissions of them, or specifying that only "exceptional" examples be presented.
When looking at the photos on the listed page, they do no resemble the ones above. I also get a feeling that wiki is trying to lead us into paranormal thinking, I could be wrong here, though.


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I enhanced the images in photoshop and you can clearly see they have a kind of core to them, just like in the first picture GRiM posted:




Oh, anart posted before I realized. I don't understand them either, I have a few more I have saved, it could be a type or reflection we don't understand I suppose, or something beyond our thinking. The photos posted by Grim may be from a different type of photography where the photo is automatically placed on a plate, and these can obtain dust as they are sticky. The circles in the second photo look too perfectly round for some reason.


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Some photoshop tips for enhancing images. (levels and Gradients and such)

You could maybe enhance it even more.
It would be best with the source-picture.


Found some comparisons that resemble the photos I took where the characteristics are similar, which would lead to believe it is a dust mote or reflection of dust. If you go to this site and look at the second row of photos, you will see the exact same characteristic wave pattern in the orb.

Zadius Sky

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Oh goodness. For some reason, I have some dislikings to having pictures of 'orbs.' Must be some 'conditioning' from my experiences in the paranormal field, especially in the field of 'ghost hunting.' Most new ghost hunters quickly assume these orbs are 'ghosts' and quickly show them to people, saying "I got ghosts! ghosts!" I just believe they are indeed dusts or reflections. If inside, it's ducts. If outside, moistures.

However, we usually see some pictures of real orbs in motion, whereas they looked similar like comet. We just assume them to be an unseen energies, not 'ghosts' and left them at that (since ghosts are energy as well). But, orbs in general falls to many theories to what they really are. You'll find them alot around historical sites, cemeteries, sacred sites, or 'haunted' sites.

Here are couple of them from my 'investigations'/hunts:

On a pagan ritual site, one orb in motion:

This was taken at 1770s house in downtown. During this time, one of the hunters was playing the piano and thought the music might 'shake' up the energy and I was the only one (out of four people) who felt the chills three times. During the third time, one 'hunter' took a picture of me and discovered the energy behind me (I'm still not sure as to what it was but still consider it to be an energy of sort):
The report for the above is here:

wiki said:
Orb photos have become so common that some ghost hunting organizations are no longer accepting submissions of them, or specifying that only "exceptional" examples be presented.
Well, yeah. Very least in my experience.



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FWIW, I was at The Bridge Inn in Wiltshire, England (near the village of Horton) enjoying a pint and a smoke away from the people I'd gone there with to spend some time in crop circles. One of the locals approached me and asked me if I would mind him sitting for a chat. After finding out I was there to see crop circles, he told me that he didn't think too much of them himself, but he did have a strange experience with an orb of light when he was younger.

He said that he and some friends were crossing a field nearby to get home after dark and saw an orange ball of light about the size of a basketball floating above the field. They all stopped to watch it. It came right in the midst of them. He said they stood around it and got the distinct impression that it was watching them, too. As he described it, it was a bit like a glowing soap bubble with swirling patterns in it. One of the approached it and was going to touch it. At that point, all of them got spooked and ran.

He could have been pulling my chain, of course, but he didn't seem to be. He didn't claim that he received and special gifts or became interested in spiritual things, or anything of the sort. It was just one of those very strange experiences that he would never forget but never had happen again.


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I resurrect one of my first threads :)

I really cant say anything about the person being interviewed but maybe it will serve as inspiration?
Or if anyone can spot anything that might be wrong, that is also a possibility.


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From what I have understood about the orbs, a lot of them are just dust motes floating through the air when they are moved around by a draft, or heater/air conditioner, or by people walking past, etc. You can tell them from "orbs" by the way that they reflect the light only when in front of a light source (as on a video, a still shot would not give an advantage to be able to tell), then as it moves towards or away from the light source, it loses its luminance as the light diminishes. A true "orb" stays illuminated at the same intensity throughout its travels.


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Lynne said:
A true "orb" stays illuminated at the same intensity throughout its travels.
That may be true. It would be better and creditible to have 'orbs' on video rather than in photos. That way, we could tell if 'orbs' in motion were either moths reflecting the flash or actual orbs as unseen to people in immediate surroundings (which we also could study its flight pattern).

I personally never saw a orb (like allen's 'local' friend), but only on photos. However, I am not sure if unseen 'orbs' are the same as 'seen' orbs when experiencing them. osit.

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