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Juste sous la surface de la peau de ce calmar se trouvent des milliers de cellules colorées appelées chromatophores qui leurs permettent de changer de couleur en fonction de leur humeur, pour effrayer des prédateurs, pour se camoufler ou attirer l'attention.C'est vraiment fascinant de voir ce phénomène de si près...
Just beneath the surface of this squid's skin are thousands of colorful cells called chromatophores that allow them to change color depending on their mood, to frighten predators, to camouflage themselves or to attract attention.It's really fascinating to see this phenomenon up close...
This is so funny!
I love chicken. I never thought I would until three years ago when my ex picked up on my idea to raise chicken at home and built a henhouse. We had six chicken overall, out of which only two have survived (fox, red lice and heat wave, escape spirit and call of freedom were the main reasons for loosing them). My daughter insisted we give them each a name and so we did. She got really fond of them and soon they became her beloved pets and her favorite pass-time in the garden.

Watching them everyday, following their routine from sunrise to sunset, always happily working to find bugs, to clean their feathers, to lay their daily egg, to find a breach in the net to perhaps get to the other side of the fence for a while, running towards you when you come out with some fresh water or a new bowl of cereal, sometimes awkwardly tripping over and getting back on their feet was like a meditation session. I find they have this curious mix of scary dinosaur-like eyes and cute fluffiness and above all, a certain vulnerability, since they cannot fly too far and have little chance against any predators, although they try hard to pretend they're strong and ferocious.

Holding them in the arms, I realized they were offering to us the world of the birds. This world that is usually so out of touch for simple humans. We can see birds and admire them from a distance, but can rarely approach them, let alone touch them or hold them. The chicken seem to have brought us a little bit of the sky by sacrificing a bit of their freedom and their flying wings.


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Oh, you are so lucky Ravintsara to be able to have chicken. They are really cute, intelligent and sensible. And gentle also. Lucky lucky you are!
I no longer have them, unfortunately. We broke up during the summer and I moved to a new place with my little one. Contemplating getting new ones since we have a garden here too, but I have to figure out their house first and I'm being lobbied to get a dog now. :rolleyes:
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