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Let's post this short one here, a clip that could be used in the context of vaccination, regarding accepting a 3rd dose.
Here it's about a dog who understood at the 3rd attempt, and who well show it, it's funny :lol:

I believe this has been posted here before, maybe 9-10 months ago. It is one of the most hilarious clips I have ever seen 💕 and I remember it so well; even tried it out on our dog Tekki (only that she didn't made the same facial expression afterwards).

Priceless !


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If you can enjoy the wonderful world of underwater then I think this video is a must-watch. It is an hour-long but can be watched on full screen. The quality is very good.

It's fascinating to see how the ocean floor changes when the sun goes down! A whole different environment takes place where different creatures emerge from dark volcanic sands. The astonishing behaviour of corals feeding while glowing in the dark. Crustaceans, Cephalopods and Nudibranchs sharing one amazing Underwater World!



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I regulary watch "the dodo" videos, and this one was ... heartwarming, or ... touching. Or better way to explain : during 3/4 of this 5m mini-reportage i was smiling. I have now the certitude that watching such videos is a helping me (re) equilibrate something within me.
Enjoy !
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